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Magazine Publishing Company

Magazine PublishingCompany

Our customer has a website for their partners to upload news in many fields such as health, education, food, beauty, etc.

To post and edit news, partners and customer need to log in to the website back-end. However, the interface and features of the old site had several limitations, so they required to rebuild this page

Built a login page with back-end administration based on customer provided environment. This new admin page has improved technical problems that the old version had such as:

  • More convenient and logic interface
  • Compatible with mobile version
  • Stricter regulations in information entry fields
Leading Car Manufacturer

Leading Car Manufacturer

CO-WELL Asia used AWS to build a cloud server, migrated all applications and databases from corporate server to the cloud. The migration can cut down on hardware costs, server management personnel, and be more flexible in sharing data with the project team.

Alteryx is a self-service analytics tool which helps business users to build their data workflows by quickly blending and preparing the data. In the past, our customer company will have to download the installers to the server and then manually install to use them. In order to save hardware and personnel costs, customers want to move the entire application to the cloud computing.

Shopping Center Developer

Shopping Center Developer

Our customer was using another company’s human resource management platform. Due to the limitations of this platform, it was not easy to modify the interface and functions as desired. As a result, the customer wanted to build a new one that is more user-friendly and can be easily customized or maintained in the future.

CO-WELL Asia built a new human resource management system based on our Core HRM platform. We also customized the system and added a number of features to suit the needs of the customer, making the recruitment process faster and more convenient, such as:

  • Customize recruitment request approval flow
  • Automatically synthesize CV and profiles from different sources
  • Classify and store profiles
  • Create recruitment efficiency report
Shopping Center Developer

Shopping Center Developer

The customer was a large-scale shopping mall that had many food stores and restaurants. However, some foodstores were not popular so it was difficult to compete other restaurants in the mall. The customer looked for a solution to boost sales for these foodstores.

CO-WELL consulted and built a system of displayed screens in the mall. The screens allowed people coming to the mall to choose what they wanted to have, instead of which restaurants they wanted to go to. For instance, instead of going to a specific hotpot restaurant, people can type “hotpot” on the screen and the system would give a list of many hotpot restaurants in the mall.

By doing this, small brands were also known and could increase sales significantly.

Digital Content Production Company

Digital Content ProductionCompany

Realizing that the application of 4.0 technology in education was still limited, as well as owning the strength of owning a diverse collection of digital books and reference textbooks, our customer wanted to invest more in this field.

The customer wanted to build a tool for publishing e-books/lectures, wishing to implement the new learning model for schools.

Having understood the needs of customers, CO-WELL Asia has built a system for creating e-books and e-lectures based on WPF technology. The main function of this system is to digitize the content of diverse subjects, which are supplied from an existing database and compiled into e-books through the manipulation of text, images, video and inserting motion effects, which is quite similar to powerpoint.

In addition, this system has a number of advanced functions such as:

  • Attach video or audio file in books/lectures
  • Create short tests
  • Print exam questions
  • Secure information via USB Token
IT Company

IT Company

Our customer is using Lotus Notes (IBM) to store a very large amount of DB with hundreds of different logic, servers located in many countries. However, due to limitations of Lotus Notes such as high maintenance costs, complicated server deployment … they wish to move this DB to Sharepoint online.

In the first phase of the project, CO-WELL analyzed and evaluated the DB and the ability to migrate DB to Sharepoint online. Implementation operations include:

  • Evaluate the importance and priority of DBs
  • Use the self-design tool called Coibumi Assertment to analyze the DB structure
  • Analyze DB manually based on analysis results from Tool and give specific assessment
  • Evaluate the ability to move to Sharepoint online. Phase 2, CO-WELL uses another self-designed tool, Coibumi Data Migration, to transfer data to SharePoint online.
Game Publisher


This Japan-based game publisher and developer sought to publish their game to a new foreign market in the most cost-effective way.

As an alternative to developing a new version of the game for the foreign market, CO-WELL Asia created APIs that connect the domestic version of the game to the foreign server. This minimized the scope of work required to publish the game to the foreign market.

