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Testing Service Company

Testing Service Company

Our customer had developed software for their self-driving cars in Japan and they were implementing testing of the code. The testing process was manual, labor intensive and inefficient. They needed a faster, more efficient solution that would deliver high quality testing.

CO-WELL worked with the customer requirements to

  • Provide automation testing tools to help reduce labor costs
  • Implement tests to make sure the code had no bugs when delivered to customers to run on their self-driving cars
Software Solutions Company

Software SolutionsCompany

Our customer has developed a web-based application used in medical practices. Healthcare providers and physicians can manage and track patient information including their medical history, prescriptions, vaccination schedules and more, and monitor patient progress during treatment. The system also helps patients to schedule appointments online. CO-WELL Asia was engaged to perform testing to ensure stable operation of all system functionality.

CO-WELL Asia created test cases based on documentation provided by the customer. We then performed application testing to ensure the stable operation of all system functionality and ensuring that there were no operational defects.

Software Solutions Company

Software SolutionsCompany

Our customers has developed a medical practice management web application. This application allows doctors to manage all patient information from admission to discharge, including personal information, medical registration, prescriptions, the managing physician, and payment. CO-WELL Asia was engaged to implement software testing to ensure stable operation of all functionality.

CO-WELL Asia wrote test scripts based on documentation provided by the customer. Daily automation tests were run using Jenkins to ensure server stability and full operation of all functions of the application, and the server performed adequately when challenged with a large amount of data.

Software Development Company

Software DevelopmentCompany

Data loss prevention software is a flagship product of this company. It allows management of the installation, access and use of software and websites by client computers. In addition,  administrators are alerted  about resource use, and can track user activities related to company assets such as sending, copying, uploading or printing files.

CO-WELL Asia provides compatibility and stability testing for this software every time a Windows update is available.

Functional testing, non-functional testing and automation testing have been implemented to ensure software performance and to validate that all functions operate stably and smoothly with each Windows update. If any issues or bugs are found, CO-WELL implements fixes.

Japan Multi-industry company

JapanMulti-industry company

In 3 recent years, once a year, the customer required to do test regression on the latest released versions of the ASC system (electricity and water infrastructure management system)

Implemented regression test on web and app, combined manual test and auto test to make sure that the existing and new fuctions could work stably and correctly

  • Made test plan, test suite, schedule,…
  • Read test documents
  • For manual test: implemented testing following existing schedule after having understood the testcase
  • For auto test: wrote test suite base in the customers’ test case manual files, then created sript with Ranorex, ran the script and analyzed the auto test result
  • Followed the whole process: documents review, daily report, logged bug, recorded test result,…
Vietnam Commercial Joint Stock Bank

VietnamCommercial Joint Stock Bank

The bank required to implement automation testing for their iGTS system (coporate customers management system)

CO-WELL used automation testing to assure smooth operation:

  • Researched iGTB system
  • Wrote auto scripts
  • Implemented testcases with the customers’ auto team
  • Joined in writing efficient testing scripts
Vietnam Commercial Joint Stock Bank

VietnamCommercial Joint Stock Bank

The bank provided various services for end-users: international money transfer, online payment, interbank payment. The bank required to test intermediatary services (from end-users’ requirements to the bank’s core system), and to assure smooth interaction and operation of the system.

To test intermediatary services from end-users’ requirements to the bank’s core system, CO-WELL implemented a course of actions as following:

  • Read and analyze application specification documents and technical specification documents
  • Read and analyze mapping data documents
  • Carried tests based on existing testcases
  • Logged bug and confirmed bug
  • Reported daily to person in charge
Education Software Development Company

Education Software Development Company

One of the software solutions that the customer provided to their end-users was a system to manage students’ personal information, status of their study and employment. The customer required to implement regression test to make sure that there were no defects while upgrading the system.

  • Discussed with the customer about the tasks that needed to be done
  • Read test documents Implemented testing following existing schedule base on testcases
  • Followed the whole process: documents review, daily report, logged bug, captured test result,…
A Multi-business Corporation

A Multi-businessCorporation

The customer’s app had many new functions developed and many need to be maintained but they lack test resources.

Provided test resources with knowledge and experience of mobile applications testing.

Japan’s Public Cloud Company

Japan’s Public Cloud Company

The client’s system was previously built on the Silverlight platform, which has now been moved to a new platform with more modern functions. However, after completing the system, the client’s programming team were unable to test its functions, so they needed a test team with expertise and experience.

  • Provided test resources with knowledge about functional tests.
  • Completed all test work for the project. Based on the client’s test case list, the CO-WELL test team planned, scheduled and tested the system in accordance with the rules given by the customer.
Game Company


The customer is a large-scale producing game company. They are launching an online version of a chess game and they need to test this game. Testing this game requires testers to have logic, the ability to play chess and calculate

CO-WELL ASIA offered QA team to:

– Create a testing checklist

– Test base on test case given by the customer

– Test the display and functions of the game

Therefore, defects can be detected, which helps the company improve their product and provide an update to their customer.

Telecommunication Company


The customer has an Internet line service contract registration system. To make sure that the system runs properly, they need a company to test it.

By creating test environment, simulating the commands of venders and uploading to server, CO-WELL tested the following functions of the system:

– User registration

– Contract making process that has: ID management, payment management, line management

– Paying process: Check if the amount of money changing matches the correct type of contract.