Introduction Web & App Development

We have over 10 years of experience in website and application development. More than 70 successful projects have given us the confidence to guarantee that your creative software/website idea will result in a market triumph.

Our engineers strive for excellence in their technological expertise to create market-leading websites and applications with AR-VR experiences, 3D designs, 360 images and other advanced technologies.

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Website development

Proficient in different types of CMS, our full-stack development team gives you access to many powerful plugins. You will have the perfect combination of well designed website and an easy to manage back-end.

We have built websites for:

  • Corporates and Enterprises
  • Shopping malls/Product introduction
  • Recruitment and jobs searchers
  • Reservation, booking & orders management
  • Other online services

Applications development

We always challenge ourselves with building apps optimized to work on all shapes and sizes of device for both iOS and Android. Meeting Apple and Windows’s standards, combined with a polished design and UI/UX, our apps will help you win the hearts of users.

We have built Desktop Apps and Mobile Apps for:

  • Personal management (Healthcare, Expenditure, etc.)
  • Reservation, booking & orders management
  • CRM system (customer information, rewards, promotion, etc.)
  • Administration management (workflow, contracts, quotations, sales reports, etc.)
  • Business support (internal call-center support, workload tracking, etc.)
  • Other business-specific requirements
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Whether you are upgrading your solution to the latest OS version, conceptualizing the next consumer market hit or developing a powerful business app, our engineers are here to help. We offer years of hands-on experience in:

  • Desktop: VB.Net, Python, C#/Window
  • Web: Java, Javascript, PHP, React JS, HTML/CSS/JS, WordPress, Laravel, Magento, Salesforce
  • Mobile: Java, PHP, Ruby, Swift, AWS, React Native, ReactJS

Web & AppDevelopment Process


Business analysis and consulting



Quality control

Post-development services

  •  Integration and migration services
  •  Publication (for mobile apps)

Maintenance support

Other services

  • Re-engineering, re-design and deployment
  • Security support

Successful Casestudies

Customer Demand

Our customer is a medical and healthcare company. They needed 4 separate apps with the following functions:

  • Babies and young children healthcare app: record babies and children’s history of medical examination, vaccination …
  • Healthcare app: monitors height, weight, nutritional information, movement information and reminds users to take medicine on time.
  • Medicine ordering app: help pharmacies order quickly, conveniently and simply, while the manufacturer can easily manage orders.
  • Automatically medicine in-store buying app: reduce waiting time for medicine buying customers at pharmacies

CO-WELL’s Solution

We built 4 apps that fully meet the requirements:

  • Children healthcare app with functions such as recording children’s vaccination/immunization history and growth milestones, sharing information via mails…
  • Healthcare app: in addition to ensuring the required features, CO-WELL also categorizes features based on user groups – normal users, members, and pharmacies.
  • App for pharmacies: help them access the database of the manufacturer’s drug store to lookup drug information and make orders.
  •  Automatic medicine buying app: help customers choose, buy and pay faster.

Listen toOur Customers

Kokuyo Vietnam CO.,Ltd

Thanks to the new system, we saved up to 80% of the management workload and our revenue has remarkably increased. Their team was not only skillful but also dedicated and professional. Each step was completed perfectly. When the scope of work expanded, the team did not hesitate to double their efforts to support us

AEON Mall Vietnam

The new platform features a better management system and is easy to update with more information. We were impressed with their enthusiastic support.

Bitexco Group

Internal stakeholders are pleased with the final product and expect it to raise the company’s status significantly. CO-WELL ASIA collaborated efficiently and provided comprehensive support. Their industry knowledge was quite apparent.

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