IT Solutions Company

IT SolutionsCompany

Our customer is an IT company specializing in providing solutions on OutSystems, a low-code platform, to build and operate internal management applications for businesses.  This new platform, while not technically demanding,  required experienced engineers.

CO-WELL provided a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers to support this customer in the implementation of OutSystem, and facilitate the software development process. This ensured that the process was smooth, saving time, cost, and human resources.

AI Solutions Company

AI Solutions Company

This customer was developing AI (Artificial Intelligence) application to issue alerts when cameras detect intruders or employees who aren’t wearing protective equipment. The input for the machine learning process required annotation using the images extracted from tracking cameras.

Using VoTT (Visual Object Tagging Tool), CO-WELL’s AI expert annotated more than 2500 images extracted from 14 videos. The photos were categorized and accurately annotated:

With people who enter restricted areas

  • To determine whether there is an intrusion
  • To identify any tools carried
  • To determine the clothing of the person

With employees

  • To determine whether protective equipment is worn
Industrial Equipments Manufacturer

Industrial Equipments Manufacturer

This customer is an industrial equipment manufacturer. They developed a product to take measurements on factory production lines to check manufacturing  accuracy. To manage the measurement device, the customer required a desktop application. The application  communicates with the device, providing visibility of the measurements from the production line and sounding alerts when parameters are exceeded.

CO-WELL developed a desktop applications to communicate with the measurement device, facilitating:

  • Setting the standard parameters of the manufacturing process
  • Continuous monitoring of the measured data on the production line
  • Alerts when deviations from the standard parameters are detected
IT Solutions Company

IT SolutionsCompany

This customer required a streamlined system to facilitate internal businesses management training.

CO-WELL developed an internal training management system that includes:

A user page for company employees to:

  • Sign in and manage personal information
  • Develop their desired career roadmap
  • Participate in online training including videos
  •  Take competency assessment tests

An admin page for managers and the training department to:

  • View test results and export competency reports for each employee
  • Set up courses in accordance with employee roadmaps
  • Upload training videos and competency assessments
IT Solutions Company

IT SolutionsCompany

This automobile manufacturer needs to determine the value of used vehicles that buyers want to resell. A vehicle log management system was required to assist in the evaluation process by storing all available information about the vehicle, including its history.

CO-WELL built a system to manage vehicle information, including:

A user page for employees:

  •  To sign in and create a vehicle log using the chassis number
  • To add make, model, registration as well as information about the vehicle condition, MOT test history, and more
  • To check existing vehicle information

An admin page:

  • To set up information fields
  • To manage all vehicle logs
Japan IT Solution Company

JapanIT Solution Company

Employees receive a lot of namecards when meeting with partners. Customer company wanted to build a system so that all employees in the company can share and manage the information of these name cards.

CO-WELL developed a name card management system:

  • A mobile application (iOS, Android)

+ When users take photos of the name cards, OCR technology will convert images of text into machine-encoded text and upload information on the system.

+ Users can take photos of multiple name cards at the same time, the application can recognize and divide on different pieces of information.

  •  A User page

+ For all employees to access, search and view information of partners/ customers whose namecard has been stored on the system. Besides, it is possible for employees to request edition of the uploaded information.

  • An admin page

+ Edit name card information.

+ Analyze information of the namecard to finalize the exact information (in case the namecard is uploaded more than once, or the information of the namecard holder changes over time)

+ Approve/ Decline when there are information correction inquiries from company staff.

Asia Software Company

AsiaSoftware Company

The customer is a software development company. Therefore, the manager will have to execute planning and division of human resources appropriately to avoid misspend of productivity and capacity. However, due to a large and diverse number of employees and projects, the allocation of resources has not been effective. Therefore, the customer needed to build a stricter resource management system.

