Tips for app design process

24/09/2019 472
Moblie Apps Design

When it comes to designing an application, you’ve got several options. After all, a beautiful looking and professional design with smooth animations is what makes your application success. So unless you’re a visual designer yourself, you should consider working with experts to get your application to look like exactly what you envisioned. Some popular options include : hiring freelancers and designers, creating an app through an app builders, or hiring an entire agency to take care of everything from start to finish. Here’s several important tips to look out for when it comes to the app design process:


Even an incredibly-designed app would still be worthless if its navigation is absolutely dreadful, so ensuring a smooth, seamless and enjoyable experience for your app users is essential. Make sure the drop down menu or navigation bar is clearly visible to users, because if they can’t find it, they can’t move around different sections of your app. Also you should stick to a familiar layout so when users see it, they will know intuitively how to navigate through your app. And try to make it as finger-friendly as possible to avoid giving users a hard time to move around your application on a mobile device.

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Keep aesthetics at a minimal level and make use of whitespace in order to create a modern look and feel for your app. The more simple your app is, the better for users to focus on what they’re looking for. A user is likely to become overwhelmed and quit the app if they see too much unnecessary information on their screen, or just too much going on at once.

Visual elements:

Never underestimate the effect of color and its impact on the design of the application. Also like colors, fonts is just equally important when it comes to the look and feel of your interface. Combine both elements carefully to make your application a real pleasure to look at. You should also use some visual tweaks and techniques to make sure that the most important parts of your application stand out to the users.


All of those visual elements can only be effective if all the other aspects of your app are consistent, like animation, navigation, function and even your content. Consistency will make your app feel professional and well-thought-out, and it also better develops the relationship between your app and your users.

 No matter what you do, always provide your potential customers with samples of your app design and consult their opinions, because the more feedback you get the better you can further improve your design. Communication is key here, and once you’ve got everything you need and have a good idea of what’s working and what’s not, you can make the necessary adjustments. Or you can visit our global software development service.