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Audiences or users are the main criteria that decide an app’s survival. So what can the developers do to ensure that the users approve an app? This task is simple – providing a seamless user experience. An app development process revolves around various parameters that you must be taking into account in order to provide a great user experience. Today, let CO-WELL Asia discuss some interesting and simple tips for android app development process to provide an appealing user experience.


1. Go Closely with Android Guidelines

Google has provided a set of guidelines which you as a developer certainly should follow. The aim of these guidelines is to maintain uniform consistency of the apps with each other so that Android becomes a large ecosystem of various apps. Through adhering to these guidelines, you will make your application user-friendly and easy to navigate, which in turn will give your target audience positive user experiences.



2. Reduce The Wait Time 

In the world of web or mobile, it is important that you do not force your people to wait long. Unless it is the internet connection that could interrupt the access to an app (that is available online), regardless of their location, they want access to it continuous. It is important to test your app ‘s waiting time – how long your app will cause  people to wait until it loads and they will be able to take action needed. Precisely, let your people enjoy the experience, with a great user interface that renders faster results.

Of course, the app might need massive data packages for the performance to gear up. All this will happen in the background, but you need to make sure that there is no waiting period involved in this. You can add the ‘pressed’ and ‘selected’ states to your buttons, progress bars for longer loading times and add spinners for shortened loading times. All this should replace the black screen that you are planning to present your user with in case of any other issues that may arise. In stead of showing a black screen to your users, you can always offer them with additional details on how long they have to wait.


3. Put a Limit on Your Objectives

Another important thing about the Android app concept is to make it precise and targeted for a single objective.

Remember, these days’ users are already hectic and restless with a very low attention span and so your app needs to serve them one thing at a time.

Just as single page websites are getting popular apps also tend to be smaller with a single objective focus.

When users can easily associate your app with a single objective, you can promote the app better besides ensuring faster and smoother performance. Here are some principles to follow in this respect.

  • Do not try to populate your app with a lot of unnecessary features. Give it features that are absolutely necessary.
  • Make the app short with few pages objectively driven to help the user with a single purpose.
  • Build your app like a quick and easy to use tool. Let the fast and smooth user experience be your strength to drive users.


4. Beauty is in the Eye of the User

What’s pretty to the fashionistsa isn’t necessarily attractive to the hardcore business professional or the avid outdoor lover. Know your audience and cater to their tastes.

You’ll see a lot of advice to “build an attractive app”. But what does that mean? A beautiful app for the iPhone user isn’t the same as what it is for the Android folks. Similarly, fans of the Aéropostale clothing line won’t be attracted to the same look or UI as the Merrill Lynch crowd. Be sure your app is designed with your end users’ personality and taste in mind.


5. Enable Offline Experience

Depending on the type and purpose of the app, you will want to make at least some of the functionality available even when there is no Internet connection available. Determine what data can be stored on the device to empower a decent user experience without connectivity.


6. Build a Sharing Mechanism into the App

Your satisfied users can be one of the most powerful parts of your marketing campaign. One of the tips for Android app development is giving them a way to share the app with others. You can often reach audiences this way that you could never hope to connect with otherwise.


7. Test with a Wide Assortment of User Skill Levels

When testing a new app development project, it’s important to test with users of varying skill levels to make sure that your UI is just as valuable for your tech newbie as it is for the tech geek. Test with users of all skill levels, educational levels, and backgrounds to be sure your UI works for everyone. Test as often as you can!


8. Test on a Variety of Devices

Don’t overlook tablet users. If you expect many of your users to want to use your app on their tablets, you will need to test a good selection of these with your app, as well. A tablet experience is quite different than even the largest smartphones. This doesn’t just mean to test on both the iPhone and an Android device. Be sure to test on a wide selection of Android devices, from the Galaxy S4 Mini to the gigantic Nexus 6P and everything in between.


9. Updates

The first is that the developer should always stay updated with all the nuisances of android app development and second is to release the update of the android app frequently and also in a timely manner. It wouldn’t take much time for users to lose interest in today’s competitive environment and completely abandon the android app. Thus it is quite difficult to thrive and sustain in the market without constantly coming up with groundbreaking features and fascinating updates.



Obviously, there are a few dozen tips are there that are equally valid and could not be discussed here. But these are the key principles that should be treated as guiding factors for Android app development.

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