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A Multi-business Corporation

A Multi-businessCorporation

The customer’s app had many new functions developed and many need to be maintained but they lack test resources.

Provided test resources with knowledge and experience of mobile applications testing.

Japan’s Public Cloud Company

Japan’s Public Cloud Company

The client’s system was previously built on the Silverlight platform, which has now been moved to a new platform with more modern functions. However, after completing the system, the client’s programming team were unable to test its functions, so they needed a test team with expertise and experience.

  • Provided test resources with knowledge about functional tests.
  • Completed all test work for the project. Based on the client’s test case list, the CO-WELL test team planned, scheduled and tested the system in accordance with the rules given by the customer.
Game Company


The customer is a large-scale producing game company. They are launching an online version of a chess game and they need to test this game. Testing this game requires testers to have logic, the ability to play chess and calculate

CO-WELL ASIA offered QA team to:

– Create a testing checklist

– Test base on test case given by the customer

– Test the display and functions of the game

Therefore, defects can be detected, which helps the company improve their product and provide an update to their customer.

Telecommunication Company


The customer has an Internet line service contract registration system. To make sure that the system runs properly, they need a company to test it.

By creating test environment, simulating the commands of venders and uploading to server, CO-WELL tested the following functions of the system:

– User registration

– Contract making process that has: ID management, payment management, line management

– Paying process: Check if the amount of money changing matches the correct type of contract.