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With the development of 4.0 technology and the great demands of Internet usage. The booming of eCommerce in the past few years has made it one of the top looked-up terms on search engines. Instead of buying directly at stores or shops, customers are now choosing online websites to buy due to many benefits of this platform: fast transactions, free shipping, great customer support and many more conveniences. As a result, to improve the customer experience, a great range of companies are doing their best to run their online platform smoothly. 


In terms of eCommerce hosting providers, there are a lot of names that are world-renowned. Prestashop and Magento are two of the most outstanding platforms. However, deciding which one to use can be tough. But do not worry! We are here to show you how both platforms work. Also, we will make an analysis and compare Magento vs Prestashop using several criteria. After that, we guarantee you will know which eCommerce hosting platform is suitable for you!

Getting started with Hosting Magento 4


Once you are tech-challenge, then PrestaShop would be your great option! Setting up an online platform using PrestaShop will only take you a few minutes. This platform simplifies the daily management, which allows store owners to focus on their key issues.


Magento, needless to say, is known to be the world’s leading position when it comes to open-source technology. This is a great solution for retailers and store owners who want to build an eCommerce website. However, with Magento, you have to spend more time to get to know its settings and make adjustments exactly the way you want. 


So if you are new to eCommerce? You know the answer, using Magento is much more complicated than PrestaShop.



Prestashop design themes are stylish and professional. With this platform, you are able to choose up to 4000 free and paid templates which provide many useful functions such as switching color themes, editing fonts and graphics. This will allow you to customize to your own needs!


Besides, with Magento, you can easily find Magento themes on Magento Marketplace then come up with trendy and well-organized categories. You have to spend more discovering the huge amount of templates. Moreover, once you have the technical skills or you’re a tech-savvy, then you can even develop your own Magento theme.



To reduce the risk for buyers, security is not much of a concern. This is due to the fact that the standard security measures are taken, and both Magento and Prestashop are designed to provide security for your store and customers. 


However, no matter how secure it is, shop owners should always upgrade the websites, make sure the security is tightened and no issues left to be exploited. And when it comes to this, Magento is the platform that allows store owners to install powerful plugins.



As the open-source flatforms, you will be able to have support from not only the documentation but also the communities all around the world. With these two platforms, there are many large technology communities who are willing to help you, answer all your questions and problems you might face. And if you think these forums is not the best choice, then official documents would be the best sources to take a look.


However, if you compare the community size between Magento and Prestashop, then Magento definitely wins the game. This is due to the fact that Magento has been around since 2001 and not until 2007 did Prestashop release. Therefore, we can say that Magento has a bigger community and a huge user base with great support. 


On the other hand, Prestashop does not have the official support team. Therefore, you have to depend 100% on users and documentations, In contrast, with Magento, if you buy their paid version, you will get 24/7 support directly from Magento team!



Actually both platforms have zero prices. However, there goes a saying “You get what you pay for”, so free stuff is never the best. Although this is not completely true in most CMS, you would still need to incur a cost in order to build up a strong and successful business.

And of course, you can create a basic online platform with the free version of Magento and Prestashop. However, to set up the best website, you have to cough up money to take full advantage of each. And remember that Magento has the Enterprise edition, which is the ultimate solution out there.