CO-WELL Asia has built a resource management system with the following main functions:

  • Direct communication with portal to get data master about staff and department
  • Create new projects and customers
  • Assign personnel to the project in real-time
  • Export reports on the number of employees over time, in the form of statistics by graphs or numbers.
Leading Cars Manufacturer

LeadingCars Manufacturer

The customer already has a CMS system. However, this system is using outdated technology that no longer meets the work requirements. Therefore, they need a full-package deployment unit upgrading the front-end and back-end to ensure the system operates effectively.

  • Research and learn customers’ old systems based on existing documents. However, due to being outdated (since 2011), these documents have certain differences with the current source code. Therefore, this requires constant and unified information exchange with the customer.
  • Implement migration from the old technology to the Java language based on the framework provided by the customer.
  • Develop new functions based on professional requirements from customers.
Japan IT Solution Company

JapanIT Solution Company

The customer specialized in developing telecom solutions. One of their service packages is sending alerts to end-users when they receive suspicious calls from strange numbers.

The end-users, including individuals and oraganizations, have to register for the company’s service packages. Therefore, the customer needed a site to manage registration information of the end-users.

CO-WELL developed 2 management sites:

  • One site for the end-users

+ Edit and upate their personal information

+ Register for service packages

  • One site for the management team

+ Manage their end-users’ personal information

+ Track information of new service package contracts

+ Track payment process information

Japan Mechanical Components Manufacturer

JapanMechanical Components Manufacturer

Each month, the customer needed to develop a landing page to promote and boost sales of several products.

CO-WELL developed a landing page in order to persuade shoppers to  buy right at the page.

The page displayed 2 piece of important information

– Detailed specification of the products:

+ Featured functions

+ Price

+ Former buyers’ reviews

=> Thereby the buyers can have enough information to make their decisions.

– BUY NOW button

Leading Digital Content Company

LeadingDigital Content Company

– Customer’s system had difficulty in managing daily transactions, orders, number of visitors and customers classification.

– Since the customer system used the old programming language (vb.NET), the code used for that system was cumbersome so it was difficult to efficiently transfer the work to new personnel.

– Upgraded the old system to a new one, developed more functions to solve customer problems.

– Developed a new system with an updated and higher legacy programming language (Ruby on Rails) based on the old system’s functionality.

Fashion Businesses' E-commerce platform provider

Fashion Businesses'E-commerce platform provider

– The customer needed to develop larger projects, provide superior and more convenient services to end-users.

– The number of available IT personnel in the company did not meet the needs for development.

– Besides developing and operating EC backend system, CO-WELL was responsible for maintaining 3 systems.

– Provided a team of highly specialized, streamlined, quickly responding and resolving customer requests made during the project development process.

Japan Software Trading Company

Japan Software Trading Company

The customer needed a working flow management system to:

– reduce the number of papers used

– ensure smooth workflow

– change the workflow from offline to online

CO-WELL built an online internal workflow system with features to solve customer’s problems:

– Provide report templates that can be flexibly adjusted according to the users’ wishes.

– Automatically transfer data/reports to relevant personnel, reduce the amount of paperwork

– Convert usual paperwork into electronic requirements on the system

– Managers can sign online

CO-WELL provided a “full-stack” service from consultancy, design, deployment to the final perfection.

Japan's IT Company

Japan'sIT Company

– The former version of the product was incompatible with current Windows operating systems

– The product interface was outdated, neither in fashion nor user-friendly, therefore, it needed to be redesigned

– Transferred data, functions from the former system to the new one using another programming language, from Visual Basic 6 to .Net.

– Designed a user-friendly new interface

Transportation corporation' s IT company

Transportation corporation' sIT company

In the process of selling vehicles, the customer needed to collect information from buyers, sellers, partner companies, dealer outlets … However, these jobs were being done manually, arising a few issues such as:

+ Difficulty in storing and managing data

+ No official data collection form

+ Personal information is not ensured

+ Time-consuming

Therefore, our customer wanted to upgrade the system to digitize a part of the workload and solve the above problems.

