09/03/2020 948

“Be a lady”, they said.

You have to have beautiful with or without make-up.

You have to be friendly and also be cool.

You have to be successful in work and also domestic life.”


Those mindsets about women (and also women’s concern)  in modern life have inspired CO-WELL Asia to hold a party named: Be a lady to celebrate the International Women’s Day (8/3). The party aimed at creating relaxing and cozy moments for all women of CO-WELL through meaningful gifts, as long as hilarious games. Such games illustrated the complicated beauty world of women. Also, the CO-WELL gentlemen have prepared some romantic and amusing performances as their presents for the ladies.


Let’s look back at memorable moments of the Be a lady party:


Life@CO-WELL 8-3
All of the pretty gifts have been well-prepared


Our ladies took photos with the shimmering backdrop


The Make-up game illustrated the complicated beauty world of women


The “Drawing challenge” made our women really struggling


A romantic song from a romantic man of CO-WELL


The party has brought a lot of joy and laughters for CO-WELL’s women


The organizing committee and support team


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