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On Sunday, October 23rd, 2016, at the National Exhibition Building of Architecture, Construction and Planning, CO-WELL ASIA had a successful exhibition as a part of the Google Day X 2016 event – the biggest IT fair to be held in Vietnam.

At this event, CO-WELL ASIA introduced visitors to the latest technology product that our programming team worked ceaselessly to complete: DRAGON HUNTER – the VR technology (virtual reality) applied game.

In the world of technology, VR (virtual reality) is currently the latest trend, promises to bring revolutionary changes in many socio-economic aspects as well as numerous opportunities for developers, businesses and users. Therefore, the application of virtual reality technology will also give players surreal game experience and unprecedented stimulation, which traditional gaming cannot bring. Following this latest trend, at the Google Day X event this year, our VR gaming experience, especially the Dragon Hunter game free play at our booth, has become one of the exhibition’s most outstanding activities and attracted the attention and enthusiastic participation of visitors to the exhibition.

Throughout the exhibition day, CO-WELL ASIA welcomed over 150 visitors registered to experience the game, including accredited speakers and press representatives, who unhesitatingly gave compliments and positive feedback about the game: “It runs very smoothly and gives a lifelike feeling”, some could even “feel like really being hit and seeing dragons about to fall down on me”, and were impressed by how “the bow’s movement, the tension of the rope and the feeling of shooting are so real”. The enthusiastic and eager participation of visitors brought a lively atmosphere to CO-WELL Asia’s booth until the very last moment of the day.

CO-WELL’s booth busy welcoming visitors to try the VR game experience.
Participant excited to try the virtual reality gaming experience.
CO-WELL staff guiding a visitor to play games.
A visitor enjoying a new and impressive gaming style.
A player revelling in the world of virtual reality game .
CO-WELL’s booth also attracted media attention to report on the event.
CO-WELL ASIA booth registration desk busy welcoming visitors coming to experience the game.

Coming to Google Day X 2016, apart from introducing the Dragon Hunter game, CO-WELL Asia also had the opportunity to meet and greet with other businesses working in the same industry and give IT students advice about recruitment information, useful and completely free training courses to serve their career development in the IT field.

CO-WELL ASIA would like to thank all the participants who were interested in CO-WELL ASIA. With our team of young, enthusiastic engineers who are always up-to-date with every emerging technology trend, we will continue to offer high-class products and apply the most advanced technologies to integrate into the global development trend.


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