Key Features of an E-commerce Platform You Must Know

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Key Features of an E commerce Platform

Amid the rapid growth in the eCommerce industry in the last few years, e-commerce platforms have been silently experiencing cut-throat competition due to the emergence of new platforms with competitive features. One of the most crucial decisions that every web store owner has to undertake is understanding the key features of an e-commerce platform for launching a future online store. In this article, we will help you to know more about the key features that any e-commerce platform should have. Therefore, you can easier define the strategy for your own business.

Key Features of an E commerce Platform

1. Key features of an e-commerce platform and its role

Key features are essential for any e-commerce platform because they help the processing of buying and selling become more comfortable than ever. Any viable e-commerce software will enable customers to buy your products and services from your online store. Where solutions differ is the degree to which they can consolidate and leverage both front and back-office applications with both their individual and shared data. To be able to realize its mission, e-commerce software is designed with a wide range of features and functions that streamline and support the many aspects involved in online selling. Here are the common features of e-commerce platforms that make your online store more convenient:

Integration with your country’s payment options

First things first: to sell products online, you need to be able to accept payments from clients. And to accept payments, your store needs to look into a payment gateway — basically, a unique processor that securely moves funds from buyers’ bank accounts into your own. Not every payment gateway is compatible with every eCommerce platform. In fact, this is one of the most popular reasons that store owners strike otherwise advantageous options from their shortlists. They simply won’t work in their country. This is sometimes because the need for certain payment options is lower, or technical limitations are preventing the platform and gateway from working together.

Multiple design options

You might have a vague idea about the design of your store. A great many eCommerce platforms offer free or paid themes that can easily be used to modify the look and feel of your store. Applying them may be as easy as clicking a button in the administrative settings, or it may require uploading a file to your server. Some platforms offer only a few themes, while others offer dozens of options.

Site security

As a new store owner, phrases like “PCI compliance” and “SSL certificates” are likely to make your head spin. But these are topics that you should become accustomed to. The security of your store and the customer data it contains is amazingly essential, and the platform you choose will have a significant impact on this factor. As a store owner, most of your transactions will likely be processed through your platform and a secure payment gateway. You can feel confident that they remain by the standards. But it’s still a good idea to become familiar with the requirements. Hence, you will know your platform won’t put you at risk for an audit — or your customers at risk for an attack.

Easily created pages, content, and forms

An eCommerce store’s purpose is to sell products, certainly. But don’t be drawn in solely by platforms that offer beautiful product pages and little else. In the long run, this could result in a frustrating experience that harms your ability to reach new customers. An online store’s ability to rank highly in searches depends, in part, on the amount of unique and helpful content available. Because of this, your platform should allow you to easily create and add this content to new or existing pages.

Online support and documentation

If you have a problem you can’t solve, you can probably reach out to your developer or agency, etc, if you have one. But what if you’re on your own? Or they’re on vacation? Or you simply can’t wait for a response? If you’re still stuck, you’ll likely need to reach out to someone. Many eCommerce companies offer some combination of phone, chat, email, and ticket support to address and resolve questions. It doesn’t hurt to take a look at the kind of support documentation that’s available for the platforms you’re evaluating. Look for resources like how-tos, FAQs, detailed guides, and video walkthroughs. Take a peek at their support forums or Q&A areas, if they have them, and see how quickly and thoroughly they’ve answered questions.

Room to grow

Do you really need a platform that can support hundreds of SKUs, store tens of thousands of customer names, and send triggered emails based on cart activity? You might not need that now… but you could be singing an entirely different tune in just a few months. If you stay in the small store mindset when you choose your platform, you may limit what you’re capable of as you grow. You might find, a few months from now, that you need the ability to offer many more products than you ever thought you would be interested in selling. If your chosen platform can’t adequately support you, you’ll be left with a tough decision to make.

ecommerce platforms features

2. Magento and significant features

Today, Magento e-commerce platform powers 29.89% of all online stores. It is a vital statistic. The increasing number of Magento e-commerce stores reflects the fact that you, as an e-commerce web store owner, must get ready for Magento-driven revolution in the e-commerce landscape.

