- E-commerce
- Sales & Marketing
- Online Service
- Production & Distribution

- Mobile AR
- Broadcast AR
- HoloLens
- VR

- 100+ Testers
- 50% achieve ISTQB certification

- 6+ AWS certifications
- 20+ Integration engineers

- IoT Development Center
- IoT Solution in Agriculture

- E-Commerce Development
- E-Commerce Integration
- 34+ Magento Certifications


Listen toOur Customers

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CO-WELL engineers are all graduates from top universities in Vietnam. Besides, they always self-update with new information and technology. From July 2013 to present, CO-WELL has been successfully implementing 8 big projects for us. In the future, we would like to continue our business corporation and have CO-WELL building up our company’s main system.

IDom Co.,LtdMr. Naoki Sakaguchi - IT Team

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CO-WELL’s Offshore service is delivered by a team of Japanese-Vietnamese professionals who are high-qualified and experienced in designing, programming and communicating. The product meets our requirements at every stage of process with the most effective cost.

GDOMr. Nobuyuki Watanabe - System Renovation Manager

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Le Bros appreciates CO-WELL’s profession and enthusiasm. Basing each product closely on the customer’s idea, CO-WELL always offers the comprehensive consultancy to get the best quality.

LebrosMr. Nguyen Thanh Tung - Account Manager

  • 200 PROJECTS

Advanced Technology


AR is the integration of virtual graphics with user’s environment in real time, with wide range of application, is helping enterprises change the way they do businesses.

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VR – Virtual Reality – along with AR are 2 of the most up-to-date technologies, which can bridge the service-products in digital world and users in physical world.

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MR – Mixed Reality – is the great combination of virtual and real worlds which produces new environments where digital and physical objects can interact in real time.

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AI is spreading wave of technology and benefits human life with its numerous applications.

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The rapid development of digitization and networking in recent years has boosted IoT to grow vigorously and appear in every aspect of life.

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