Case Studies Web & App Development

Beauty Services E-Commerce Website

Beauty ServicesE-Commerce Website

– The former web system was old, not user-friendly, many functions needed to be improved.

– The customer wanted a new website to help increase their revenue and provide more services.

CO-WELL was responsible for developing 2 systems simultaneously for customers:

+ System #1: Updated the website with the new framework to bring a user-friendly, modern-looking website.

+ System #2: We built a system to manage orders, warehouses to help customer to easily manage their own E-Commerce website.

Convenience store chain  Trading company

Convenience store chainTrading company

The customer needed a website to introduce products and goods that are being sold at their supermarkets. The new website is required to display products description, stock status, promotions and must be directly linked to the customer’s E-Commerce site.

– Provided the customer with consulting service, interface design, website system development

– Developed software to manage the client’s warehouse system, ensuring accurate updating of the storage status of the product.

– Developed a new function that automatically updates product prices from the customer’s E-Commerce site.

Japan's Medical company

Japan'sMedical company

The customer needed 4 separate apps with the following functions:

– Babies and young children healthcare app: record babies and children’s history of medical examination, vaccination …

– Healthcare app: monitors height, weight, nutritional information, movement information and reminds users to take medicine on time.

– Medicine ordering app for pharmacies

– Automatically medicine in-store buying app

We built 4 apps that fully meet the requirements:

– Children healthcare app with functions such as recording children’s vaccination/immunization history and growth milestones, sharing information via mails…

– Healthcare app: in addition to ensuring the required features, CO-WELL also categorizes features based on user groups – normal users, members, and pharmacies.

– App for pharmacies: help them access the database of the manufacturer’s drug store to lookup drug information and make orders

– Automatic medicine purchasing app: help customers choose, buy and pay faster.

Japan's Leading Shopping mall

Japan'sLeading Shopping mall

The customer is a corporation investing in shopping centers, they wanted to build a website that introduces the company, shopping centers, and recruitment information, but they haven’t got a clear description and orientation for their website.

Provided a full-stack service from consulting to design, to deploying operation, building a full-content website, suitable to the customer’s field of operation and wishes.

Mordern and luxurious Office Building

Mordern and luxuriousOffice Building

The initial website of the customer was a static website, making it difficult to upgrade and maintain. A new website was required for better visitors experience, and it must also be user-friendly since the customer does not have their own IT team for future maintenance.

– Built a new website has an easy-to-manage administration interface that is suitable for non-IT customers.

– In addition to introducing basic information about the building, CO-WELL also recommended customers using 360 Virtual Tour technology to help visitors visit the office and the building in the most lively way.

Vietnam's Electric Generator Provider

Vietnam'sElectric Generator Provider

The initial website was simple with an unimpressive interface, machines information was displayed in a poorly-structured way, making it difficult for visitors to follow and compare.

  • Restructured website diagrams, designed a more professional interface.
  • Built a template for specifications of products to make it easier for customers to look up information. The admin page allows administrators to flexibly and easily update content and information.
A multi-Industry   Corporation

A multi-Industry Corporation

The customer’s former website was a static one that did not support content editing. Its interface was dated with unimpressive words and images, which could not show the group’s size.

Rebuilt the website on a new platform, making it easy for customers to update information. Redesigned the entire web interface, using a modern full-screen splash interface that can easily impress visitors.

Orders Management App Trading Company

Orders Management AppTrading Company

The customer has an orders management system that allows users to follow their opening orders from all E-Commerce websites and delivery service providers. However, due to a large number of partners and human resource shortage, the customer encountered some difficulties in efficiently monitoring the system and delivering adequate service to users.

  • Changed the linking method, and opened more links with many other e-commerce sites
  • Developed additional functions: manage order quantity and itinerary, shipping process, schedule order re-delivery, contact shipper, scan code for tracking, sharing order code for others to follow, etc.
  • Built an Android version for the app
Multi-business  Corporation


To take better care of customers and encourage them to use the services in the corporation’s ecosystem, our client built a program that allows customers to collect and spend points for any purchases or services they buy or use. Plastic cards were initially used for collecting and spending points. However, this method has shown some limitations over time, for customers usually forgot their cards at home, and it was also difficult to either check the points collected or develop new features. Therefore, they needed a mobile app that can solve all of the above problems.

  • Built a point collecting app and a content management system on both Android and iOS mobile operating system.
  • The app allows customers to collect and spend points, as well as checking their own points collecting and spending history, at the same time automatically sending promotions and discounts notifications to customers.
Automobile Company


Used cars need to be priced quickly and accurately so the sales procedures can be executed effectively. Therefore, the customer needed an app to send and receive information in a short time that can be applied at all stores.

  • Migrated the old system and built an app on the iOS platform.
  • Customers just need to take a picture of the vehicle by using the app, the photos taken will then be automatically sent to the pricing department. Based on these data, the pricing department will evaluate the car and return results via the app after about 15-20 minutes.
Automobile Company


The customer needed an application that could link electronic signatures with contract management systems to facilitate the creation, storage, and search of contract information as well as to reduce the use of paper contracts.

