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23/09/2019 645
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Three factors that affect ecommerce website pricing

Determining a website’s cost can be difficult, since every site is different from another, especially in the case of eCommerce sites. There are three factors that affect website design pricing : eCommerce package rates, project price, and charging by the hour.

  • eCommerce Website Package Rates : a lot of eCommerce platforms will have their own pre-built packages that are often cheaper than designing a complete custom website. You can find many available packages on the internet, most of them are from free open-source platforms like osCommerce and frameworks like Magento, or you can take advantage of some cheaper commercial packages. These packages will be included with some common built-in systems like PayPal payment services, credit card checkouts, shopping carts…

Of course not every package can suit perfectly to your needs, sometimes you may not find all of the functions and features that your business want on a pre-made eCommerce website, so you should consider all of your options first. Most platforms will have a flat package rate, then you can pay additional fees to customize your website further.

  • Project Pricing : eCommerce website designers will usually give you a set price to build a complete and fully customized eCommerce website from scratch, so make sure you provide them with a requirements and features list before they start working on the project. An experienced eCommerce platform development team will divide the development process into specific sections, each comes with a list of features and specifications based on your needs.
  • Hourly charge : developers can charge from $10 to $200 per hour or more for medium to large-sized businesses, depending on their experience, workplace and many other factors. Make sure that you get what you pay for when you’re hiring.

ecommerce website packages

    Another thing you may want to look out for is per page pricing – some developers can charge per page for designing and customizing various pages of your website, ranging from as low as $10 to as high as $100. Normally, the developers with less experience are the ones who charges per page prices, so you can find better alternatives instead of hiring them.

eCommerce Website Pricing

eCommerce websites can be either very simple or extremely complicated, so there are some few things to take note of when you’re deciding the budget to build an eCommerce website. If you are going for a standard eCommerce website package then you should figure out all the options before selecting a development platform, for example: Magento pricing. If you want to minimize the cost, you can choose a basic package that suits your needs and doesn’t require a lot of further customisations. Overall, an standard eCommerce website can start around $500 and can go as high as $30,000 depending on what your business wants.