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Coming to the launch of the latest VR headset products from HTC VIVE Vietnam held on May 7th, 2019 at Landmark 81 building, Ho Chi Minh City, CO-WELL is pleased to bring our VIRTUAL HOUSE – a VR application developed by CO-WELL using HTC VIVE VR technology.


Visitor experiencing VIRTUAL HOUSE


Being the leading brand in the field of Virtual Reality, HTC VIVE has constantly improved the quality of its services to bring users the most lively experience. HTC’s cooperation with Digiworld to launch three virtual reality products: HTC VIVE, VIVE Pro and VIVE Focus Plus once again brought the development of Virtual Reality technology in Vietnam to a new level.

HTC VIVE’s virtual reality headset


Coming to the event as a guest partner, CO-WELL brought the VIRTUAL HOUSE – a 3D virtual apartment product with preeminent features, promises to change the real estate market and furniture business. With the help of the HTC VIVE virtual reality headset, VIRTUAL HOUSE allows users to enter their future apartment even if it has not been built. The virtual apartment fully simulates the characteristics of a real apartment such as wall height, floor area, while still flexibly supports users to change the materials and the colors of walls, ceilings or floors according to customers’ needs.

Moreover, VIRTUAL HOUSE features another great function attracting a great amount of attention, which is that customers can choose their furniture and change interior colors from the list of integrated products from e-commerce sites. This means that, in addition to merely choosing, customers can completely shop for real apartments right in the virtual apartment without spending more time at interior showrooms.


CO-WELL staff instructing a visitor how to use VIRTUAL HOUSE


Visitors welcome at CO-WELL booth


With the features above, CO-WELL hopes VIRTUAL HOUSE will be an effective assistant for the real estate and furniture business. The excessive cost and time to build a model apartment will no longer be a burden for investors, the business market of the furniture industry is expanded while the worry of building a perfect home of customers will be palliated.

Virtual reality technology is developing at a very fast pace, in order to keep up with the common development, CO-WELL always strives to diversify our AR-VR products. In addition to VIRTUAL HOUSE, CO-WELL also has many other AR-VR products to serve the diverse needs of customers in different fields such as marketing, education, entertainment, healthcare …

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