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Magento Shipping

Since its launch in 2008, Magento has been one of the best solutions for businesses to set up an e-commerce website. With the aim of maintaining the leadership position in the market, Magento obviously needs to evolve its core product and offer more exclusive and unique features for the merchants and solution partners.

Magento Shipping

As a result, besides its versatile content management (which allows shop owners to adjust and customize their own offerings), smart filtered search for shoppers (Magento utilizes a unique search terms cloud, product reviews and the ability to configure search with auto-suggested terms) and security permissions customization (the platform keeps your site secured and give you the permission to customer the level of security). This amazing open-source technology decided to create a new extension called Magento Shipping. So why is it called Magento Shipping? What are its key functions and benefits? How about the pricing and payments of this extension? The answers will be revealed in this article, so let’s find out!

  • What’s Magento Shipping?

Magento Shipping is a fulfillment and multi-carrier shipping solution. This helps retailers to increase business efficiency and turn shipping into a revenue stream by accessing global carrier networks and combining smart automation capabilities. And this function is in partnership with Temando, which provides the engine that launches this technology.

So why does Magento collaborates with Temando? This is due to the fact that Temando has the proven experience in serving retailers and different brands. Also, this technology partner allows us to have quickly and fulfillment shipping across geographies.

  • What are the key features?

With the latest updates, Magento Shipping offers the newest functions, which are grouped into the following categories:

Preview experience: Different customers can preview the available shipping methods for the shopping basket, this will ensure the intended shipping methods are displayed clearly to a customer during checkout.

Pre-packaged assignment for products: During the shipment fulfillment workflow, the package details are used for pre-filling information. The packaging options include Assigned (which allows you to assign the product to a Magento Shipping package) and Pre-Packaged (the dimensions of the product’s package are used).

Magento Shipping Attribute Mapping: the attributes are available for mapping in Magento Admin. Magento uses the mapped data to auto-assign shipping information during checkout, this will improve the customer experience much more efficiently.

  • The key benefits to retailers and merchants:

Connect with global carriers easily: Magento Shipping can easily quote, book and generate compliant shipping labels to access to the world’s leading carriers.

Shipping-related costs are reduced: Efficient carrier selections and carrier billing are 100% guaranteed due to advanced packing rules and shipment ratings.

Drive cart conversion and revenue: Magento ensures price shipping options are displays conveniently and keeps businesses’ deliveries promise to customers.

  • The key benefits to solution partners:

With the exclusive engineering verification, Magento Shipping ensures time and money-saving, reducing the project risk.

During the setup process, conflicts with other extensions are checked automatically, this ensures partners do not experience any issues during development or testing.

New carrier features are automatically exposed without needing extension updates.

  • Global carrier services

The extension of Magento allows retailers and merchants to extend into new markets. Additionally, international orders will be processed via Magento Shipping order workflows once the information is entered correctly. Firstly, Magento is continuously looking for ways to improve the depth and breadth of out-of-the-box carrier support in these supported markets, followed by expanding into new regions as quickly as possible in 2020 and beyond.

Currently, Magento Shipping’s out-of-the-box connections support leading carriers in the US, UK, and Australia, but these capabilities require shipments originating from these countries by using supported carriers. New carriers will show up automatically within the Magento Shipping when they are supported and enabled.

  • Pricing and payments

To meet the demands of retailers and merchants, Magento Shipping has various and standard pricing plans, as well as custom pricing plans, which is based on a combination of Gross Merchant Volume (GMV) and Average Order Value (AOV) to accommodate a variety of shipping use case – this can include B2C or B2B.

And how to pay the Magento Shipping fee? Apart from carrier charges or fees, Magento Shipping fees will be invoiced and paid to Magento.