– CO-WELL built a system that provides an information input interface for different groups of people, at the same time stores and processes information corresponding to each target group. This would help users to manage data more quickly, systematically and consistently, while ensuring the confidentiality of personal information, saving time and effort.

– CO-WELL built a system to synchronize data with the existing one. Users only need to use one system, which would be easier to manage.

Vietnam's Healthcare Company

Vietnam'sHealthcare Company

A large number of medical devices made the control of sterilization and storage a big challenge for hospitals in general and equipment management department in particular.

– CO-WELL built software associated with bar code scanning devices to manage devices information through bar codes. The main functions include:

+ Store device preliminary information and allocate bar codes

+ Manage equipment usage (departments borrow-return status)

+ Manage equipment sterilization process

+ Automatically generate reports on the number of equipment in stock, which one has been sterilized and which needs to be sterilized

Japan's Car parts manufacturer

Japan'sCar parts manufacturer

– The number of products, components, and devices that the customer had was too large so they needed a system to manage product information effectively, quickly, saving time and effort.

– The customer already bought an RFID code scanning equipment to manage goods and warehouses more efficiently and conveniently. However, its built-in software did not meet their needs as it does not provide the required information and detailed data about the product, as well as the history of codes scanned…

CO-WELL built:

– A barcode and QR code reader software that helps to collect, manage and process information automatically and quickly

– Customized embedded software for customers to use on existing devices

– A data library for tags reading devices to read all types of product

– An app to read data on different operating systems

Vietnam's IT Company

Vietnam'sIT Company

The system and programming language were outdated, the technology used was not compatible with the current windows platform

Changed the programming language from VB6 to VB.Net keeping the same interface and quality of the old system

Electrical equipment maker's IT company

Electrical equipment maker'sIT company

The client company had many utilities that need to be managed, each of which includes different types of data (text, numbers, …), so they needed a management system that works anywhere even without internet.

CO-WELL built a system that can:

– Manage devices status

– Input and check data directly on the device

– Manage documents related to equipment

– Automatically create assessments based on raw data

– Build a mobile app to store data temporarily in areas without internet. The software will then automatically update the data to the cloud when the device is connected to the internet

Vietnam's Car rental company

Vietnam'sCar rental company

The management of supplies for vehicles (gasoline, drinks for renters) and vehicle coordination was being done manually, making the information inaccurate and unclear, therefore our customer needed a system to help solve this problem.

CO-WELL built an internal web system to help manage information about: vehicles, supplies, warehousing, labor. The vehicle management board, upon receiving a car request from a customer, can rely on the information on the system to coordinate the vehicle and the driver and enter the information related to the material (the amount of gasoline to be dumped, number of water bottles to be collected) into the system.

Vietnam's Television Advertising and Services Center

Vietnam'sTelevision Advertising and Services Center

The customer needed:

– A customers management system that uses information about business customers to take better care of them.

– An advertising quotation system for service buyers.

– A customers management web system that collects information through surveys, the data collected will be categorized and used for customers service, promotions, products launch… in order to reach the right audience.

– An advertising price management system was built to help accelerate the transaction process with advertisers

Automobile Company


Not only domestically developing, but the company was also reaching out to some other foreign markets like Thailand and New Zealand, which requires vehicle ordering or checking to be strictly controlled. Therefore, they needed a system to manage the import and sale of vehicles abroad, solving the problem of geographical distance.

Developed a system in accordance with different business forms and requirements in new markets, and built an AWS infrastructure system in just 6 months featuring the following functions:

– Vehicle sales management: Information on importing – selling cars, profit information, …

– Logistic management: Allows related departments to check the status of vehicles (import status, storage, repair, maintenance …)

– Management of vehicle sources: The models of cars are constantly updated on Cloud to help distributors to monitor and order easily.

– Booking management: Helping employees manage customer appointments

Japanese Fast-food chain

JapaneseFast-food chain

The manual handling of administrative procedures in the company faces many difficulties due to a large amount of paperwork and the lack of personnel needed.

