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“How do I highlight all of my significant IT achievements to the employers?” “What can I do to make my resume professional and well-informed?” If you are struggling to find the answers to these questions, you have come to the right place. By following our resume hacks, writing your software developer resume will be easier than it seems. Here are some notices that will help you debug your resume, get your future boss notified, and help you land your dream job.


1. What is a software developer resume?

Resume is a brochure about yourself: your skills, work experience related to the position you are applying for. It is a summary of what your employer will consider and decide whether or not to invite you for a follow-up interview. Your software developer CV also contributes significantly to the outcome of your interview.

To make a truly convincing impression to the employer at the resume-viewing round, you need to get into details of the following important information beforehand:


  • A description of the job you want to apply: What is the job? What does the job require? Thereby you will get a piece of brief information on the most appropriate way to write your software developer  CV content. This information can be found easily via job descriptions.
  • Information about the company: The company’s projects, activities, development opportunities… This will help you in the interview process going as smoothly as possible. You can accumulate these kinds of information through the company’s website, corporate’s review platforms or someone who has worked there.
  • If you have a good command of English, it is advisable to write your software development resume in English. And please avoid making spelling/grammar mistakes in CV whether it is in English or Vietnamese.
If you have a good command of English, it is advisable to write your software development resume in English
If you have a good command of English, it is advisable to write your software development resume in English


2. The composition of the software developer resume

A software developer resume can have many different entries, depending on the needs of the writer and the job you are about to apply for. But overall, general resumes include the following:


  • Personal Information
  • Job title
  • Career goals (Objective/Summary)
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Working Experience
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Awards
  • Additional information (Interests, References)


A sample of good software developer resume
A sample of good software developer resume


Now we will get into details of each section above.

2.1. Personal information

The personal information section should include the following:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Current address
  • Email
  • Contact phone number
  • Website/ Linkedin/ Github: You should create a LinkedIn/Github profile instead of a personal facebook link.
  • Avatar: As the first impression is so important, the photo should be clear, bringing the professional vibe to your resume.

2.2. Position you are applying for with your software developer resume

This should be on the headline of your software developer CV. Give it a prominent size and present the position you are about to apply for, such as Java Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, Web Developer, Front-end Developer, …

2.3. Career goals

When mentioning career goals, you should focus on the following two factors in your software developer resume:

  • A summary of your skills and experience in the position you are applying for
  • Your career goals are related to the company and the position

You should consider aligning your goals with the development of the company. Indicate the company name & position as shown in the job description in this section to show that you are a person who has a special interest in this position.

2.4. Education

State the following information in this section of the software developer resume:

  • University/College’s name
  • Specialization
  • Training time, e.g. 09/2014 – 03/2019
  • Courses/ Certifications directly related to experience in the software development field (if applicable)
  • GPA: not required

2.5. Skills accumulated in the software development field

This section, please present your outstanding skills, can refer to the following items:

  • Programming language: Java, C #, Python,… 
  • Database: MySQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, …
  • Programming tools: Netbeans, MS Visual Studio, Git, SVN, …
  • Soft skills: Teamwork, Good presentation ability, …
  • Language: Ability to read and understand specialized English
  • Data Structure & Algorithm: Having knowledge about common traffic and communication codes

Besides, depending on the position you are applying for, there should be a different skill group for that position in your software developer CV.

software developer resume
List your outstanding software development skill


2.6. Your software developing working experience 

This section, you need to present the oldest order at the end, the latest at the top. There will be two main sections:

2.6.1. The position the job has gone through

List the positions/companies you’ve been through: including the position/company name/main duties … If you haven’t worked yet or the internship/work time is too short, you can skip it.


2.6.2. Projects have been completed

If you have joined hand in many projects and have worked through many different companies. Consider splitting this section into “Projects”.


For each project, present the following information:

  • Name of the project
  • Brief description of the project: tasks, results
  • Execution time
  • Number of members
  • Your role
  • Technology used
  • If it’s opensource, please refer to a link to that project.

Note: For students, your projects are university ones. You should clearly state what you have learned through those projects. Put that project on Github and put the link in your software developer CV.

2.7. Extracurricular Activities

This is an optional section, but consider additional if you have useful extracurricular activities. It makes sense in the eyes of employers if you are a dynamic, young person. Such as:

  • Volunteer activities
  • Join study clubs, foreign languages ​​or programming …
  • Management of the programming team on Facebook/forums…


2.8. Awards

In this section, you state the awards won and the timeline in the learning and working process (if any).

2.9. Additional information on your software developer resume

You can talk about your personal preferences.


If possible, add references: People who are reputable and can help you prove your ability. It could be your teacher, your manager at the previous company,… so the employer can contact to verify. You need to fill in the reference information including Full name, Position, email, Phone number.


3. A final note on your software developer resume

  • Please do not leave your resume lengthy, it should only be about 1-2 pages of A4 paper.
  • Save the professional software developer resume name, eg Resume_TomHolland.pdf
  • List chronologically from the present.
  • Detailed presentation: same language, font, etc.
  • The CV should be saved in PDF format
  • Use concise and clear sentences. Avoid vague, rambling presentation.
  • You should refer your resume to people who have experience in the field before applying.
  • How to find a nice-looking sample resume: You can easily find an awesome resume template on Google, Github from famous people in the industry.

As you write your resume, just be yourself!

Whether it is a software developer resume or not, this is a list of your own accomplishments, achievements, and interests. Your goal is to create the most polished version of yourself. And please remember: Have fun and enjoy the process! Hopefully, this article could somehow help you in creating a proficient resume and win the heart of the employer. Good luck!

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