eCommerce Sales Tips

17/10/2019 109

Improving eCommerce sales is the main goal of every eCommerce business of all shapes and sizes. Whether you own a brick-and-mortar retailer or work for eCommerce giants like Amazon, increasing online sales is a little bit easier than it seems. Luckily, there are many methods – both general and specific ones – to implement that can boost your sales almost immediately. Here are some eCommerce sales tips that will help your store profitable:


  • Honesty 


Obviously honesty is absolutely essential if you want to increase your brand’s reputation, but it can also build trust between you and your customers. Be straightforward and truthful, don’t create anything hyperbolic and don’t make statements that you can’t verify – those are applied to everything from your email to your website content.

Also, if you’re a small business, don’t try to make your website look like something that belongs to a international enterprise company. Be upfront about your scale – a lot of users are more interested in smaller businesses because of their personalized and individualized experience and service. Basically, don’t try to be something that you aren’t.


  • Ad extensions


This small tool allows you to create even bigger ads with more spaces to click on, but the most important part is it doesn’t cost you anything, so why wouldn’t you use it anyway ? It may also help customers find exactly what they want even faster.


  • Customer reviews


In the modern days of social media, customer’s feedback can mean everything to a website. Sometimes reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers are considerably more impactful than a well-written sales copy, so make sure you included them in the front page, or product pages of your site to show just how quality your products and your services are.


  • Refund System


Normally, one of the most crucial aspects that can affect a customer’s decision not to purchase something is financial risk – why they should buy your products, and what if your products don’t work, or what happens if they don’t like it ? Those are popularly known as “buyer’s remorse”, so offering a guarantee refund system will definitely help you solve this problem. The more risk you can remove, the more likely customers will decide to purchase your products, which results in more sales.


  • Categories management


To many businesses, the more items they put on their list can only equal the more profit they make. But when the variety of choice is too big for customers to handle,