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What is Magento advanced reporting?

The Magento 2 advanced is a time-proven Magento custom reporting remedy for organizing and extracting data within your store. There are 23 reports were designed to answer specific business questions and provide with a clear picture of your business performance. The extension collects and analyzes data on sales, catalog, customer behavior and on the basis of your queries. To collect the data, users need to configure rules and conditions for it by themselves or choose the suitable variants from the pre-configured set. The Advanced Reports Magento module provides relevant information and helps you handle numberous management issues.

Feature Highlights of Magento advanced reporting

  • Provide comprehensive dashboard panel
    Magento advanced reporting provides comprehensive dashboard panel which equipped with a list of available reports and a summary of key sales metrics.
  • Monitor abandoned cart
    Keep track of the cart abandonment rate and see if there are any red flags. Any significant shifts will tell you how effective are the changes you introduce to your store or whether it’s time to introduce something new.
  • Stock vs. Sold
    Conveniently manage the risk of running out of stock on trending products in your store. This report not only monitors the purchase rate and remaining merchandise volumes but also predicts how soon you will be out of stock.
  • Report sharing via email
    Magento advanced reporting allows you to share reports via scheduled emails. Select any number of reports, type in an email address and specify the frequency of updates.
  • Providing user-friendly interface
    There is no need to search for reports in a drop-down list, all of them are now listed in a menu to your left, just with a single click, you can switch these reports easily.
  • Easily evaluate with profit calculation

With a profit-caculating formula, you can evaluate profit margin contribution of individual products.

  • Customization options
    Each individual report can be customized with regards to reflected order status and columns displayed in the table.