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17/10/2019 976

eCommerce is a constantly-changing business, so long as the internet and electronic devices are evolving and becoming more and more practical. In order to be successful and have an established position in the market, an online store must try to keep up or get left behind. Here are some newest eCommerce article tips that will keep your store relevant :


  • Fashion business


The concept of a eCommerce fashion business can be as comprehensive as fashion itself, since it also comes in all kind of shapes and sizes along with different levels of price and quality. Although every fashion biz has to acknowledge an important factor in order to succeed : the ability to predict and adapt to changes.

eCommerce articles tips
Retailers want to know everything about information on fashion trends, prices and strategies

This is why the eCommerce fashion retailers want to know everything about information on fashion trends, prices and strategies, and your articles are definitely going to help them a lot. The most successful fashion brands are incredibly perceptive : they refine their style based on data, adjust their market to fit customer’s needs, and deliver their products efficiently whether customers ordered it online or offline. According to data, integrating personalization into the user experience and eCommerce articles can be a game-changing factor in the eCommerce fashion business.


  • The future of eCommerce and beyond


One of the hottest topics in the past few years, the future of eCommerce is becoming more and more troubled, with an increasing number of bankruptcies and a bear market at large.

The difference between traditional retailers – also known as brick-and-mortar retailing – versus eCommerce is not a big deciding factor as people would think. Decision, not location, is every retailer’s most dangerous risk and its biggest opportunity. And because of that the future of eCommerce is not decided by neither retail enterprises nor eCommerce giants, but by the model usually referred as direct-to-consumer.


  • Shopping trends


Nowadays, experts would know how to implement the latest technologies to their advantage, with notable examples like AI, machine learning and virtual reality. But sometimes a simple prediction on reality can affect everything, this case being the mobile shopping market. Although the overall traffic of mobile has surpassed that of desktop, online shopping on mobile devices has yet to establish itself as the leading platform for all kinds of online purchase.

ecommerce articles tips
Online shopping on mobile devices establish itself as the leading platform for all kinds of online purchase

A mobile-centric checkout system has to be not only user-friendly and responsive, but it also has to make the customer’s journey to a completed transaction as seamless and natural as possible. 


  • Website Performance 


In the modern days of the internet, having an excellent website design and logical site structure is absolutely a must if you want to attract any potential customers. But most of the time, if your site – no matter how good it looks – has terrible loading times through pages, or the speed of your site is just simply not good enough for some customers’ standard, then conversions will definitely start to drop. Two interesting facts on how a second can make a difference in a eCommerce website that has a $100k daily revenue :

    • A one-second faster load times can equal an extra $10k per day
    • A one-second delay in load times can result in a 10% loss in view counts and also a drop in conversions

ecommerce articles tips

Read to learn more about how does ecommerce website work.


  • Customer loyalty


The first loyalty programs go as far back as the 18th century when customers can take copper tokens from retailers to use in their future purchase. While shoppers nowadays still prefer to get rewarded for their loyalty towards a brand, the varied methods to offer customers value that are used by retailers have changed dramatically. Those rewards programs now borrow multiple aspects from behaviour analysis, psychology, and even game design.

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