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We are living in a mobile age where we pretty much grab the whole world inside your mobile phones. We would say that there are apps for everything. Whether we need to count the steps you take every day, measure the amount of water or calories intake to keep fit, get our personal finance to be checked daily, or we simply just want to jot down our to-do list in a day and track our tasks, there would be always apps doing such things for us. And because of that, many businesses have taken the chances that the modern age of the internet and portable devices had brought: Having an app, or we could say, an online visibility in the form of a personalized mobile application. Those small icons staying in mobile devices magically bring brand identity, targeting audiences and sales for businesses. 


The thing is, when you have an app, the game has just begun. Would you just build an app that no one is gonna know and install? We all know the answer. But what would make audiences download your app? How to make your app become outstanding when users search for similar apps on the store ( such as App Store, Google Play, Window Store,…)? In this article, we will recommend some marketing tips to increase downloads for your app. 


1. App Store Optimization (ASO) – The most important tip to increase downloads

What could a beautiful UI and convenient UX app do when it is not visible to the users? Therefore, the first tip to increase download for you to keep in mind is Store optimization, as known as App Store Optimization (ASO). And when it comes to ASO, here are the things to be aware: 


Be transparent with the app name

Indeed, how you name your app affects a lot on how people would know, then search and finally download it. It is always better to be transparent with the name of your app. If you’ve got a number of audiences that have already know who you are, then the app name should include, or in some ways, relate to your brand name. This would make things easier for your audiences to find you, as well as increase your brand identity. And in contrast, if you are new to the market, you should directly add the necessary keywords to the app name so as to describe clearly what your app is about. 


Adding keywords to the app 

Adding keywords to your app is pretty essential when your app is displayed in the store. How can we pick the exact keywords? We would recommend that you use analytic tools to figure out what your audiences probably search for when they enter the app store. Of course, using keywords to your app is not easy, especially for beginners. So you should constantly use and test new keywords to find out what could perform well and suit your app better. 


Another thing to remember – you shouldn’t blindly choose high search volume keywords. Indeed, you need to be careful at this step because choosing the wrong keywords could lead to undesired audiences to your app page. If the keywords that you choose to add to your app are irrelevant to your app or are inaccurate, your app may lose credibility and your downloads would resultantly drop. 


The number of downloads

Why is the Facebook app always on the top search? This depends on many things such as brand size, ads on the store,….and one important element is just that it has so many downloads. The more people download your app, the more visible and higher rank in the store that your app has. Therefore, a tip to increase downloads here is to create a pre-launch campaign because this would help to boost your rank. Ask for downloads right when your app is in the store in the very first days. After that, you could ask for reviews from these users (we would discuss this below).


Ask for ratings and reviews

If you can get good reviews from the users of your app, you can see your downloads increase significantly. Reviews from beta users help to express that your app is useful for targeted audiences and that is valuable and worth downloading. From the beginning, you may want to get fake reviews to draw people’s attention to your app. But again, be careful with any fake thing. Once you are being recognized by audiences or by the app store to have used fake users or fake reviews, not only your reputation gets worse but your also app could be suspended.


More reviews and higher ratings help your app rank higher within the app store. This is where your beta testers will contribute the most. They will first give you the feedback that you need to improve your app. Right from the first days being released, ask them to rate and leave reviews. Leverage your happy customers to generate more downloads and increase your app store rankings. 




Another thing that makes organic reviews from real people are more valuable to your app than fake ones is that the app developer can get useful feedback to improve your app. So, the reviews get you both higher rank and information about the imperfection of your app that needs to be changed.  


You can send out requests to try your app and leave positive feedbacks from influencers. Experts in technology or famous people can help as well. Also, coupons, sales code, and bonus points can help people to engage more with your app. 

