The difference between software developer and software programmer

23/09/2019 1046
Software Developer Work

It’s always important to get the right people with the right experience for the job. And in the IT field, when you are looking to fill a position with the right person, understanding the difference between programmers and developers can be essential. Although software developers and programmers mostly do the same things, they still work in different roles that requires different skill sets. Basically, you don’t want a developer to do a programmer’s job, and vice versa.

What does a software programmer do ?

In a software development process, programmers are the technicians. By definition, programmers are responsible for writing, testing, debugging and maintaining the source code of computer programs. They can understand the ideas and demands of customers and convert them into efficient and clean computer codes. They often use many different resources like coding languages and frameworks to create and optimize their codes, so that it doesn’t conflict with the work of their teammates and make for a better application.

Software Developer

Overall, creating a bug-free and well-optimized application is the focus of a programmer. But a software developer can do all of this, and some more.

What does a software developer do ?

In addition to all of programmers’ work, developers also find out exactly what their target customers want, devise a plan on how to apply those ideas and concepts in the application, and can provide instructions and specifications to fellow programmers in the software development process.

Software developers around the world are responsible for the structure and design of a software product, as well as guiding the programmers and improving the company’s rating and relationship with their customers. Their skills consist of those found in programmers, analysts, architects and technicians. This is what do software developers do daily.

What’s the difference between the two ?

Software developer

In short, a software developer can know how to code like a normal programmer, but their main quality lies in their problem-solving skill. In order to achieve this, they must know what those problems are, find the most optimal solutions and work with their team of programmers to solve them. On the other hand, programmers are all about codes, they turn developers’ ideas, concepts and instructions into functioning and optimized computer software programs.

What is an Android developer ?

Say you’re a programmer who are specialized in a programming language like Java, and you’re looking to become a developer. In that case, Android programming should be a good choice for you. But what does it take to become an Android developer ?

Android – developed by Google – is a software development process from which applications based on Android operating system are created. Android applications are usually built on the Java language and open-source frameworks, and Android software development process mostly focus on mobile electronic devices like phones and tablets.

Here’s a short list of what you need to learn to become an Android Developer : 

  • Java : The main Android programming language. To be successful in Android programming, understanding basic concepts in Java like variables, loops, structures, classes can prove really useful for your work, even beyond the Android platform.
  • SQL : The most popular database language can also help you with organizing databases and retrieving information within Android applications.
  • Android Software Development Kit (SDK) : The Android SDK provides samples, libraries, useful tools, and much more.