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Reach your Magento SEO potential

In this internet era when almost no enterprise does not join the e-Commerce race, the e-Commerce market has become more competitive than ever. So how to make your e-Commerce site become outstanding? First, we all need to admit that the way the internet has involved in our life over the years has changed the way we purchase products. “Search before buy” is now an inseparable part of the decision-making process, with almost all consumers using search engines to come to their purchase decisions. Indeed, this has led to an issue is to make you (your site) become visible during your customers’ buying journey.  This is when we need to talk about an old but gold way of making you appear on the top place in the search results list: SEO. Now mentioning SEO, we also need to remind you about Magento – one of the best e-Commerce platforms worldwide, which is also the most SEO-friendly one. In this article, we would show you some tips to improve your Magento SEO.

1. Why Magento SEO?

Among lots of Magento’s pros, SEO-friendly can be one of its biggest plus points (check out our article about the pros and cons of Magento here.

It has a broad suite of SEO customization features. There are a lot of standard discoverability features, such as the sitemap in HTML and XML varieties. There are additionally prefixes and postfixes accepted labels the board and different features. For instance, the capacity to add pictures to the sitemap (rather than just pages). Your SEO fellow won’t have any issues with advancing the store for web search tools.



However, the standard usefulness isn’t really what makes Magento hang out right now. It’s the mind-blowing biological system of cutting edge SEO expansions that different merchants offer. They make overseeing SEO far and away superior, with altering limitations that won’t let you erase something significant. A great deal of them have implanted best SEO rehearses that won’t let you go over as far as possible for metadata, for instance. The vast majority of them are provided with easy to understand UI that permits anybody to rapidly refresh item data without the need to counsel your SEO authority.


2.  Must-have tips for Magento SEO

Update your platform

Magento SEO tip number one is to update your Magento version. New versions will have the best support. This is the thing you need to have when you need to appear in a high position in web search tools.
Other than that, updating to the latest version contains a ton of improvements incorporate execution upgrades, bug fixing and above all to enhance the security.
Magento itself prescribes all the users to update the most current version form right when it is released. This adds to upgrading efficiencies of Magento SEO help when your site is constantly refreshed and updated.


Prepare your theme

The biggest problem for any theme is the way it handles the primary route (navigation). A great way to test is to make CSS and JavaScript disabled (the Web Developer toolbar makes this simple). This allows you to see the HTML structure. Magento offers a quite rich arrangement that utilizes a semantically pleasing, settled unordered list. We would recommend utilizing a theme that doesn’t veer off excessively far away from this if you are unable to completely sure what you are searching for.
Another thing to check is to run the theme through Google’s mobile-friendly test. With Google’s mobile-first list almost completely turned out, ensuring your site is mobile-friendly would be irreplaceable to achieve better Magento SEO results.



Do not overlook site speed

The loading speed of your site can attribute to your site ranking. Slow loading site are not appreciated. Even just a few more seconds of loading taking could remarkably drop your site ranking. However, interestingly, there are some certain ways to work with this to improve SEO for Magento

  • Host server

This depends a lot on your budget. Magento does run a basic shared server environment, but if you are able to afford a dedicated server then you will have so much more processing power at your fingertips.

  • Caching

Magento has already had an amazing caching system that should run for your site. If you navigate to “System – Cache Management” you will want to make sure that all caches are set to “Enabled”. Often in the development stage, these can be switched off.


An informative page title would help Magento SEO efficiency

Page titles can either construct or destruct your SEO, particularly when you work an online store that depends on search traffic. Informative page titles have many advantages: they bring about a higher clickthrough rate to your site, and they improve your visibility.
When your page titles have many keywords including the name of the products or their features and other information relating to them, your page will certainly be more likely to appear when your customers search such products. The title of your product page should be straight for the point and be clear. It should include the name of the product along with a description.
For instance, you would rather click a page titled “Candy – souvenir shop” although it doesn’t sound really impressive than a page with a name “Candy” alone


Be aware of products images

  • Image size

To commence with, the size of the images could take a toll to Magento SEO result by slowing down your loading speed. Nowadays, almost no one would have the patience to wait more than 3 (to 5) seconds for an image to fully load. Therefore, all product images need to be sized precisely and no larger than the maximum size of your responsive them. 

  •  Image name

Before uploading product images, remember to rename them. The name of the image will become a part of the image’s link, so what you need to do is naming it in English. Use simple and clear words would help both you and the search engine to make your site possible.

Avoid names with numbers and characters. Think about it. When you search for sneakers on Google images, all of the results would have the word “sneakers” in their names (along with some descriptive information). You could barely see any picture with the name IMG2020 or so.

Also, adding keywords in the alternative text could be helpful, at a reasonable density, of course.


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