Describe your app precisely

The app description works similarly to the meta description tag for a website but isn’t searchable on the app store. So, while you don’t need to stick with keywords, you need to be precise with it. Tip to increase downloads here is (at least) list down the information below:

  • Benefits and features
  • Manual
  • Reliable developers
  • Connection with social network

Useful screenshots

This seems strange because the screenshots don’t directly do much with your rankings and position. However, this is one of the most amazing marketing tips to increase downloads for apps. It is usually overlooked but impacts a lot on the number of downloads. Screenshots show how your app works, what are its featured functions, convince your audiences that your app is user-friendly, has a beautiful interface. Try to optimize by filling all spaces for images. You can add up to 5 screenshots in the App Store and up to 8 in Google Play.


This is an important tip to increase downloads for your app when you want to go global. Translating and targeting your app for different countries and languages will further help you increase your search rankings. Here are a few things to be aware when you translate your app, also to help it adapt to users from other countries: 

  • Cultural differences
  • Customs, weight and measurement systems
  • Currencies
  • Date and time 


2. Search optimize

Another tip to increase downloads for your app is making use of Google search. This can help your app page in the store become visible in the search results and therefore lead to more downloads.


Marketing tips to increase downloads for apps: Be aware of search engine


Some simple action to take:

Use your website

Relevant backlinks can help the page rank higher. So, add a link from your website, especially at your homepage and your site footer. If your budget is available, you can also think of a landing page to show more information and implement further promotions for your app.


You can set a banner on your homepage and all other important pages on your website about your mobile app. The thing is to let your website’s visitors know that you have this amazing thing waiting for them in the store. When people click on the banner, what we should show them is the page designed to help the audiences learn more about your app in the store. Also,  you need a link to the app. That is the landing page that we have mentioned above.


This is a useful tip to increase downloads from your existing audiences.


Convert Mobile Traffic 

In the mobile version of your website, you can offer a better experience with your mobile app. Because your audiences have already browsed with their mobile phones, it would be very easy for them to click on the link on your website to visit your app. You can show a tiny (but recognizable) message to tell your audiences about what is waiting for them.


3. Tips to increase downloads for apps that should not be overlooked: Promote your app on social media


Use them wisely

Using social media is one of the quickest and most applicable marketing tips to increase downloads for apps. Whatever the platform is, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter, it would enable you to reach your target audience. Also, you may want to think of equipping your app with social components. For example, users could be able to invite friends to use or connect with friends through the app. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you want to promote your app via social media: 


  • Your contents should be valuable

When you have your app, what you should really focus on is not just getting more and more users, because in the long term, in the competitive app world, your app can be soon eliminated. What you need to do is to keep connecting with your users via the app and maintain their trust and desire by your valuable contents. There are quite a few things to do on social media to stay connected with your audiences and make them feel pleasurable when thinking about your brand, such as some contests, give away,…

  • Make commitment

Using social media could be a cost-effective tip to increase downloads for apps, but that is what happens when you invest enough amount of time and effort. If you want to be successful with social media, you need to be dedicated. You may have your users at first, but again, keep connecting with them is very important. You should give them regular updates. Also, interesting questions,  Stimulating questions, co-created contents and sneak peeks would make the app relevant and keep their interest. However, be aware of your amount of content as it could irritate your audiences if you post too much.


  • Be generous

Do you ever wonder why we need to stay visible all the time to our potential audiences? It is not just to improve your awareness but also to show your great treatment to them. Always be friendly and generous to your audiences, ask for their real feedback. Also, show how dedicated you are to serve the community by enhancing your quality. This will build audiences’ interest in your app and resultantly lead to future success. 



Know how they work

One more important thing when you use social media is to make sure that you are fully acknowledged about how each social platform works, what are their terms of services,…And because the way each platform works is different from one another, the way you communicate with your audience, how you look like on each network should be appropriate. Here’s what it is: 


  • Instagram

When talking about marketing via social media, Instagram is the best for visual marketing. Using pictures, you can show your app details vividly and clearly. This way of using images helps you communicate better with your audiences, interact with them and build their trust.

