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Magento is the most popular and powerful open-source platform that has seen tremendous growth in the e-commerce industry in recent years. If you have used Magento 2.0, you could see that its setup doesn’t offer any extensions for online stores. It is reasonable –  Magento is an open platform. Therefore, if you want to boost your online store, you need to integrate additional components that expand the functionality of this platform. With a combination of all the best Magento 2.0 extensions, you can improve your online store in the best way possible.

1. Why you need the best Magento 2.0 Extensions?

What is the Magento 2.0 extension?

A Magento 2.0 extension is a block of PHP code – a unification of functions, added into Magento to extend its functionality. Magento 2.0 extensions enable you to add custom characteristics and functionality to every area of your online store, including the front and back end, combinations with other web services, marketing tools, themes, and more. Extensions are developed through a broad network of Magento partners to give you the flexibility and power to develop your store the way you want.

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Why you need these extensions?

Magento 2.0 has features that make it a better platform overall than its previous version. Magento 2.0 provides us with a great variety of extensions, some of them are free, and the others require you to pay for the advanced extension. All these extensions are available for downloading and installing from Magento Marketplace. Together with the full Magento functionality, this enables us to solve a lot of duties without programming skills. Magento 2.0 extensions and plugins are essential factors that help your e-commerce business can reach its full potential. Currently, more than 70.000 customers worldwide are using Magento 2.0 extensions, and they have good reasons to keep growing with this platform.

However, before deciding to buy extensions for your e-commerce website, you need to consider the purpose of installing these extensions. Why do you need this extension? If you can answer yourself well on why there is a purpose for installing that extension, then you would have effectively identified a certain advanced functionality you need for your Magento store. Besides, most of the Magento 2.0 extensions will require the purchase, therefore, ask yourself whether you can afford it or not, and is it really worth your investment? To find out the question, you may research on the internet to know more about these extensions, read the reviews, rating from the Magento Community so you can easily define the extensions that suit your needs.

2.  Top Magento 2.0 Extensions that help boost your store

Top Magento Extensions for Payment and Security: Payment and Security is the final step in the customers’ buying process. If your website has the extension that helps your clients pay easier and provide transparent information about their purchase, it will create the feeling of reliable for the buyers and decide whether they rebuy or not. Some outstanding Magento 2.0 extensions you may consider to add to your online store are Stripe Extension, Magento OneStepCheckout Extension, Fraud Prevention, Astra Security Suite.

Top Magento Extensions for Store Improvement & Optimization: This type of extensions can significantly improve customer experience, boost revenue, and increase overall sales. With the help of these extensions, you can customize your online store with a more eye-catching visual, including the logo, banner, and the other kind of graphics with flexible transitions. Besides, when you use these kinds of extensions, you can easier manage your sites and provide your customers with impressive experiences. Top extensions for Store Improvement & Optimization are Magento 2.0 AMP Extension By Plumrocket, Slider Revolution Responsive Magento Extension, Magento City, and Region Manager…

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Top Magento Extensions for Accounting & Finance: Running a business is all about numbers: cash flow, ROI, revenue, and reporting. With the Magento 2.0 Accounting & Finance extensions, you can squeeze the most juice from the accounting and finance aspects of your online store. All the data related to your business is no longer a mess, and it is no longer a big deal for you to manage your finance. If you are looking for an excellent extension for Accounting & Finance, Tax Jar, One Saas, embedded ERP is the top list that you may consult.

Top Magento Extensions for Marketing: Marketing is one of the essential bases to promote your sales. Understanding that fact, Magento 2.0 provides the user with an abundant of extensions that can help to expand your brand and increase the linkage with your customers, including email marketing, CRM, SEO/SEM, and Marketing Automation extensions. It is never a waste to invest in a marketing module because it will bring you the benefit that is out of the blue. We highly recommend  Magento 2.0 Instagram Connect, AdRoll, Zoho CRM… these extensions are beneficial so that you can try it for your website.

Top Magento Extensions for Content & Customization: Want to create the specific and detail content for your site? Let’s get the help of Magento 2.0 Content & Customization extensions. With the special extensions about Translations & Localization, Mobile, Personalization & Experience Management, Product Content, Rich Media, and so on. Magento 2.0 extensions help your online store become transparent and easy to access. You can customize your store as you want with these top extensions, including Site Search & Navigation Nosto, Advanced Search, Product Videos.

Top Magento Extensions for Reporting and Analytics: To understand how your business is running, you need reporting and analytics. This segment has never been accessible, primarily when you use the hand document to note your data. Now, with the advanced support from Magento 2.0 extensions, you can put your burden aside and straightforwardly manage your data. Magento Google Tag Manager Integration, AheadWorks Advanced Reports, Facebook Pixel are the fantastic extensions for your sites. No more complicated file, no more worries about the mistakes, your online store now can have its own clerk. 

The importance of Magento Extensions has increased immensely when a large number of people in the world have started choosing an e-way in shopping online rather than coming to the actual store. Having an ability to customize and personalize the e-commerce platform and transform it according to the needs deeds and requirements of the online store owner is the right set of Magento 2.0 Extensions. In particular, to specify the significance of Magento 2.0 Extensions, the excellent extensions above with their advanced features will help you a lot.

3. CO-WELL Asia and 5 useful extensions that help boost your store

As a solution partner of Magento, CO-WELL Asia clearly understands this useful platform and how to customize it based on your business’s needs. We provide a wide range of e-commerce development services, from Magento development (implementation and migration), end-to-end E-commerce web design and development to simple functionality enhancement and customization. Based on the specific demand of the customers, especially the online business owners in Asia, we have developed the Magento 2.0 extensions that can help promote your e-commerce store.


Up to now, we have provided five free extensions to hundreds of customers and received a lot of positive feedback. Our extensions are:

Abandoned Cart Email: This extension allows you to design email templates, set schedules, and make your own rules as well as support you to manage the history of sent emails effectively. With our solution, you will no longer be worried about losing your potential customers.

Global Postcode Finder: This is an extension that will support both you and your customers’ online trading process get better. This extension is available for shop owners all over the world since you can import the postcode data file of whichever country you would like to apply. For customers, by inputting postal code, several suggestions will be appeared to choose. 

Drupal Integration: This is an open-source CMS (Content Management System) that offers a reliable platform to create highly advanced websites. This extension is suitable for Magento – a leading E-commerce platform that has an excellent reputation for its excellent scalability, features, SEO friendliness, and other market-leading attributes.

Split Cart: This extension allows conditions that help break shopping carts based on product attributes such as shipping options, materials, and vendors. This facilitates more accessible data collection for each quality, allowing for improved inventory planning, sales reporting, promotion, and vendor management.

Joomla Connect: Joomla Connect is for Joomla! – One of the most popular open-source CMS (Content Management Systems).  With just a few simple steps, data is automatically transferred, including blogs, articles, categories, and tags. This is an excellent opportunity for your business to increase sales: while Magento ensures your e-commerce site runs smoothly, Joomla! contributes the content to support your marketing campaigns.

With more than 100 engineers who have a wide range of experience in Magento Development and Integration, CO-WELL Asia is confident in the delivery of diverse types of Magento 2.0 extensions and development services to your online business. It’s time to boost your e-commerce store, let’s try something new!