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tips to market android app

As mobile phones are becoming a vital part of our lives, there are more and more apps being developed than ever, to serve our demands. The list is so long that we can’t tell you all the names here. Whether you need to book a taxi, a hotel, a restaurant,… or you want to better your habits, increase productivity, there is always an app that will suit your needs. In fact, there are around 2.1 million Android apps available on the Google Play Store. Well, the question now is “How to market your newly built Android app?” as the competition is really fierced. CO-WELL Asia will give you tips to market a newly-developed Android app. CO-WELL Asia provides app development service, so we understand how challenging the market is, and the difficulties that our customers might cope with.

1. Create an eye-catching app icon

The truth is users do not have a clue of how amazing your app is, until they actually use it, right? So the first tip to market a newly-developed app successfully is to create a really eye-catching app icon. When there are so many apps on the store, users will be most attracted to beautiful app icons.

We have done many app development projects. So we want to emphasize some important points for you.

Check out your competitors

What does the app of your competitor look like? What colors are in there? What shapes are used? Overall, is it good or bad? Is there anything that you can learn from your competitor? Make sure you have answers to these questions before designing your own app icon.

tip to market newly-developed android app

Use unique and bold shapes

If you want people to easily recognize your app icon, you should use bold shapes. And the shapes should be unique also, or else your app icon may be blending to others.

Use minimal colors that align with your brand

Branding is about consistency. You should use the colors of the actual app and the colors of your brand for your app icon. In this way, you are more likely to create a long-lasting impression on your customers.

Besides, remember that your app icon will appear very tiny in the app store. Therefore, using a combination of too many colors won’t worth it because hardly anyone can see it clearly. It is our suggestion to use 3 colors at maximum. And you also need to know about color theories to create contrast in your app icon.


2. Upload in more than one store

If you have developed an app, make sure you will upload in more than one store to maximize the potential of approaching users. Generally, Google’s Play is the best marketplace for Android. However, there are several other outlets that you might want to consider.

Amazon Appstore, SlideMe, and GetJar are just a few examples. Each of them is an excellent opportunity to spread the word about your work. So, don’t miss the opportunity to sell and upload your app on these potential places.


3. Get your app reviewed

Having your work mentioned on tech sites is another effective way to promote your Android application. So when you have created an Android app, it means that you are entertaining the Android-focused community. Therefore, you should let them know about your amazing work.

You can get your app featured on publishes specializing in Android apps reviews. You might need to pay them to test your Android app and then write a review article.


4. Boost app visibility in Google Play

Putting your app on Google Play is just a starting move and it is definitely not enough. Another tip to market a newly – built Android app involves SEO as the Google Play Store works pretty much the same as the search engine. You should optimize your app with the right keyword so that potential users can search and find it on the app store.

SEO does matter as almost 80% of high-quality organic downloads of Google Play Store comes from search, according to recent research. Therefore, you must put the main keyword in App’s Title, then use it at least five times in the description.

tip to market newly built android app

An important note for you is sometimes you should consider using the “wrong” keywords as well. Have you ever made a typo mistake? For example, instead of typing “dessert”, you type “desert”. Well, your potential users might make the same mistake when they type the name of your app.


5. Create an appealing landing page for your app

A landing page can do the hard job for you, which is to persuade users to try your app. So you better put hard work into creating an appealing landing page. The content should cover the following points:

  • Features of your app
  • Benefits for users
  • Review of users
  • Awards (if there are)
  • Call to action (CTA) 

Call to action button is extremely important because most of the time, if you don’t tell the audience what to do, they will do nothing. So make sure CTA buttons will be attractive enough.


6. Take advantage of your social media channels

The last tip to market a newly-built Android app is taking advantage of social media channels. If you already have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,…, then great, you can make full use those channels. Use them to talk about your app launching.

You can also create things like a competition on social media, to easily get people talking about your application. But make sure the presents are big enough to create a motive for people to join. If your app is not free, you can use it as a present. If your app is free, then you can think about other types of gifts.


Conclusion on tips to market a new Android app 

As an app development service provider, we know for sure that the app market is really competitive. There are other developers creating similar apps just like you. Therefore, you really should know how to stand out from the crowd. Try applying the tips above to market your newly-built Android app. We hope that you will be successful and your work will eventually be paid off. 

In case you have an idea for an amazing app but don’t know where to start, let us help you out. CO-WELL Asia provides outstanding app development service and we have had 10 years of experience in the IT field. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the quality of our work. Don’t hesitate to contact CO-WELL Asia if you need help.  

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