Your benefitsIncome

  • Starting salary commensurate with abilities and experience.
  • Considering salary increase 2 times/year based on capacity and work efficiency.
  • Rewarding performance 4 times/year

Your benefitsInsurance and beneficial policies

  • Social insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance complied with laws
  • Health insurance at top hospitals
  • Periodic health examination at least once a year
  • One full-paid day leave on your birthday month
  • Maternity allowance for female employees.
  • Maternity leave for female employees having babies under 1 year-old
  • Company’s clubs’ participation
  • Annual travel tours, regular team building activities

Your benefitsTraining and developing policies

  • Participating in professional training and taking certifications with financial support offered by the company
  • Free Japanese language training from Beginner level to N2 level
  • Participation in PM, BSE and ISTQB training courses
  • Opportunity of working and being trained in Japan
  • Participation in skills training according to job requirements
  • Clear promotion and career path

Your benefitsAllowances

  • Team building allowance to encourage the group unity
  • Japanese language and other relative IT certifications’ allowance
  • Allowance for relatives attending seminars (if any)

Your benefitsWorking environment

  • Modern, professional with the company’s culture with the spirit of “One Family”.
  • Encouraging maximally the employee’s creation.
  • Various activities and events are held annually with monumental investment, showing the company’s identity.
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