  • Created a system of request forms for the specific needs of the company
  • Divided processing according to management levels
Japanese Fast-food chain

JapaneseFast-food chain

To make ordering more convenient and time-saving for customers, as well as ensuring orders accuracy for kitchen team and cashiers, our customer wanted to build a food ordering app for their fast-food lines. Users can use the app installed on their phones to order at all fast-food lines when they come to the stores and then just wait for their food to be served. Restaurants can also benefit from the use of this app as the human resource needed for a restaurant would not be too large.

  • Developed an app on the Android mobile operating system that meets all the functions required by customers.
  • Two ordering ways supported: by photos and by numbers??
  • Added some basic functions, for instance:
    • App and printer linkage for bills printing
    • Automatically move to sides dishes menu once the mains were ordered
    • Orders made using the app are automatically transferred to the kitchen and the cashiers, making it faster while ensuring orders accuracy
  • Each fast-food line can input their own data (dishes information, prices, pictures) but the display and the functions for all restaurants stay the same.
Japanese Fast-food chain

Japanese Fast-food chain

Queuing at restaurants often causes many inconveniences to customers because it usually takes them hours to wait without being able to do anything else. The restaurant also needs personnel to arrange seats to meet the guests’ requirements. Therefore, the client needed a reservation system to help solve the problem of bookings at their restaurants.

Developed a reservation system with 2 forms: at the store (via touch screen) and through the website. Customers can book a table by providing information about the number of guests, seat type, smoking/non-smoking table and contact information, the system will then automatically record the above information and send notice to the customer when there is an available seat that meets the guests’ requirements.

Japanese Fast-food chain

JapaneseFast-food chain

The customer had a video posting system to serve both internal and external activities. However, since the system has become old-fashioned, they wanted to upgrade it using new technologies.

Developed and transferred data from the existing system to the new technology platform with unchanged functions and interfaces. Added new functions as required by the customer.

Japanese's Internet services company

Japanese'sInternet services company

In order to sell audio, image and video data to TV stations, our customer needed a solution that helps them share specific data to users who purchased.

Developed a set of APIs that allows third-parties to access their purchased data in the data storage.

Car maintenance Service provider

Car maintenance Service provider

  • Our customer’s car maintenance system previously only allowed users to book an appointment through phone calls, causing many disadvantages.
  • There was only 1 set of data master managed by another party so it was difficult to access

Worked directly with the data manager to give the appropriate blueprint, then built a website that specializes in cars repair and maintenance appointments booking with these following functions:

  • Search by location and by service.
  • Stores availability checking.
  • Customers are always provided with a list of stores location and services price.
  • Automatically reject booking when the stores are unavailable.
Stationery company

Stationery company

As the customer’s factory has many different production lines, in which many workers work together, their working time directly affects the calculation of product prices. Therefore, tracking the exact working time was of great importance so they needed a system that automatically performs this task accurately and efficiently.

After conducting consultancy, design and system flow verification, CO-WELL Asia developed a system that tracks the exact working time of each employee on a variety of different production lines to increase labor productivity. This system consists of:

1. Front-end: Designed for Android tablets. This component provides full control over the work time and man-hour on each production line.

2. Back-end: This component integrates the information of production and information of workers, then combines information of man-hour to export reports and statistical results of production.

Japan's Entertainment company

Japan'sEntertainment company

・Our client sent weekly e-mail magazines to their users, but the amount of work was large and it was difficult for the employees to handle.

・ It was necessary to test whether the e-mail magazines to be delivered and displayed well on each mobile phone device.

・Developed a template system to send e-mail magazines which helps to optimize the distribution work.

・Before distributing e-mail magazines, CO-WELL tested that e-mail magazines can be viewed normally by different mobile devices.

Japanese Warehouse service provider

JapaneseWarehouse service provider

The old system comprised of more than 140 APIs had been running for 5-7 years. According to customer feedback, its performance was really poor. This system included many functions such as Customer login, Customer Information Management, Selected type of cabinet, Storage time, Input – output information, Payment

– Migrated the system from Cake PHP to the latest version of Laravel while ensuring the new system would operate well with the old data.

