What are App Engagement Metrics and its importance

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Engagement is known as the second most important term after Reach for evaluating the effectiveness of an app promotion campaign. If you are an application developer running ads then the figures on engagement are not to be missed. So follow this article to know what Engagement is and its importance!

What is engagement?

In Audience Insight, in addition, to Reach data showing how many people may have viewed your content, Engagement is a number that shows the number of people who have interacted with content that you have posted to Facebook or any social network. let’s meet The interaction here is to count the number of times people have liked, shared, commented on, or simply counted the number of times people have watched the video or clicked on your content.

engagement important banner
Engagement is known as the second most important term after Reach for evaluating the effectiveness of an app promotion campaign.

In a broader sense, at the level of each content about an application, Engagement is similar to post interaction. What is post interaction? It is a statistic about the interaction of customers with your product, it includes the number of impressions, the number of likes, comments for the posted information.

The Reach and Engagement parameters are important because they accurately reflect the appeal of your application to users. Advertisers will observe and rely on this data to know whether the advertising campaign is effective or not, and then offer new directions more appropriate.

Why Are App Engagement Important For Businesses?

It can be said that App Engagement is very important. Because it assesses the content of the article is really attractive and makes many people interested in this Post or not. All customer interactions will be measured and displayed on the statistics table. If this figure is high, your product will attract attention.

There is no denying that every business wants to increase App Engagement up because it not only helps increase sales results but also reduces advertising costs to get more new customers. So It is true to say that  App Engagement  is very important for app development and businesses

Engagement customers are everything to the success of an application. Not only can these customers offer a lot of feedback and trust in the form of app store reviews, but they can also be the most loyal and profitable customers.

Combined with applications such as Google Analytics, new trends and practical insights can be explored through user behavior: How does Engagement change over time? What action leads to higher engagement? How long does your customer engage your app?

Tips for you: Some Steps for Increasing Mobile App Engagement

I point out a few practical will things:

About 23% of users have abandoned an application after one use or download (According to a study done in 2016 by Localytics) and this rate is increasing day by day.  App manufacturers have to find a lot of ways not only to retain users but also to engage and maintain users. However, making the user keep coming back becomes more difficult.

I will suggest for you 5 steps for Increasing Mobile App Engagement

#1 The simpler the application startup process, the better

If your application requires users to log in with an account to be able to interact with it, you should do this simply and quickly. If this is too complicated, they may ignore and not provide their personal information. This will result in lower user engagement rates.

Make the registration process not too complicated

In order for users not to give up, you need to restrict long forms with multiple data fields. For information that is not important, omit it. Why do not you just ask for basic things like usernames, passwords, and email addresses?

Also, connect with social networking accounts. Many applications allow users to register via Gmail or Facebook or register with a phone number.

Application developers ensure to emphasize the essential features of the application.

Usually, about 3 pages of information is enough to say what you say, even if you have an application that is quite difficult to use. Therefore, you only focus on the most important strategic features of the application.

return on mobile application
If people do not return to use your mobile application for a period of time after activation, It will become useless.

If people do not return to use your mobile application for a period of time after activation, It will become useless.

Make sure your message is easy to understand for users. Do not use content that is too long and difficult to understand, use content that is as short as possible.

You should use understandable words to describe specific features of the application. To increase efficiency, you can also add illustrations with captions.

#2 Keep App Users Interested By Sending Push Notifications

In fact, you need to be aware that this step may have a risk of adversely affecting your participation rate. If this step is done correctly, you can greatly enhance the application’s participation.

But if you take these steps regularly or you send them to an untargeted group, you are more likely to lose app users.

Here are some factors to consider before taking this step

Pay attention to the time

Do not send push notifications during user breaks because you will wake the user and annoy them. You should not perform this step at night, even if you are certain that your users do not sleep. So pay attention to the customer’s time zone before sending push notifications.

Adjust the frequency of each notification

The frequency with which notifications are sent depends primarily on factors such as app usage data and industry. Ideally, you should minimize the number of push notifications per user and ensure the quality of each push. Only inform users of the things that are valuable to them, not the things that matter to you that you think will increase your conversion rate.

Please limit the number of ads

Persistent notifications are really annoying for mobile app users. You should not make An annoying push notification like an advertisement.

Set goals

In fact, just sending push notifications is not enough. Pay attention to your user segment. You can rely on their interaction with your application. Try to personalize your message. If done correctly, using push notifications in this way will help you increase the level of interaction and application switching.

#3 Listen to feedback from users

There are many ways users can respond to your application. One of them is an app store.

Mobile application store

Please pay attention to user feedback on Google Play or Apple’s App Store, check reviews and respond one by one. Pay attention to user feedback on Google Play or Apple’s App Store, check reviews and respond one by one.

On other hand, focus on the reviews of users who encounter problems when using the application. Try to minimize negative results, if any. Determine your wishes through user reviews and provide quick solutions to users.

Conduct user surveys

It is true to say that through conducting user surveys you can collect user feedback. To do this, you can use the in-app special survey tools. Alternatively, you can provide or link to a survey on your social networks. Take time to follow what people say about your app or brand because it’s so important. Any specific details regarding their opinions are important to you. Most importantly, address user expectations through feedback. In addition, try to find out which features and updates are most appealing and valuable to users.

#4 Regularly upgrade the interface of the application

Please upgrade your software whether the product is still good or complete but it needs to develop. Treat your product as a living being, so it needs to be changed often.

During the app development process, please upgrade the product based on the needs of your users, using positive feedback. You will increase user engagement and will help establish a more loyal user base. An upgrade you should probably consider is deep links. It is not difficult for application developers because it does not require much effort. Deep links do not provide a smoother and less complex user experience that your app users will appreciate. Please always look for new and innovative ways to improve your application.

#5 Always checking, always monitoring and always improving

In step 5, to improve the interaction rate of mobile applications, one of the best ways is to track app user behavior. You can attract most of your users with a number of colors, patterns, and text. Many others will not notice this. Therefore, you should apply elements that are truly relevant to the application and more importantly, they must appeal to the users of your application.

Tools like Google Analytics for mobile devices, Mixpanel can help you will be able to make proactive decisions regarding your application.

All in all, user retention is very important. If people do not return to use your mobile application for a period of time after activation, It will become useless. Take the time to improve the workflow to have a mobile application that will last for years.

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