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is magento free

Was released on March 31, 2008 by Varien and developed on the platform of Zend Framework, Magento is an open-source technology that supports and helps developers create many E-commerce platforms. Up to this time, Magento has become one of the most-used open sources for businesses and individuals to build an online store including Nike, Coca Cola or Samsung, etc.  With the basic functions such as product management (which provides photos or optional comment reviews products), category management (which helps the customer to find and choose the product easily), customer service (which includes customer contact forms, comprehensive follow-up, and email service). Magento also has many advantages including easily installed, offering flexible e-commerce solutions and providing up to 60 payment gateways. So one question may pops up among many people: Is Magento free? This article will answer this question and also tell you everything you need to know about this amazing open-source technology: from its basic features and the outstanding functions from other platforms.


At the moment, Magento is divided into two main versions for the customers to choose, which are the community edition and enterprise edition. But many people think that all of this is Magento free version, but let’s find out.



  • Community edition




The community version is extremely suitable for beginners, this also becomes the “right” platform for many small businesses or even for some customers who want to experience and get to know more about how to build an e-commerce website from scratch.


The most interesting feature of this platform is probably the price – this is Magento free of charge, which means that users can easily get a program code for free and immediately start diving into it. The customers can make as many adjustments as they like to meet the requirements of their specific business purposes.


Simple as it may seem, but many famous brands all around the world are actually using this free-of-charge platform, including DC Thomson Shop. This company sells gifts, collectibles and puzzles. Another brand is the online-retailer called Soak&Sleep, which provides bathroom and bedroom products for many households.



  • Enterprise version


the enteprise


But if the community edition is not enough and you want more? Enterprise Version would be suitable for you. Since its launching in 2009, the Magento Enterprise edition has had many exclusive features. This edition is used for bigger businesses that need advanced features and more options for them to customize.


And obviously, the Enterprise platform has more functions, this providing catalog enhancement, content management system, analyzing and determining precisely the customer segmentation, promotion permission and more. Additionally, Enterprise edition is backed by 100% Magento team, so the subscribers can be fully supported via phone calls or emails.


However, in contrast with the community edition, the Enterprise version is not for free and you need to purchase the license. Only then you can start working with this edition. The magento cost may even up to $15550 per year.


Because of its advanced features, many big companies are launching this edition for their online stores. For instance, the world-renowned fast-food chain Burger King, they want to run their hundreds of branches and thousands of daily orders efficiently. Eventually, the Enterprise platform is its perfect solution to manage a great range of orders. Canon Australia is also using this version, due to the failure of the previous e-commerce solution, they decided to create the latest application on Magento Commerce.



  • What’s the difference between these two?



The biggest distinction is the cost – the Magento is free in the community version. However, the Enterprise edition may cost a considerable amount of money. This depends on your demands, the higher it costs, the more advanced functions it provides, so you need to know and decide for yourself what you actually need. 


Additionally, although the community and the enterprise have the same core, the functionality of these two needs to be considered. These include things like customer segmentation, catalog enhancement or content management system and the call center software. And needless to say, the paid version always offers more exclusive and unique features.


And what if you do not want to have 24/7 support? You can choose the Community Edition, because the Enterprise version guarantees full technical supports whenever any problems may occur with your e-commerce website. 



  • Summary



The community edition is a fresh start for beginners and small businesses that do not require a big investment. But if the companies that have big sales volume or you are inexperienced and still want to take your business to the next level? Choosing the Enterprise Edition with 24/7 support is the right way to go. And of course, the answer to the question “Is Magento free?” is actually depends on your purpose and demands


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