Pros and cons of Magneto – Is it Magnificent?

13/11/2019 1154

Are you a business who is trying to take advantage of the numerous benefits of e-commerce in this internet era? Do you ever think of using Magento but still wonder what its pros and cons are?

Offering powerful and functional tools for hundreds of thousands of e-commerce enterprises, Magento has become the front runner among a huge number of competitors in the race. Beneficial as it is, Magneto has some significant drawbacks. In this article, we have pointed out pros and cons of Magento so you can decide whether to choose it for your business or not.  

1. Pros of Magento: 

  • Flexibility

Magento is an open-source platform, therefore we are able to modify our code to meet our requirements. This enables us to customize templates and achieve various functions. Moreover, Magento allows third party integration for many purposes such as importing products,….

When considering pros and cons of Magento, remember that flexibility is one of the biggest pros of Magento as it makes checking and analyzing our websites performance.

  • SEO-friendly

Obtaining optimal positioning in worldwide search engines such as Google, Bing, etc,… is a must in e-commerce. Much of the traffic from Amazon, Walmart and other successful marketplaces comes from organic results, not paid ones. 

Magento is very convenient because of its web architecture and its sections which can be customized. For example, it allows you to modify the URL of each of its pages. It is also possible to alter their meta descriptions, the sitemap, and other aspects.

  • Mobile friendly

A mobile friendly is a must to ensure the success of e-commerce. Online retailers should not overlook that internet browsing trend has shifted to mobile devices. 

Magento is mobile friendly as it allows us to create mobile sites without any difficulties and give our customers the best mobile display experience. 

pros and cons of Magento: mobile friendly
Mobile friendly is one of the biggest pros of Magento
  • Multiple customization options 

The web construction of Magento is mutable. This platform has a simple interface, with various customization options. Of course, you don’t need to know clearly about the IT languages like CSS or HTML to create a beautiful web.

Furthermore, Magento’s extensions are perfect for adding new features. Just go to Magento Marketplaces and click on Extensions – there are more than 4,600 types of extensions to choose. Do you want to improve any aspect related to customer service, payments, and security, search engine optimization? These extensions are perfect for each of these particular purposes, some are even free!

  • Optimal scalability

Speaking of pros and cons of Magento, scalability has become one of the distinguish signatures, which which makes this platform stand out from others. You to start your business from a small simple shop. But as your business grows, its design needs improvements to meet many strict demands of a larger and more competitive market. For Magento, scalability is essential, and therefore their programs are designed to promote this progression. 

  • Stand out from others

Magento has a wide range of features which allows us to manage multiple stores, and support multiple locations, multiple language, multiple pricing and multiple currencies. Compare Magento vs Shopify, vs Woocommerce, vs Volusion or any other e-commerce platform and it stands out with its abundant features.

For instance, with the help of Magento, you can vary your price of the specific product depending upon the group of customers. You can offer different prices for your staff and for VIPs. Moreover, the community version of Magento allows you to enjoy many features, which other e-commerce platforms lack. Therefore, it is one of the biggest pros of choosing Magento over other e-commerce platforms.

  • A huge community

As you probably know, open-source softwares are supported by a huge number of developers and professional designers, so is Magento!

Magento Community has more than 360,000 active users and more than 1,500 partners.In this community, you can find forums, documents, FAQs and other content, developed both by the platform and by members of its community. Therefore, you can look up for information and ask for support quickly. 

a huge community
You can get support easily because Magento is a huge community

2. Cons of Magento:

  • Could be expensive

Being pricey is one of the biggest cons of Magento when talking about its pros and cons for those who want to try this platform. This platform has a free version (Magento Community Edition), normally directed at small businesses and startups.

However, the Enterprise version of Magento may cost you up to $15,000 per year. Furthermore, the Premium Enterprise version targeted for large businesses cost you approximately over $50,000 a year. However, it should be noted that those services are for businesses, not individuals. 

  • Need for hosting 

You should use a dedicated server to host Magento. Other normal hosting platforms should not be used to host it. Moreover, it should be configured in a server that you or your developer have proficiency in. 

Bulkiness is a prime reason behind this. Furthermore, optimization requires a lot of high-level skills and thinking. Hence, it is also one of the biggest cons of Magento because it can lead to the crashing of your websites.

Magento plartform need hosting
With Magento, a server hosting is required
  • Slow loading time

Magento has a slow loading time. Therefore, customizations are pretty difficult to make, in comparison to other e-commerce platforms.  It is also not easy to switch from another e-commerce platform to Magento because it imports the data at a very slow rate. One reason behind this slow loading is due to its flexible architecture, which makes it complex and time-consuming to set it up.

However, this is highly debated because only community version of Magento is slow at loading. In contrast, the enterprise and premium enterprise versions are quite fast.

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In conclusion, it goes without saying that Magento is an ultimate solution for many types of business. As its pros outweigh its cons, Magento is truly a considerable choice for your business. 

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