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One of the most important factors that affect shopping behavior is time. You can see this most clearly when the holiday season comes. People are happier and they are willing to spend more. This is also the most profitable occasion for e-commerce websites and Magento e-commerce website in particular. Therefore, you need to be prepared for that moment, in order to create an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. In this article, CO-WELL Asia will guide you through methods to optimize Magento e-commerce site.



“Magento optimize” starts first within your online shops with the practices suggested by CO-WELL Asia.


Improve sales number with store configuration

How you configure your shop will likely to affect your customers’ buying decisions. So make sure that you’re taking advantage of recommended best practices in store management. These are Advanced Pricing, Staged Content, and Price Rules.

magento optimize

  • Advanced Pricing and Staged Content

To edit Advanced Pricing and Staged Content, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Magento Admin.
  2. Navigate to Products > Catalog, then select a product and edit.
  3. In the Pricing tab, select Advanced Pricing. Edit the price and don’t forget to save changes.
  4. At the top of the page, click “Schedule New Update”
  5. Make a new promotion for the product.
  6. Finish the promotion information. For the Scheduler, enter a begin and end date and time.
  7. Save the promotion. An inactive initial campaign has been created.
  8. You can Preview to review the special price, promotion name, regular price, and the scheduled date range for the campaign.schedule update
  • Price Rules

Price rules can include logic and conditions as boundless as your marketing creativity. Some popular ones are “Buy One Get One Free”, “Buy One Get One 50% Off”, “a $10 dollars off on orders over $50 dollars”, and many more.


Make use of security measures

The holiday season is a crucial time for an Magento e-commerce website when bad guys also try to get their dirty hands into your business. So the another thing you should do is to ensure that your digital storefront has the latest security by running your site on the latest version or patch of Magento Commerce. This involves the technical stack and your extensions like PHP, Fastly, and ECE Tools.

A different way to make sure you have adopted the best possible security posture ahead of the holidays is to use Magento’s Security Scan tool.


Let changes be known

As your online store quickly prepares for holiday season sales, your Search Engine Optimization can get left behind. Make sure that your team members are taking advantage of recommendations for Magento optimize. You can find them in an article from us – CO-WELL Asia: E-commerce SEO| The right way to optimize product pages


Optimize for a real fast e-commerce website

Human beings love speed, especially when it comes to their favorite products. All those beautiful images that help online customers to make a purchase decision can, however, sometimes slow down your site. Make sure they will be a net-benefit to the sales process by utilizing image resizing so that your site loads as fast as possible. Also, you can speed up Magento Commerce sites by taking advantage of Full-Page Caching.


Take advantage of videos and differentiated imagery

Video is a great way to “wow” your customers. A video helps them to understand the benefits of a product much better and faster.

Besides, you should also include pictures of your products in different colors/ patterns/ tones. Everyone has their own favorites, right? Make sure you can take advantage of those two factors.

You can show colors options to customers in 3 ways as below:

  • Swatches on Product Page

When the customer chooses the swatch, the corresponding value shows up in the input field and the swatch is brought out as the current selection.

product swatch

  • Text-based swatches

In the case an image isn’t available for a swatch, the attribute value shows up as text. A text-based swatch is just like a button with a text label on, and serves in the same way as a swatch with an image. When text-based swatches are utilized to show the available sizes, any size that isn’t in stock anymore is crossed out.

COWELL Asia suggestions on Magento e-commerce

  • Swatches in layered navigation

Swatches can also be utilized in layered navigation, given that the Use in Layered Navigation property of the color attribute is set to Yes. The following picture demonstrates both text-based and color image swatches in layered navigation.

CO-WELL ASIA suggestions on magento optimize




Your cloud infrastructures serve as the basement of your house. Don’t forget them in your “Magento optimize” plan.

Update to the latest ece-tools package

Ensure that your cloud condition gets updated to the latest version of ece-tools to take advantage of the enhancements delivered in our deployment tooling. Recent releases have made important improvements, such as improving the local development experience, accelerating the deployment of static content by up to 4x, and adding self-service capabilities that empower merchants to be more productive.


Try not to let deployment let you down

It’s vital that guests can shop continuously during the holiday season, but you may also need to push changes to your production environment. Did you know that it is possible to configure your project so that the customer experiences zero downtime during these deployments? Probably one of the most ideal ways you can practice good cloud infrastructure management is to utilize Zero Downtime Deployments.

magento optimize

Have a backup plan for your e-commerce site

Utilize appropriate back-up management to inhibit a time-consuming environment roll-back. With Snapshot, you can back up and then reestablish specific environments at any time, which can be a cost and time saving back up in case something turns out badly. Since Magento environments deploy as read-only documents, a Snapshot restoration can bring back your environment rapidly.


Monitor performance

As you speed up Magento Commerce, it’s a great idea to always keep track of your performance. COWELL Asia suggests that Magento Commerce customers take advantage of services like New Relic and Blackfire to keep an eye on site performance.

As we approach the festive season, in-advanced planning, aligning your teams, and laying the groundwork will prepare for a successful year-end.



Holiday is the biggest time of year for retailers, so make sure you get ready for it. Otherwise, it is likely that your customers will turn to your rivals.

In case you want to upgrade your Magento e-commerce website with awesome features or a brand new look, don’t hesitate to contact CO-WELL Asia. We have more than 10 years of experience in the IT service industry and Magento e-commerce is one of our flagship services. Besides, CO-WELL Asia has become a Magento solution partner. Therefore, we are confident to bring you the best Magento solution at reasonable prices.

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