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App development cost breakdown is the biggest concern of every enterprise and even big brand. It goes without saying that in this internet era, due to the blooming of mobile trends, having an app is almost a must for every business. Some may say that to have an app on your own, an enormous amount of money should be spent. However, there is a wide range of choices for several elements that affect the development cost. In this article, we will show you such things to see if an app is worth considering.


1. Why should you think of an app for your business?

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Create a direct marketing

Applications give several functions: from collecting and storing database (customers’ accounts) to providing such important information as general info about your company, and other shopping features: search, product display, costs, booking forms.

One of the biggest benefits of having an app is that notifications about sales and promotions will be directly sent to your customers’ mobile devices, which means, be right at their fingertips. Also, through message pop-ups, you’re getting significantly more like an immediate connection, and can without much of a stretch remind clients about your items. You can see how important it is to improve such elements when you look at your app development cost breakdown.


Be all-time visible: Increase your brand recognition

The more your app is shown in your customers’ sight, the more prominent your brand becomes. Having a significant icon staying on their mobile phones is a great way to keep you always on the top of their mind.

As your business becomes more interactive with your potential customers and more trustful, it would be easier for you to sell your products.


Data is the new oil

While making your app development cost breakdown, think about ways to collect data. With the customers’ data in your hand, you will get to know about their insights, their desires, and especially their pain-points. If you are able to know your customers (sometimes even better than they know themselves), your products are exactly what they need.

You can look for more details of the benefits of having an app here.

2. App development cost breakdown – What makes a perfect app?


The size of the app

The size of the app much depends on the features that are included in the app. An additional decent plan with 3-d animations and API mixes lead to feature-rich applications.


App development cost breakdonw: The size of the app


The more features an application incorporates, the more it takes to manufacture. An increasingly mind-boggling application is high on a spending plan since it requires a totally adaptable structure, style packs, advanced apparatuses, multilingual help, confinement and that’s just the beginning.

Simple and common shopping apps, ticket booking apps, inquiry apps are low-budget.


The number of hours needed to build the app

The second most significant parameter you may see in an app development cost breakdown that characterizes the expense of the mobile application is the number of hours contributed. What’s more, this time is determined just after the venture understanding and accommodation of time estimate going up to the last form performed-everything that goes under project execution.

For this situation, normally a committed venture model that requires a level rate dependent on the company’s estimate is reasonable in light of the fact that the hourly model may bring about additional expenses if the undertaking courses of events go past the estimate. In any case, an all-inclusive course of events may likewise happen in the devoted venture model because of different potential reasons like extension change, new features and usefulness included or a total plan change.


Unique topographies and custom features

That is self-evident any one of a kind creation needs additional time and cost than a standard one. For any common app, the cost might be less, by and largely true to form or the normal range chose by the organization for the different kinds of applications. In actuality, a dazzlingly one of a kind arrangement customized in each stage will differ the expense. It might likewise require costly innovation packs and equipment.

For example, gaming applications like Pokémon Go, iBeacon applications that require a reference point to be introduced, IoT applications and applications like WhatsApp, Uber are costlier in light of the fact that alongside including the regular components of any comparative application, they require making exclusive innovation.


The effort and time required in testing

When it comes to testing, in spite of the fact that each application requires a different type of testing, apps with special features need broad testing like open/closed beta testing in addition to the standard QA testing.


App development cost breakdonw: Time and effort for testing


Mobile supported 

The decision among native and hybrid app brings a considerable cost contrast. A native iOS and native Android application are costlier and set aside more effort to manufacture when contrasted and the cross-stage application advancement. Native applications are regularly preferable performing over cross-stage applications. Notwithstanding, with the presentation of new instruments like NativeScript and React Native, you can guarantee a native-like involvement with your crossover application. 

Furthermore, the quantity of gadgets is likewise a significant concern when you need your application to run the equivalent overall Android or iOS gadgets. Every stage is distinctive you will be astounded to realize that there are 18,000 diverse screen sizes and gadgets in Android. Furthermore, to guarantee your application functions admirably on every one of them, you have to give in additional time, which brings about more expense.


Utilization of phone hardware

A location-based application like Uber expects developers to integrate the application with the smart features of your cell phone. To pull features like telephone’s GPS, accelerometer, gyrator, camera, there might be cost hints. 

Therefore, all the above components lead to the kind of applications we build. Stimulation applications like YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and complex applications like Amazon are profoundly intelligent and have huge amounts of different creative highlights, API joining, utilizing a lot of telephone equipment and in this manner, they are increasingly costly.


Sum up 

To sum up, your app development cost depends mostly on app complexity and the developer you choose. Below is our estimated numbers to your reference: 

  • App complexity: 
  • Simple apps: 35 hours to design and about 400 hours to develop. Therefore it could cost about $59,000 ~ $239,000, depending on the features added and other ways of development you choose (platforms, developers,…). A small group can build an app within about 3 months
  • Complex apps: 70 hours to develop and almost 500 hours to develop. App development costs between $80,000 and $230,000, depending on such points as mentioned
  • Enterprise apps: Enterprise apps generally have more than 10 screens, each of which is very professional. So it may need about 140 hours to design and up to 800 hours to develop. This type of app cost up to between $392,000 and $548,000


  • The developer you choose: 

        Agency costs: 

  • Simple apps: $171,000 ~ $239,000
  • Complex apps: $236,000 ~ $331,000
  • Enterprise apps: $392,000 ~ $548,000

        Freelancers costs: 

  • Simple apps: $59,000 ~ $83,000
  • Complex apps: $80,000 ~ $113,000
  • Enterprise apps: $135,000~ $170,000

        In-house costs: 

  • Simple apps: $103,000 ~ $144,000
  • Complex apps: $142,000 ~ $198,000
  • Enterprise apps: $234,000 ~ $327,000

With the numbers given, we estimate that app development cost can range from less than $50,000 to over $500,000 and even up to a million.


3. Have your own app effortlessly with a software outsourcing company 

As we can see, it takes lots of efforts and there are several things to manage while building an app for your own business. Therefore, to make this process become smoother and more effective, as well as having a decent application that meets your desire and your customers’ requirements, you should think of a professional software outsourcing company to bring that dream app to the table. 

CO-WELL Asia has years of experience in website and app development. Having completed more than 70 successful web & app development, we have the confidence to guarantee that your creative idea for your app will result in a market triumph. 

In conclusion, as we have mentioned, the cost to build an app depends on several elements and therefore, there could hardly be an exact number for creating and maintaining it. The best way is to really know what your business needs and choose a suitable way to build your app in order to optimize your budget for app building.