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On January 31, 2019, CO-WELL was honored to have become the Silver Partner of ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board). The partnership is both a recognition of CO-WELL’s technical and quality capabilities and an affirmation of CO-WELL’s determination to bring customers trust and satisfaction. 

On 31 January 2019, CO-WELL officially became the Silver Partner of ISTQB under the certification of JSTQB (Japan Software Testing Qualifications Board). This is a recognition for the academic and working performance of the test team at CO-WELL, as well as a solid steppingstone for CO-WELL to go further in the Software Development market.

CO-WELL – ISTQB’s Silver partner

CO-WELL has been providing Software Development and Software Testing services in Japan and Vietnam since 2010. With the motto “Focus on Quality – Invest in Human Resource Training”, currently CO-WELL Group owns over 450 high-quality personnel working at 3 headquarters in Tokyo (Japan), Hanoi and Da Nang (Vietnam).

In 2018, CO-WELL accelerated in deploying more new services in different business areas, such as Magento application in E-Commerce, Cloud Integration Services, Sharepoint and the application of AR-VR in 4.0 technology products. Accompanying our team of experienced programmers is a team of proficient testers highly skilled in software testing techniques, meeting the diverse needs for the technologies mentioned above.

More specifically, 50% of 100 CO-WELL’s testers are ISTQB certified testers in both Foundation and Advanced modules. In addition to performing software quality testing, the QA/Tester team at CO-WELL also develop tools to support the testing process, helping to improve product quality, optimizing deployment time.

To become a partner of ISTQB, CO-WELL must undergo rigorous assessments on the quantity and quality of the testing team. With the initial step of being an ISTQB Silver Partner, CO-WELL aims to become a Platinum Partner in the near future and, at some point, a Global Partner of ISTQB in order to affirm our determination to bring global standard testing services, to meet stringent quality requirements and to satisfy all customers.

Additional information:

ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) is an organization that provides certificates through QA/Tester quality testing. ISTQB certification is valid globally.

JSTQB has been a member organization of ISTQB since April 2005, providing certification tests for software testing technicians in Japan.

ISTQB member organizations mutually certify their qualifications as well as educational / training certificates, so JSTQB certified testers are also recognized worldwide.

The JSTQB / ISTQB Partnership program evaluates based on the number of certificates and qualifications of testers in registered companies/organizations. CO-WELL has excellently passed this assessment and is recognized as a Silver Partner under the ISTQB Partnership program.

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