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In the modern world, creating a working application isn’t as hard as people think, but application development is a quite sophisticated process that involves a lot of thinking and pre-planning. It could be as easy as creating a project with the IDE, writing and putting a bunch of codes together to make it work, debugging and checking for critical errors, and then submitting it to an App Store. Or it could be as hard as back-end logic programming, interface design,  QA testing, deployment and maintenance. Whichever you choose, you will have to go through many phases and deal with all kinds of objectives and problems along the way. 


Every application comes from an idea, so make sure you can refine that idea into a real foundation for your application. Always focus on your target users, and consider what their motivations, their characteristics  and their goals are, and why they should use your application. After the process, you should know and understand how the customer will be using your digital product. This phase is extremely important because all of what you’ve done here will be the necessary groundwork for whatever comes next. Another essential part of this phase is examining the current competition – a detailed research of your competitors and their apps will help you identify all of the things that are missing in their apps, and how you could do it better. Also, you should start to identify which format (televisions, computers, phones…) and which platform (Windows, Android, iOS) you want to develop the application on, because different environments require different requirements.

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Documenting your application, understanding your app features, and creating the framework for it would be the next phase of the development process. Drawing and designing blueprints and schematics of the future product can help you find potential issues and arrange all the factors and components of the app correctly. Any technical problems found in the backend development process can be dealt with after you have gone through this phase. Focus on the user experience, envision how your proposed features and ideas can work together to create a fully functioning application. 


As a developer, you can’t truly comprehend how your app looks and works until you have developed a functioning prototype. Provide users with a first look of your application as fast as possible, so that they understand the concept and see how the app flows in a real environment. Prototyping your application will help you and your stakeholders determine and validate whether your development process is going in the right direction. 


This is a complex process that requires many review stages and a lot of coding. For the visual part, the user interface (UI) designer will decide the aesthetic and the feel of your application, while the user experience (UX) designer will decide how all of the elements that users see on your app will work together. You can provide instructions to designers on how layouts, navigation and interaction should move, feel and flow in the final product. The visual results of your application will depend on the scale and the budget of your project.

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Development and testing

There are some important stages of development :

  • Initial phase : only core functionality is built
  • 2nd phase : other proposed features are added, along with bug fixing and problems solving
  • 3rd phase : users testing and then move deployment phase

If your project is really large and requires a lot of changes often, consider the agile methodology. Throughout the development process, the application should be tested regularly for compatibility, flexibility, security, interface and performance. The best way to test your application is letting a few people in your target audience use your app and ask them some questions about their opinions of your app. The feedback you get will help you find out whether your app is ready for deployment.


When you are confident about your application, you should be ready to submit it to an online store. As usual, you will need to keep your app running after its launch, and responding to user feedback in the forms of updates and new features.

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