– Optimized the system to shorten response time, ensuring the system is not lagged or blocked when users send many requests at the same time

Japanese Warehouse service provider

JapaneseWarehouse service provider

In customer’s company, HR department has been implementing a reward and recognition program. In detail, every 6 months, HRD will evaluate employees’s work results and hand out paper coins which can be converted into money as a reward for employees. The better the work result, the more coins employees receive. However, the program is still implemented manually, and the coin counting process takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, customer wants to develop an online system for better and more convenient coin management.

– Consulted, designed and developed a mobile app for employees to check the current number of coins, give coins to colleagues as gifts and check history of coin accumulation and usage

– Developed an administration page for human resources department (frontend, backend) to: manage the number of coins of each employee, Give coins to employees – Moved data to the cloud (AwS)

Finance Company


Customer is a finance company that makes loans to individuals and businesses. They already had 2 systems: Borrower information checking system and Loan management system. However, these 2 ones were built a long time ago, so technology and programming language are out-dated and not compatible with the current version of Windows. Therefore, they want to migrate their systems into new ones so as to keep up with current technologies and to gain better business value

CO-WELL helps to migrate 2 old systems using Visual Basic 6.0 into new ones using new technologies and programming language (VB.Net)

Janpanese Car Manufacturer

JanpaneseCar Manufacturer

Our customer has internal training course for their staff frequently. However, they have to print all documents on paper while the number of employees is very huge, leading to wasteful and difficult document updating. Therefore, they need a digital solution to help manage documents more conveniently and easily.

– Developed a system that converts manual management into online management with HTML files.

– Built system with all database saved on AWS.

– The Administrators can manage, edit documents, decentralize access easily with the backend system while learners can view and take note directly into the documents.

Corporation managing multiple taxi companies in Japan

Corporationmanaging multiple taxi companies in Japan

The customer runs an enormous organization including all taxi companies in Japan, therefore they require high-level management The current system is old-fashioned, it has only storing function, rather than tracking and managing important information such as: status of contracts with suppliers, customer service, drivers ID, passengers, advertisements,… Therefore, they want to build a new managing system and need to migrate some sorts of information from the current to this one

– Built a new managing system using Salesforce service cloud, which can track accurately, update information about contracts, the progress and status of accessing customers’ issues. Besides, the system helps improving customer service such by automated chatbot

– Synchronized datas from the current system to the new one using Java

Company Credit Cards & Insurance Services

CompanyCredit Cards & Insurance Services

The customer’s existing Lotus Notes data management system was no longer supported by IBM. The lack of support and high cost of Lotus Notes led to the customer’s decision to migrate from Lotus Notes to a new SharePoint platform

After gaining a clear understanding of the customer’s needs, CO-WELL Asia

  • Provided a data migration solution, Coibumi, developed by CO-WELL
  • Conducted the data migration from Lotus Notes to SharePoint
  • Provided training in the use of Coibumi tools for the future
Company IT


Our customer had a huge amount of data which was in .csv file that needed to be migrated to SharePoint Online. The manual migration could be a waste of time and human resource so they needed a tool that can solve this problem.

Developed a tool which automatically migrates the .csv file to SharePoint Online. The number of files which could be browsed at the same time is unlimited.

Company IT


Customer have 4 apps with data stored on Notes – an old platform with a high maintenance cost. Therefore, they need to migrate from Note into SharePoint, using their self-developed migration tools. However, due to the lack of manpower and the lack of knowledge about Office 365, they need a team to help them demo the apps after migration and test their 2 migration tools.

– With our SharePoint team who have experience with Notes, CO-WELL team has developed 4 prototypes for 4 applications using PowerApps and Flows, helping customers understand Office 365, visualize the product after migration and reduce risks when conducting a formal migrate.

– Tested customer’s 2 data migration tools, and gave solutions to improve the tools.