We built a contract management system that allows employees to look up information, adjust contract contents and read customers’ signatures. The client’s signature will be automatically included in the system to process and create new contracts, making the contract processing process faster and more accurate.

Automotive Company


The company wanted to find a proper way to increase customer experience, as well as to introduce products and collect customer information.

  • Built an iPad app so that customers coming to the showroom can use the company’s iPads to view and compare vehicles, scan the QR code of the vehicle to get information and register to send that information to their personal email. In addition, they can make surveys about their cars preferences and the app will automatically give suggestions about the most appropriate product based on the information provided.
  • Developed management systems that help manage customer information and collect app usage history.
  • Developed a system that allows customers to log on the web at home and ask about products, usage methods, etc.
Fast-food Restaurants Chain

Fast-foodRestaurants Chain

The customer wanted to build a promotional app to complete their customer service program and encourage customers to come and try new dishes…

CO-WELL built a mobile app that works on both Android and iOS. Users with this app installed on their phones can get updates about discounts and promotional campaigns of the restaurant group, as well as collecting points for each purchase at their fast-food chains.

Japanese  Multi-business corporation

JapaneseMulti-business corporation

  • The payment calculation process needed to be improved.
  • The system’s web version had not been used for a long time so its design was outdated, the operation was no longer effective and did not support many functions as the mobile app version.
  • Our customer wanted to entice more users and better serve users who prefer to use PC

Redesigned the entire web interface and added functionality:

  • Add display of weather, race schedule and updates on the homepage
  • More information can be displayed on each page in order to optimize the website efficiency
  • Users can pick their favorite horses, the information about those horses will be displayed first on the homepage.
  • Track races information nationwide (including race tracks, racehorses & operators) to support betting decisions
  • Summarize order information, calculate the amount to be paid and automatically transfer that information to the unit responsible for the payment process
Digital Marketing  solutions company

Digital Marketingsolutions company

Our customer owns an E-Learning website that was experiencing problems such as:

  • Low performance
  • The database system was too big, each search receiving too many results from many different sources made the web overloaded and stopped working.
  • Previously, moving between ebooks was difficult and time-consuming since users had to close an ebook in order to open a new one.
  • The admins had to find courses and learners information manually to set up courses for students.
  • The website only had about 10 certificate templates to use repeatedly
  • Learned the system, reread, rewrote the code to improve performance
  • Set a limit for each display, provide navigation, pagination to limit web overload errors
  • Created eBook scorm and new navigation to simplify and reduce the transition time between eBooks
  • Added search function to the admin page so courses setup could be more effective and less time-consuming. In addition, admins can also sort content, reverse the order of columns or hide/show (un)necessary ones.
  • Changed the workflow, authorize admin levels to ensure confidentiality and information security.
  • Supported teaching centers in uploading their certificate templates on the system, at the same time limit templates usage to protect certificate rights (if needed)
Telecommunication  Group


Our customer’s telecommunications service management application encountered some problems as follows:

  • Its design was outdated and not user-friendly
  • Slow performance
  • It had a large number of APIs and complex code

Therefore, our customer needed to improve existing functions and develop new ones to:

  • Solve the above problems
  • The application would be able to work when there is no internet connection

CO-WELL redesigned and developed these following new functions:

  • Reviewed and supported the interface redesign
  • Recoded the data processing procedure so that the application can automatically save data when abruptly disconnected from the internet. Automatic information syncing will start when there is a network connection.
  • Improved the app performance and speed

Add other functions that allow users to:

  • Check subscription information and transaction history
  • Manage VAT services (data package purchase, register, and cancellation, etc.)
Movies, DVDs and entertainment  service provider

Movies, DVDs and entertainmentservice provider

Our customer had an app available for video rental service but the functions are few and simple, not meeting the communication needs of the company as well as the users’ needs.

Replacing and adding new functions, making the app more useful for users. For example: redesigning the homepage, adding “wishlist” and ranking function …

Movies, DVDs and entertainment  service provider

Movies, DVDs and entertainmentservice provider

The old system had 2 versions on PC and mobile app, using outdated technology that entails many problems:

  • Some libraries are no longer supported.
  • Low performance.
  • The smartphone app version was using a separate platform causing slow speed, affecting the user experience.

– Switched from 2 separate platforms for PCs and smartphones into one common platform using the responsive web, and using API to speed up the interaction with users, improve reusing ability

–   Added functions as follow:

  • Flexibly hide/show products introducing blogs according to user needs to avoid causing slow performance
  • Re-designed screens based on the old interface but more optimized to fit new functions
  • Shopping cart and orders information management
Movies, DVDs and entertainment  service provider

Movies, DVDs and entertainmentservice provider

Previously, users who wanted to use the service had to register for an account at a store, moreover, they could only rent DVDs at the store where they registered their membership, causing time loss and inconvenience. Moreover, the system also supported only one type of monthly package payment, which could possibly be a waste of money for users.

  • Developed new functions that allow users to register accounts online and use this account to watch online movies as well as borrow DVDs in many different stores of the system.
  • Added new payment method according to actual usage, customers can now deposit money in advance to the account, then it will be deducted according to the services/products that they use.