27/02/2020 348

You want to create an app development but you do not know where to start? In this article we will show you 5 easy steps to create a plan for app development process.

Step 1 Define your App object

The most important factor when planning what your app should do is to identify your target customers. Which means the people that you want to use your app. If it was an internal application within the enterprise, it would be easy for the sales team. However, you still need to consider to determine what users want to get when using the application. It is important to identify who will download the application and why they need to use it. Especially, when your target clients are outside of the business. What your application can provide to them is one of the things that should be most focused.

Step 2 Decide on an Application Concept

Once you’ve identified your target audience and their needs, you need to identify the benefits that your application will bring them. It is merely a utility, an entertainment or information application, or a combination of many utilities. The application will create success only when it fully meets and fulfills the wishes of the user. Therefore, focusing on features is the way to get your app to attract customers. In addition, you will be able to add other features to the application in the future if you are good at planning app features.

Step 3 Evaluate the content of your application

If your application is a syndication application, check all the content available beforehand. For example, if you work at a magazine, you not only access your print journal content but also Web content, social media content and archived content. If you don’t have content, consider what kind of content you can make workable for yourself or by hiring a freelance translator. A quality content and investment of time and effort will make other people pay attention to and appreciate what your app brings. This is really important step when creating app development plan.

Step 4 Set Goals for your App

The only way to know whether your app is successful is to create goals for it. Sometimes you just want as many people to download it as possible, but at other times, your metric of success might be different. For instance, if it’s an internal communication app, you know your audience is limited, and you just want people to use it—engagement is your primary goal. If the app is designed to promote or accompany an event, people attending the event might be your primary target. You can always revise your goals after launch.


Step 5 Find a Suitable App making Platform

Once you know what you want to do with your app, you can look for a platform that provides that type of app. For example, content apps are well-served by mag+, but games are not. Several platforms cater to small businesses, providing menus, locations, and other features. Do your research, looking particularly at fees (including hidden fees, such as download costs) and features. Ask for a free trial so you can kick the tires before committing, and sample existing apps on the platform to make sure you like the experience.