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On November 17, 2017, CO-WELL Joint Stock Company – the parent company of CO-WELL Asia in Japan, has allocated additional capital and selected Japan System Techniques (JAST) Co., Ltd. as the receiving party and proceeding to give shares to the third party. Through the connection of this capital source, CO-WELL wishes to expand the business of both companies, consolidate both companies’ positions in the field of technology consulting in Japan as well as enhance the ability of Vietnam to provide high-quality information technology human resources for Japanese companies.

CO-WELL Joint Stock Company – a global information technology solutions company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, on November 17, 2017, has conducted additional capital allocation and gave shares for JAST Co., Ltd., a third-party company based in Osaka, Japan.


In the field of information technology in recent years, developing software offshore in high-tech places with affordable costs is one of the most noticed solutions to solve the increase in software development cost and the shortage of talented computer engineers.

Since establishment, CO-WELL has always focused on Global Outsourcing with two major markets: Vietnam and Japan. At CO-WELL, we offer full- package services from infrastructure development to phone applications for all industries. Different from other businesses working in the same market, we at CO-WELL are proud of our experience in implementing large-scale projects for many big businesses, conducted under flexible cooperative models and thorough advice from Japanese experts.

Besides, JAST Co., Ltd. – as a completely independent system integration service provider, during the long period of its operation, the company has always focused on developing their own solutions packages using diverse technical platforms, serving many major industries in primary markets in Asia such as Singapore, Thailand, and China. Some first-line solution packages: Extensive information service, Management System of the University of GAKUEN strategy, Big Data processing service in JMICS Health sector.

Through the connection of this capital source, CO-WELL aims to expand the business of both companies, together strengthening the position in technology consulting in Japan as well as enhancing the ability to provide high-quality Vietnamese information technology human resources to Japanese companies.


This time, together with the transfer and increase of shares to third parties, CO-WELL seriously considered the possibility of deeper and closer cooperation with JAST in the areas listed below:

1. Strengthen the training and recruiting activities for international IT engineers in Vietnam and Japan as well as promoting business cooperation with other Japanese enterprises

2. Products and services packages co-development and commerce.

3. Training and recruitment of Global IT human resources in special areas such as Deep Learning, XR, Cloud Integration and E-Commerce.


Full name: Japan System Techniques Company Limited

Representative: Chairman and CEO – Mr. Takeaki Hirabayashi

Head office: Nakanoshima 2 – 3 – 18, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu, Japan

Year of establishment: March 26, 1976

Scope of activities: Software services, full-package services, Business systems, Big Data processing services in the field of Health – Hospitals


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