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Your benefitsIncome

  • Starting salary commensurate with abilities and experience.
  • Considering salary increase 2 times/year based on capacity and work efficiency.
  • Rewarding performance 4 times/year
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Your benefitsInsurance and beneficial policies

  • Social insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance complied with laws
  • Health insurance at top hospitals
  • Periodic health examination at least once a year
  • One full-paid day leave on your birthday month
  • Maternity allowance for female employees.
  • Maternity leave for female employees having babies under 1 year-old
  • Company’s clubs’ participation
  • Annual travel tours, regular team building activities
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Your benefitsTraining and developing policies

  • Participating in professional training and taking certifications with financial support offered by the company
  • Free Japanese language training from Beginner level to N2 level
  • Participation in PM, BSE and ISTQB training courses
  • Opportunity of working and being trained in Japan
  • Participation in skills training according to job requirements
  • Clear promotion and career path
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Your benefitsAllowances

  • Team building allowance to encourage the group unity
  • Japanese language and other relative IT certifications’ allowance
  • Allowance for relatives attending seminars (if any)
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Your benefitsWorking environment

  • Modern, professional with the company’s culture with the spirit of “One Family”.
  • Encouraging maximally the employee’s creation.
  • Various activities and events are held annually with monumental investment, showing the company’s identity.
  1. Income
  2. Insurance and beneficial policies
  3. Training and developing policies
  4. Allowances
  5. Working environment

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