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For instance, you want to find out what is going on in mobile development then the best and fastest way is through mobile app development blogs. In here you can find many hacks and advice regarding whatever mobile development that you need. However can you decide which resource has accurate information among all of the variety? 

 So, we have prepared a list of app development blogs which may handy to you.

Android App Development Blogs

The most popular operating system (OS) used by 75.44% mobile worldwide is Android. It is easy for you to find many blogs online providing valuable insights on how to build an app which will run on this operating system.

  1. Android Developers Blog 
It is predictable that one of the best blogs on Android app development is powered by Google. With the latest news on the operating system, its updates, and other useful tips and tricks can be found. Specifically, the value of this app development blog is because Google professionals contribute their hands-on experiences in Android app development. With such an insightful source at hand, you will definitely find what you are looking for. 
  1. Android Authority
Android Authority has everything you need to know about Android apps, games, phones, laptops, or tablets. Here you can find the detailed reviews on the latest Android updates, its features, development issues, and the best Android apps to install on your phone. Furthermore, the resource acquaints you with comparison charts of Android devices so that you can make the best choice. Both new and experienced developers are suitable for this app development blog.
  1. ProAndroidDev
ProAndroidDev has a lot of Google and Android contributors who share their insights of the best tricks and tips of mobile development. In other words, find out everything you want to know about the creation of a Flutter app in 30 minutes, best usage of Kotlin for Android development, and many other tech-related how-to topics by visiting the blog.
  1. Android Weekly
Android Weekly provides information about news, tips, and how-to tutorials on creating savvy apps. In fact, this is a real “gold mine” for Android developers and designers, who want to stay updated on all the latest trends. Furthermore, code snippets from GitHub and other useful tricks that are updated on a weekly basis. 
  1. Fragmented
Reading articles on app development blogs and also listening to Android podcasts are what you can do in this app development blog. Particularly, Fragmented thoroughly includes tech-related topics related to diverse audiences. Both beginners and proficient developers will find useful information applicable to projects of different complexity. 

iOS App Development Blogs

Below are the app development blog only for iOS: 

  1. iOS Dev Weekly
A new set of hand-picked articles on iOS mobile development on a weekly basis provided by this blog. You will be emailed the latest information weekly if you subscribe to iOS Dev Weekly. Also, swift features, quick tips, and other iOS tech-related topics are included. 
  1. Apple Developer News and Updates
This is an official site for iOS developers, which provides the latest articles on different matters — submitting your applications to the App store, notifying on iOS updates, Swift, Siri, machine learning, and other equally important topics. 
This is where you can find various tutorials on iOS and macOS development. Both free and paid content are available. General information is provided at no extra. Especially, on, you can find books on mobile app development topics. 
  1. iOS Developer Tips
This app provides a wide variety of tricks, tips, advice, tutorials for iOS development. Also, information on how to use Flutter for your iOS app or how to handle errors in Swift — iOS Developer Tips is easily found here.
  1. AppAdvice
Articles on the best iOS mobile apps, messages apps, Apple TV and Watch apps are all included in here. Additionally, a lot of best iOS games charts and gadget guides and deals are here too. In AppAdvice, you can find everything you need to know about the best iOS mobile products.

Other Mobile Development Blogs

And finally, some other reliable app development blogs that are suitable for every operating system developers.

  1. DroidCrunch
DroidCruch offers valuable insight of a wide diverse topics — mobile devices, PCs, games, operating systems like iOS and Android. Besides, the blog has how-to articles for Android developers — how to fix various issues or keeping your app secure. 
Readers: general audience, Android and iOS developers
  1. Sensor Tower Blog
Want to get the latest trends and news in mobile development? If yes, Sensor Tower Blog is just right for you. With top-grossing apps worldwide, top shopping apps in 2019 or any other data, the best applications is at your fingertips.
  1. MobileAppDaily
This app development blog will help you stay updated on all the time the latest news, trends, and how-to articles. Fortunately, everything you need to know from the development of your application to its promotion is listed on this resource. 
  1. Ray Wenderlich’s blog
This resource is full of tutorials on mobile development — Flutter, Android & Kotlin, Unity, server-side Swift, iOS & Swift tutorials. Luckily, if you are a mobile app developer, you will have 3000+ tutorials, definitely you will find what you need . 
  1. DZone Mobile
The site contains quite a large range of topics —  everything from AI, cloud, IoT, Java to web development. Therefore. very much practical information — introduction to Xamarin, Swift essentials, and other useful topics can be found for mobile app developers.