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Company Medicine


Our customer has a medicine e-commerce website. The old website was built with PHP and they wanted to transfer to Magento platform for better trade and order processing support. The data was enormous because there is a various number of products, branches and warehouses are located in different places, and the order processing procedure is complicated. Therefore, our customer wanted to find an expert in eCommerce website development who has reputation and experience in consulting and implementing from the beginning.

CO-WELL gave detailed advice to help the customer understand what the technology transformation process would require. CO-WELL’s experts also had to understand the stock out, order processing, delivery updating procedure,….as well as summarizing and synchronizing orders on all selling channels. Finally, we implemented to build an eCommerce website that met all the requirements of the customers.

Analyze and transfer data from Lotus notes to Sharepoint

Analyze and transfer data from Lotus notes to Sharepoint

Our customer is using Lotus Notes (IBM) to store a very large amount of DB with hundreds of different logic, servers located in many countries. However, due to limitations of Lotus Notes such as high maintenance costs, complicated server deployment … they wish to move this DB to Sharepoint online.

In the first phase of the project, CO-WELL analyzed and evaluated the DB and the ability to migrate DB to Sharepoint online.
Implementation operations include:
+ Evaluate the importance and priority of DBs
+ Use the self-design tool called Coibumi Assertment to analyze the DB structure
+ Analyze DB manually based on analysis results from Tool and give specific assessment
+ Evaluate the ability to move to Sharepoint online.
Phase 2, CO-WELL uses another self-designed tool, Coibumi Data Migration, to transfer data to SharePoint online.

Company Toys Manufacturer

CompanyToys Manufacturer

Our customer was dealing with 3 issues:

  • 2 different E-commerce websites, one in Japan and one in America, preventing synchronized customer management.
  • There were many offline stores whose logistics data was not synchronized with the website administration system.
  • There was no customer care functionality on the website.

CO-WELL Asia suggested migration to Magento, to resolve the customer issues and provide flexibility for future developments.

We delivered:

  •  A single multi-language website for both countries using Magento 2
  • Integration with product management and warehouse management systems from all online and offline stores
  • A new data management system connected to the old CRM was developed, allowing:

+ Reward points and ranking
+ Point exchange
+ Classification of product availability based on customer rank

  • New functions that allow visitors to:

+ Create a favorite product list
+ Order products that are out of stock and receive notification when they are restocked

E-commerce Solutions Provider

E-commerce SolutionsProvider

Our customer is an IT company that specializes in eCommerce solutions. Their client had an eCommerce site for their buyers in South East Asia, however, this website had limitations:

  • Outdated interface
  • Poor user experience
  • No functionality for global shipping or global payment

The decision to move the site to Magento was based on cost saving and future functionality expansion.  They needed a partner with Magento experience for this migration.

CO-WELL Asia has more than 10 years of experience developing E-commerce websites and many successful Magento implementations.  We facilitated the migration to the Magento platform, delivering improvements including:

* For users:

  • Attractive modern interface
  • Optimized user experience
  • Integration with external systems, including an international payment gateway and logistics systems suitable for each Southeast Asian country

* For admin:

  • Improved site management through the integration of  Netsuite, an enterprise resource management software
Company E-commerce Fashion Website

CompanyE-commerce Fashion Website

Customer is a fashion brand established in Bangkok. They own an E-commerce website selling Japanese fashion products which is built on Magento platform. The customer wanted to develop new features for their existing e- commerce site.

Develop new features to customer’s existing E-commerce site

  • Develop a mechanism to synthesize and update the status of when customers sell products on various channels.
  • SSO: End-users can login to E-commerce website using their social media accounts (Facebook, Google)
  • Set up server to enable Auto scaling. When the number of users increases dramatically, the infrastructure automatically adjusts capacity to maintain steady, predictable performance
Music-related Start-up company

Music-related Start-up company

A music-related start-up company wanted to develop a new business that digitizes and sells their content previously sold in books. It was necessary to develop this business both on tablets and a global EC store in a short period of time.

CO-WELL developed a full-stack E-commerce site and a mobile app for tablets.

On tablet:

・Developed the function that allows users to share their contents with acquaintances by uploading them to the site, adding notes to the contents by using a stylus pen.

EC site:

・Developed global EC sites using AWS platform

・Digital content sharing function

・CO-WELL was in charge of designing, development and operation

Leading Japanese shopping mall

Leading Japanese shopping mall

Known as the biggest retail company in Japan with more than 260 shops throughout the country, this organization has an E-Commerce system that has to deal with an enormous number of daily transactions. Any system failures or points of inconvenience in the purchasing or payment process can lead to tremendous revenue loss.

CO-WELL Asia replaced the old system which was in use for over a decade. The legacy system was not built on an E-commerce platform, which caused challenges in keeping up with market developments. The implementation delivered a vastly improved user experience, reduced purchasing time and an optimized E-commerce system.

Auto part Manufacturer

Auto partManufacturer

The customer is a gear manufacturer, owning a large-scale business with wholesale branches spreading over 15 countries. However, their current E-commerce website is out-dated and pricey in maintenance fee. Therefore, they need a new one with up-to-date technology to better support their business.

We helped our customer renew their website from function definition to design.

By customizing on Magento platform, a variety of new functions have been created, such as:

  • Automatically register function
  • New display
  • Filter tab
  • Especially, when a user chooses a language, the website will automatically redirect to the website of the corresponding country
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