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Magento credit card

There’s no doubt that Magento plays a crucial role in most of nowadays businesses, from small companies to the biggest corporations all around the world. Ever since the blooming of 4.0 technology, every company, regardless of its scale and size, is trying to make its ecosystem better for the convenience of its customers. Magento is definitely not the exception. Therefore, besides the amazing functions such as versatile content management (allowing show owners to make adjustments in order to suit their needs), customer service and smart filtered search for buyers (utilizing the effective search terms cloud, product reviews, configure search with auto-suggested terms). Magento also prioritizes the convenience and the facility to store Magento credit card details.

magento credit card

As a result, Magento also supports a great range of payment methods, gateways and payment services. The default Magento 2 has five basic payment methods. But first, let’s start with some basic definitions about payment methods, what the payment gateways are and how to accept Magento Credit Card payment.


Payment Method 


It’s a way that customers pay for a product or a service on your Magento 2 Platform. Payment methods can be either internal or external. But in general, Magento offers the following main payment methods:

  • Check/order money
  • Bank transfer
  • Purchase order
  • Zero subtotal checkout
  • Cash on delivery

Payment gateways


It’s a 3rd-party service provider that automates payment transactions between an online store and buyers. Additionally, Magento 2 is currently supporting PayPal and If you want to activate them, you just have to enter your personal data received from the payment provider.


Also, you can integrate any other payment gateway that suits your specific business demands. Either can you find a solution on a new Magento Marketplace or hire a Magento service agency to come up with a solution.

Accepting Magento Credit Card Payment

In regards to accepting credit card payment on Magento 2 platform, either can you use a saved credit card payment method or PayPal or



  • The Saved Credit Card Method



This method allows customers to save their credit cards locally. This Saved Credit Card method is mainly used for testing the checkout process while setting up an online platform, rather than interacting with gateways.


Therefore, if you use this payment method with buyers’ credit cards on a live site, you should keep in mind that their credit card information is not 100% secure.



  • PayPal



It’s one of the most world-renowned payment processors nowadays, PayPal allows the faster way to send and receive money, or to make an online payment or even to set up a merchant account.

As a Magento shop owner, you can add the PayPal Payments and Express Checkout to accept credit card payment. Specifically, Standard PayPal Payment is the easiest way to accept online payments. This is due to the fact that you only need to add a checkout button on your website and it’s completely free of charge. However, the downside of this is that PayPal does not allow buyers to checkout directly on the website, and they will be directed to PayPal to complete their payment process.


But wait, there’s more! Magento supports recurring profiles for PayPal Express Checkout payments. However, this method is much more complex, as it requires a business or premier account.




It’s the US-based payment gateway service provider. This allows retailers to accept credit cards and electronic check payments via their website and over an Internet Protocol (IP) connection. Also, is included in Magento 2 by default.

It allows the customers to complete the checkout process directly without leaving the website. The customers’ information is transferred via a security gateway. Therefore, this amazing feature definitely makes the transaction faster and improves the customer experience.