  • Facebook

No business should ever overlook the chance to promote their app through Facebook. With this world’s biggest social media platforms where information can be delivered very quickly, there are many ways for you to engage your targeted users. Using Facebook pages or groups at zero cost to show how your app works, respond to their questions about the app, keep interacting and updating with them. If your budget is available, you can spend a little money on your app for a wider reach. Facebook has an advertising type that is specifically designed to promote apps that you should consider: Facebook App Ads

  • Twitter

One of the marketing tips to increase download for apps is to build reliable relationships. Doing this through Twitter is also considered to be very effective. Just like other types of social media, this helps you reply to complaints and questions easily and quickly. Also, Twitter is an amazing platform for you if you already have companionship with important and influential members of the Twitter community. These people are a means of effective information spreading to promote your app.

4. App icon – It’s always better to be eye-catching

When you walk into a store, an eye-catching sweater or a colorful book cover would always be the first things that grab your attention. This is what happens when your audiences scroll the apps in the app store. So, this is a fact, rather than a tip to increase downloads for apps, try to make your app icon look nice.


Always head for a design that expresses fully your representation and how you want your audiences to think about you. A good app icon should be very transparent about the purpose of the app to let the users know what they can do after installing the app. Also, the symbol and icon you use should relate to your brand.


Stay straightforward and minimal. Try not to be too flashy as it could confuse the eye.


marketing tips to increase downloads for apps: stay eye-catching


Here are some notes for you when designing your app icon:

  • Shape: Unique and bold

This may sound funny but it’s true for most app icons. Memorable and outstanding icons are just simple ones. So before working with details of the icon, you should choose unique and bold shapes. Otherwise, you may become blending to other apps and no one would notice you in the store.


It’s also vital to say through the icon what your app is about. This may not be applicable to all existing apps. However, this way has led some icons to become legendary symbols. Take Youtube’s logo as an example, it is easy to recognize the play button in the icon, showing that the main function of Youtube is playing videos.


  • Color: Minimal and align with your brand

The color palette for the icon should be the same one you use in the design of the actual app and the color of your brand if you want to stay in the audiences’ mind for a long time.


Also, always remember that your app icon will appear very tiny in the app store. Therefore, using a complicated mixture of colors would not only waste your effort as hardly anyone can see them, but also make it’s difficult for your audiences to remember about your color. Try to limit at no more than 3 colors to help your app stand out. One tip here is that you should know about color theory in design to create contrast. That is an easy way to draw people’s attention to your tiny icon.


  • Check out your competitors

It would just take a few seconds to look at your competitors’ icon so don’t skip this step. Avoid using similar colors, symbols, layouts.


  • Do not overload with details:

As we have mentioned, your app will be a tiny icon in the app store. So avoid using too many details in your icon. What you should not use include pictures and texts. No one would be able to see a picture staying in a tiny icon. And no one would want to spend their time trying to read what your icon is trying to tell via small text. Imagine passing by a book with a cover full of boring text, would you stop to figure out what that book is about?


5. Constantly review your work

After having launched your app for a while, you need to review your work. This, again, should be rather in your to-do list than listed in some types of marketing tips to increase downloads for apps. Even if you already achieve the number of downloads you want, you need to check if they are your targeted audiences. Also take a look back at how you achieve that number, to see if the results really deserve your time, money, and effort. Also, try to act quickly when you receive feedback from your users for better downloads in the future.


Analytics is essential to determine what your users expect in your app and how can you benefit them. It should also let you know about users’ behavior, how they engage with you on social medial, how they talk and share about you, what happens when they decide to download and uninstall your app.


Conclusion: Marketing tips to increase downloads for apps come from understandings

Developing an app for your own business is quite overwhelming. But applying marketing tips to increase downloads for apps can be even more challenging in competitive app markets. All in all, the thing is to really know about your targeted audiences, what they desire, what they dislike of an app. And to know about your brand, how you want your business to look like through apps, how you want to stay in the audiences’ mind. It really is challenging, but working with it is really fun as you will have more chances to know your audiences and to improve your work. It’s always competitive, so the best thing is moving forward.


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