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Since its release in 2008, Magento has become world-famous open-source technology due to the flexibility and the exclusive functions for an eCommerce platform. In this article, let’s find out the most basic feature in every online website, which is Product. There are different types of Products in Magento: Magento Bundle Product, Simple Product, Configurable Product, Virtual Product, Grouped Product and Downloadable Product. However, we will discuss mainly about Magento Bundle Product, and the comparison between the Grouped Product and Bundle Product.

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Magento bundle product is a package of product or a bundle that combines simple or virtual products, which displays as one entry in the catalog. Customers can customize the product of this type. Additionally, the configuration options are virtually unlimited.



Grouped Products can be known as a “product basket” due to its purpose. With the aim of improving the shopping experience, this type is built in order to unite simple products related to each other. You can offer variations of a single product, or group them by season or theme

In Magento, both Grouped Product and Magento Bundle Product play an important role in setting up your own online store. However, if you do not take a closer look, it might be a little bit confusing when distinguishing between these two. But don’t worry, just keep reading because we will show you the main differences and help you choose the best types of products wisely!





The main similarity between these two types is inventory. There is no inventory! Both two types have no inventory and are set to be in or out of stock. When it comes to images for constituting products, default Magento 2 does not allow showing photos for each constituting products in Grouped and Bundle products.



With Grouped Products, customization is limited. Specifically, this type actually depends on the selection of individual products and their quantity. For instance, we have one knife set. Person A selects 2 medium knives and 1 large knife while B selects 1 medium knife and 2 large knives. And at last, they are just knives!

On the contrary, customization is limitless with Magento Bundle products. We can configure this type with given options. And each configuration results in a unique product that has its own existence. For example, when buying a computer, we will select different RAM, CPU, etc., to meet our demands. Each of the configurations really makes itself a product.



Grouped Products always looks like a group itself. Furthermore, we will concentrate more on each individual product that is constituting it.

However, Bundle products look like a single entity. And the product constitution will look like its different parts. Let’s take human body parts as an example, human has various body parts and they function distinctively. But when sticking together, they eventually become another entity that can perform in different ways. 



With the aim of bringing convenience to the customers, Grouped products integrate simple products, or in other words, you can sell products as groups or sets, such as a set of clothes, a set of furniture, and so on. Also, you can sell clothes, furniture individually on your own purpose.

Meanwhile, if you sell a complex product (such as computers, cameras or mobile phones), then the Magento Bundle product is a great idea.



Obviously, in many cases, we will assume that both of the two types are suitable for a single product. On the other hand, sometimes, none of them is suitable.

And of course, instead of buying things separately, grouped products allow customers to make a single purchase. Additionally, this type promotes appealing special prices or promotion campaigns toward potential customers. 

However, bundle products allow combining any products with a great range of shape, size, capacity, or memory, etc. This helps the customers to make adjustments to their own bundle conveniently, which eventually, improves the customer experience.


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