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In the modern days of online shopping, everybody is familiar with using the shopping cart feature in various eCommerce websites on the Internet. Those sites use the shopping cart concept to not only improve the user’s experience, but also to increase their profits properly.

1.What is an eCommerce shopping cart?

A shopping cart is a piece of software that keeps the record of the items a buyer has ‘picked up’ from the online store. Acting as an online store’s catalog, the eCommerce  cart enables consumers to select products, review what they selected, make modifications or add extra items if needed, and purchase the products.

2.Benefits of the shopping cart:

Business Advantages:

  • Shopping cart development maintains a clean and organized record of the transactions that takes place, so as to prevent any sort of confusion.
  • It helps in efficient management of the customers during peak hours. Without it, the overall purpose of Ecommerce to ensure convenience remains unachievable.
  • A shopping-cart makes an ecommerce website to function better and offers a range of beneficial features, such as back-end tracking, inventory tracking, wish lists and coupons.
  • The integration of a shopping-cart into a website enhances the flexibility and working of the portal, which act as a magnet and pull maximum customers.
  • Customers find it super-easy to track and process the multiple orders with the presence of a shopping cart. No unnecessary repetitions, which are a big turn-off for the customers. A business is likely to attract more customers if it is making a better choice of merging a digital cart.

Customer Advantages:

  • An e-commerce shopping cart simplifies the payment making process by acting as a facilitator between the payment gateways and the main website. It also acts as a caretaker of the customers,helping them to find their way to various facilities.
  • A well-constructed website with a robust shopping cart caters well to the needs of the customers, which boosts its usability and improve its ranking on search engines.
  • A digital shopping cart betters the efficiency of an e-store, providing rich and unparalleled user experience to the online consumers.
  • Making payment when using a shop cart is simple and straightforward. Customers aren’t required to pay separately for each product. They can simply determine the total and pay it once.

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3. eCommerce shopping cart types:

Normally there are two kinds of shopping cart :

  • Hosted : this is a pretty good choice for small businesses because of its simplicity and user-friendly interface where you can easily insert every details of your products like descriptions, prices, and delivery options. Hosted shopping cart packages are usually provided by a third party web host
  • Licensed: those kind packages can be purchased seperately if businesses want to host their own server. They are basically premium options, but you can also find some free and open-source options as well. Licensed shopping-carts provide more flexibility, but integrating them into your website can be a bit complicated.
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