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Getting your web page to show up on Google’s search result should be one of the most important objective of every eCommerce website. In a time where Amazon, Target, Walmart are taking over every product search result, that goal can only be achieved by eCommerce SEO. eCommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of generating internet traffic from popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo… to your eCommerce site. Visibility on search result pages should be the primary target when a website wants to improve its SEO. Some ecommerce seo tips below will help your business to form a powerful digital marketing strategy and improve the growth and performance of your eCommerce website.

  • Competitive Analytics
what is ecommerce seo
Finding the top five competitive domains


The first step would be finding the five most popular domains that your eCommerce store are going to compete with, which you can easily pull off with Google search engine. Then you can start analyzing multiple aspects of their websites.

    • Carry out an inspection : determine what your competitors are successful at and what’s not, and how they can improve.
    • Pricing examination : record and take advantage of their product offerings along with discounts and sales for your website.
    • Position : determine your position in the eCommerce market based on what you learned from your competitors’ experience and direction
    • Reviews : check out as many reviews as you can on your competitors’ products and services, either on their websites or on some third-party review sites and social media websites.
    • SEO elements : do some traditional analysis on aspects of an eCommerce website like titles, pages, descriptions, content, links, structure and load times.

From here you can understand your opponent’s strategies and use them to your advantage to focus on the right direction to improve your website’s SEO.

  • Keyword

Your SEO campaign’s success will depend on your keyword analysis. The list of keywords you gathered on your eCommerce site will affect every part of your SEO and structure, so needless to say making this right will be extremely important.

ecommerce seo keywords
Keyword analysis is very important to every ecommerce SEO campaign

Some of the well-known keyword characteristics :

    • Good amount of searches
    • Conversion rate
    • Not too competitive
    • Product-centric
    • ‘Buying’ phrases
    • Can be ranked 
  • Structure

Your website’s success will be partially defined by the interaction between users and elements of your site. A clumsy navigation or an awkward presentation including structure and design will definitely destroy any SEO improvement efforts you have made. Creating a seamless navigation system along with a simple and well thought-out design for users to move around and interact with your website with ease – will have many positive impacts on your SEO. Other methods may include :

    • Utilize breadcrumbs to assist with internal links
    • Make use of easy-to-follow URL
    • Optimize your internal search for pages or content
    • Minimize grammar errors

Learn more about good ecommerce website structure.

  • Website Performance

Testing your website’s performance and fixing loading issues can really benefit your online presence. Common factors that will affect your website more or less are speed, errors and security, usually caused by server caching and inefficient coding.

  • User experience
user experience in ecommerce seo
Google also recognize user’s pattern and interaction to determine website’s overall experience


Google evaluate the overall user experience through popular SEO aspects like loading times, mobile experience, design structure, and URL optimization. Google also recognize user’s pattern and interaction with your site, whether they spend much time navigating around site or they return to your site often, to determine your website’s overall experience. On the other hand, users will really approve if your site has :

    • Quality design
    • Consistent experience
    • Attractive presentation
    • Simple to interact with
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