Magento is a feature-rich e-commerce platform solution that offers traders complete flexibility and control over the functionality of their online channel. There are abundant of key features of an e-commerce platform that are provided with Magento. Magento provides your store with search engine optimization, catalog management, and powerful marketing tools. All the features will give merchants the ability to build sites that offer a unique shopping experience for their customers. 

Magento’s search engine optimization:

Magento’s search engine optimization is one of the search engine friendly systems. It is an essential component of running a web-based business and a necessary form of marketing online. To make e-store more visible to the potential buyers, the website admin needs to enhance e-store ranking in search engine results. Customers will like your site if your site is clean, clear, and easy to navigate. Magento allows managing URLs, creating images, and handling links that make easy use of SEO so that your site can easily be indexed in search engines. After installing Magento and setting up your store, you can start optimizing your website for search engines from the web configuration menu.

Magento’s catalog management:

With Magento, managing catalogs becomes extremely easy as it provides a flexible solution with several options to display individual items. The Catalogue Management system allows importing and exporting products for offline batch updates. Magento’s core API helps to integrate the catalog management with existing back-office systems through web services. With this, online channel management becomes more efficient.

Magento’s powerful marketing tools:

Having a quality marketing plan to go with your website is essential. However, the right extensions can make this a lot easier. Magento has a bit of everything to help in social media, abandonment carts, email marketing, and even retargeting current customers. All of this can make for a more fruitful marketing strategy.

No other platform gives you the power to create unique and engaging shopping experiences. Enjoy rich, out-of-the-box features, an unrivaled ability to customize, and seamless third-party integrations. With Magento eCommerce platforms, a global ecosystem of implementation partners, and a vast marketplace of extensions, it’s time to bring your commerce vision to life.

3. CO-WELL and Magento: Where your e-commerce platform rises up.

About CO-WELL Asia

CO-WELL Co., Ltd. is a global IT solutions company with offshore development as its core business. We provide full-stack type services covering infrastructure and applications to the customers. Besides, we are developing consulting businesses such as IT department optimization, Asian expansion advance support, system development for local Asian countries, and others. About 80 Japanese headquarters and offshore development bases in Hanoi and Da Nang in Vietnam are operated by about 400 staff, mainly experienced engineers.

We are equipping ourselves with more than ten years of experience in deploying key outsourcing projects for global customers. In recent years, CO-WELL has been researching and developing our knowledge base related to customers’ businesses in almost every field, expanding scale and capacity in many service areas. The hard work paid off with CO-WELL being the first company in Vietnam to be awarded the PHP Gold Integrator Qualification, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, and over 60 technical certifications from our staff.

E-commerce could be considered as one of CO-WELL’s strengths among the services we are providing. Nowadays, when E-commerce platforms are booming, many online stores choose “instant” platforms such as Volvosion, Shopify… to build their websites. However, Magento is still the best choice when it comes to E-commerce projects. Being aware of the fiercely competitive market as well as undeniable advantages of Magento, CO-WELL has been updating ourselves day by day. With knowledge about customers’ businesses as well as personal development, we always try to deliver the best-of-the-best products and services. As a result, CO-WELL still receives the trust and long-term commitment of all the E-commerce customers.

Magento’s Solution Partner

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To become a Magento Partner, CO-WELL must satisfy specific requirements of revenue, technical capabilities, and media work as well. With strong support from Magento ecommerce, CO-WELL will strive to meet the different needs of customers with the goal of faster, stronger, and more sustainable development. We are getting ourselves ready to enhance our position in the E-Commerce market. If you are looking for an e-commerce solution to change your business, we can help you to create an online website with full of key features of an e-commerce platform. Let’s visit our website for more information. We are always BEHIND YOUR SUCCESS!