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Vietnam's Mobile news company

Vietnam'sMobile news company

Product is going to be released on mass market, but its functions, design as well as application scope are not well-prepared.

– Giving suitable consultations for perfect functions, design to meet the market’s demands.

– Developing iOS version for app, which significantly expands the application scope.

Japan's Leading car-service company

Japan'sLeading car-service company

Improving service quality, increasing the competitiveness in the market.

1. Vehicle inspection system

– The automatic system allows the user to select the desired inspection services.

– AI-combined system evaluates each vehicle type to give advice on appropriate services

– Enhancing the speed of serving process.

– System build time: 2 months

2. Service booking system

– The system supports other services including location search to service selection, booking, timer-setting… to save time, optimize the utilities for car owners.

– Supporting customer management, service flow… to improve quality management as well as customer care at each service point.

Japan's Weather Information Service company

Japan'sWeather Information Service company

In order to meet the different needs of updating weather information of each customer, the company requires a data processing system to timely, daily distribute exact information to customers.

– The system automatically analyzes the data, constantly distributes and updates information to customers.

– Co-operation period: over 3 years and counting