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Configurate products custom option

According to Builtwith statistics, Magento currently owns 14% of the market share for e-commerce platforms. With the publicity of Magento 2, it’s possible this number could rise. Experts anticipate the number of Magento 2 stores to proliferate within the next year as Magento 1 is slowly phased out. The learning curve for Magento 2, with all of the positive changes, has become even more perpendicular. One of the most significant features of Magento 2 is Configuring product custom options – a simple way to give your customers many selections for detailed products. In this article, we will provide you with useful information about this wonderful feature.

1. What is Configuring Product Custom Options?

Custom options

Custom options are the primary approach when store owners want to offer customers a variety of options. It’s even more effective if your inventory needs are simple. In Magento 2, custom options like the beginning configuration for every store administrators. Learn how to attach custom options in Magento 2 will give you another solution in the future to solve the problem related to products and orders.

Configuring Product Custom Options

Configuring Product Custom Options is an easy way to provide your customers with many choices for specific products. The input types of a selection you can set are text, file, select, and date. However, you can manage the custom options in stock to finish it easier. If you want to set one choice for a bulk of products in Magento 2 extensions, let do it for one and then imply the custom option to other items. Adding more product custom options means you will create higher revenues and excellently serve your customers.

Configure Product Custom Options
Configure Product Custom Options

The Importance of Configuring Product Custom Options

Configuring Product Custom Options is a fantastic feature of Magento 2.0 that you should try. It will help you to promote your products and raise your revenue significantly. “Customers are king” – therefore, you need to present them with plenty of choices, and they will be glad to give you their money. Configuring Product Custom Options is essential for your online business because of its advantages, such as creating configurable products, increasing the credit, and simplifying product management.

Make your product more detail and turn it into a configurable product.

As e-commerce managers or online store owners, you must differentiate your products from other competitors. But, how to deliver all of their benefits to customers and convince them is related to your convincing product specifications? What are the key tactics to write a product description, or correctly, a Magento product description which makes a shopper click “Add to Cart” and make a purchase? By Configuring Product Custom Options, you can show the customer the configurable products with a lot of information and give them the chance to choose what they want to buy.

A configurable product in Magento 2 is a little complex version of a single product. The difference is the following: each mixture of product options has a personal SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), and it’s likely to track stock inventory of every product variation.

For instance, you sell t-shirts. Each t-shirt has a selection of sizes and colors. In the sample below, we’ve got 5 sizes and 3 color modifications. All in all, you’ve got 15 modifications. Generating simple products for each and every option can take lots of time. This is where a configurable product comes helpful because it allows creating one product with various options instead of creating dozens of simple products.

Create a feeling of truth for your customers

Many people assume that buying a product online is sometimes a trap. Because there has been a lot of situation in which the product they receive is totally different from the description on the web-store. This trap can ruin the belief of customers to the online product, and it also destroys these online businesses. Therefore, if you want to develop your e-commerce websites for the long-term, you need to build the truth from your customers and make them feel valued. Making your customers feel valued is so much more than words on a piece of paper and should be made without threatening bad news. When customers truth you, they become loyal — the type of consumers that become the bread and butter for any online business.

Configuring Product Custom Options will help you present the detail information to your clients. When they see that your product is so transparent, the selling process is professional; they will feel free to pay for your products. And the good experience will create the credit, and the truthfulness makes your sites go further with the accompany of the loyal customers.

Help you manage your products easier

Managing the product is always a big deal for business owners. A store with millions of products, with various types, colors, sizes, and origins, etc. This could be a nightmare without the help of Configuring Product Custom Options. This Magento’s feature helps you to classify your product in an organized way, so you can easily record the data of the product according to the analysis of Magento. Online store administrators like you, of course, spend a great deal of time adding and managing products and will be happy to find that a switch to Magento is Configuring Product Custom Options.

2. How to Configure Product Custom Options in Magento 2?

Configure Product Custom Options is somehow too technique for the beginners. However, you can follow the tutorial and gradually learn to custom your site on your own. Magento also offers you with a large community of business owners, so you can enter the forum to ask for help as well as exchange your experience. Below are the main stages for you to configure product custom options in Magento 2 that you may follow:

Creating product custom options

  • Click on the Edit link of a specific product on the Product Management table.
  • On the left-panel, Advanced Settings > Custom Options.
  • Click on the Add New Option,
    • Name for the Option Title
    • Select the Input Type from a dropdown list.
    • Mark the Required checkbox if you find the selection required.
  • Complete all of the above, do the next:
    • Insert the Price for the option
    • Choose the Price Type: Fixed or Percentage.
    • Name the SKU for the option.
    • Allow rearranging any option as you need, hit the Sort icon to drag it to the new place.
  • Continue to click on the Add New Option if you want to attach more.
  • Click on the Save button to finish.

product custom options

Importing product custom selections

  • Click on the Import Options.
  • Search and pick the option you want to import.
  • Click on the Import button.
  • Click on the Save & Close button when you complete it.
product custom options

 After you have done with configuring the product custom option, you can try to update some products to your websites to check it out. It may be a little bit confuse for you for the first time, but you will get on well with it soon.

Adding more product custom options means you will create greater revenues and serve your customers in an ideal way. Configuring Product Custom Options is a simple way to provide your customers with many choices for detailed products. This stage will make your online store become more transparent, so the customer can lay their belief on you. It’s time for you to reorganize your product system and start a new phase of your online business with the help of Magento 2.0.


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