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The more customers an eCommerce store gets, the bigger it becomes. So the key to enhance your Magento store is to keep the existing customer and grab the new ones. To be able to engage more customers, eCommerce store owners need to enhance their digital marketing efforts following the current market trends, gaining insight through social media networks, as well as generating marketing campaigns. By understanding the behavior of the customers, they can create smart marketing campaigns. There are also other ways to attract more consumers that we will discuss in this article!

What exactly is Magento eCommerce?

Magento eCommerce is a free platform to provide a digital solution for online merchants. It can be called an online shopping site. The store owners can totally control their online stores with a lot of management tools and smart marketing campaigns. Magento eCommerce platform is popular because it has exceptional features. It is easy to navigate and manage products, the payment options are secure. Store owners can manage catalog and order. And it also has robust SEO features and many more.

using magento eCommerce platform
Using Magento eCommerce platform has lots of benefits

There are many benefits of using Magento eCommerce platform. Firstly, it is easy to install. Secondly, the eCommerce solutions are flexible as it is built on open source technology. In addition, this is an effective program. Users can offer discounts and promotions for their customers. Also, Magento eCommerce platform provides huge payment gateways. Thanks to the benefits that it offers, there is no doubt that Magento eCommerce development is in high demand.

You have the option to hire a company like CO-WELL ASIA to help you enhance your Magento store. But you can try to do it by yourself. It is important for your eCommerce store to have all the latest features or capability so that you will have more loyal customers. If you can develop your Magento store, you will improve your online business.

How to enhance your Magento store?

Check out some important tips below!

#1: Offer new products and discount deals

This is a useful way to engage customers. Optimizing your homepage by displaying new products can help enhance your Magento store. Through the banners, you can suggest that new products are available in the lineup. Or you can add discount offers on the banners. By doing that, your potential customers can reach the product pages through the home page.

This is also a good way to notify your customers about the latest products so that you can increase sales of your Magento store. You might see this technique on Amazon which is one of the biggest online stores.

#2: Optimize payment option

When you offer your customers more payment options, they will rate your online store with more stars. Not only is it important for the payment options to be safe, secure and user-friendly, but you also need to provide multiple options like credit cards, Paypal, etc. If you aim to reach customers from other countries, you can add Magento extensions that offer popular payment options in the countries where the order is made. For long term, this helps boost your sales and revenue. In addition to that, you will increase your sales globally as well.

#3: Optimize the speed of the Magento store

One of the irritating problems for the online customer is a slow loading eCommerce store. No one would like slow loading pages. The stores that take less than 3 seconds to load will be more valued and of course, will be ranked higher on the SERP ladder. Therefore, the first thing to do is to invest in a quick loading Magento website. To make the pages load at the earliest, Magento eCommerce store owners need to optimize the code, database, JavaScript and CSS files. Once you can do it, your store will earn higher rankings on Google, and thus, attract a lot more customers.

magento store quickloading
Your Magento store should be quick loading.

#4: Make your checkout process uncomplicated

Having an uncomplicated checkout process will make it easier and quicker for your customers to buy the products. Customers who are really interested in the products can move out of the site if it takes too long to process. That means the checkout process should not include a lot of steps. Some online store websites turn off the customers and lose them during the checkout phase. If that happens more often, it can result in a huge loss of customers. So you need to prevent this. Instead of having a complex six-step process, you can add the One Step Checkout Extension to simplify it into one step. The easier the buying process is, the more loyal your customers stay to you.

#5: Offer free shipping

Free shipping has always worked when it comes to engage more customers. You can offer free shipping, but keep it conditional. For example, add the condition like no shipping cost on making a purchase of a reasonable amount. It can be one of the biggest crowd pullers as most people (including yourself) do not like to spend extra on the shipping fee. Therefore, to enhance your Magento store, you should offer free shipping. You will be amazed at how huge the sales of your Magento store gets. Add a Free Shipping bar on your Magento website to motivate customers to spend more if they want to get a free shipping offer. The remaining cost is shown on the notification bar for them to know.

#6: Smart marketing via email

Investing in smart email marketing will bring you the possibilities to generate new customers as well as new markets for the business. To create a stunning email marketing campaign, you need a team to design appealing emails which encourages the readers to visit your site. As long as they come to the site, leave the rest of work for the appealing eCommerce store. The key is to create emails and newsletter that tempt the readers to visit your Magento store.

#7: Create a Mobile-friendly eCommerce website

As smartphones become popular, everyone in the world is on mobile. This is actually an advantage if you have a responsive online store. It will help you grab customers who buy mobile gadgets. You can’t build a successful business if your Magento store is not on the mobile platform, because that means you are losing the major portion of your sales. Likewise, having a Mobile-friendly eCommerce website, you can beat your competitors. To know whether your online store matches the standards of an effective responsive store, make it go through the Google Mobile friendly test.

magento store work on mobile
Make sure your Magento store is on mobile platform

#8: Enhance the reliability of your store

Some consumers consider it quite risky to shop online. So they tend to look for online stores that have a high rating to ensure the credibility and popularity. If you can provide your customers information about the ratings of your Magento store, you can win their trust. Use the Rich snippets to show your rating, reviews, product price, etc. on the SERP pages. As your store is more reliable, it would attract more customers and they will make a quick purchase. With that being said, it is necessary to show your store’s credibility through ratings and reviews.

#9: Optimize the Cross-selling

Cross-selling means you are selling an additional product or service to an existing customer. This can be the best way to increase sales of your Magento eCommerce platform. You can show related items on your product page to encourage the visitor to check other items along with the one they want to buy. This method brings the possibilities of higher sales. In addition, the customer has another reason to stay more in the Magento store, resulting in the higher chances of them exploring the store.

#10: Create a social media impact of your Magento store

As we all know, social media has a huge influence on the customers, that’s why it has the potential to make your products become popular. You should make the presence of your store on every social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and many others. This will make people curious about the products. If your products are great, do not hesitate to showcase them on the social media handles as well. Take advantage of the power of social media to push your sales to the highest level.

#11: Offer gift cards to your customers

This is another tip to enhance your Magento store. Offer gift cards to customers is not a new tip as big online stores like Amazon and Shopify have been doing it. By giving your customers these cards, they can use them to make payment for future orders. They can also purchase these cards like any other product. Moreover, they can offer the gift cards as a gift to their friends. With this tip, your customers will be pushed to come back to the store and buy more products in the future. It will, of course, increase your sales.

These are useful tips to enhance your Magento store. Apply them now to optimize your online store so that it gets more customers and better sales. If you are still not sure how to do it, or you haven’t got used to Magento eCommerce platform, let CO-WELL ASIA provide you the solution!

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