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15 most amazing Magento themes

If you own an e-commerce website, then you might be familiar with terms like “Magento” or “Magento theme”. Magento is an open-source platform that provides businesses with a flexible, digital commerce solution to successfully sell online. Recently, CO-WELL Asia has become a Magento solution partner.

A Magento theme is a component of Magento application that provides a consistent look and feel for the entire application area, from a combination of custom templates, layouts, styles or images.

“Why is Magento so popular among e-commerce businesses?” – you might be wondering. Magento is often chosen for many of its advantages.

Advantages of Magento

  • Magento is so powerful

No matter how many products your shop has, Magento is powerful enough to serve your needs. In fact, it is capable of managing hundreds of thousands of individual products. So the only limit to the number of products you carry is the size of your server.

It means that if you use Magento from the start, you won’t have to worry about switching when your business grows up to a new level.

  • Magento is SEO-friendly

As Magento generates SEO-friendly URLs and meta descriptions, you won’t have to worry about creating them yourself. Moreover, sites created using Magento are completely mobile responsive so they are compatible with all browsers and screen sizes.

  • It is easy to customize

From the look of your site to the way you configure your product categories and features, everything created with Magento can be customized.

In addition to it,  you can also choose from a variety of payment, shipment, and language options to accommodate your customers.

  • Magento is built for sales

Magento has a unique point is that it was built specifically with sales in mind. So in terms of driving conversions, Magento is one of the best choices.

With Magento’s segmentation options, you can target customers based on their cart and buying history, and also provide personalized, relevant content. You can easily tailor the promotions shown onsite and send custom coupons. In this way, customers only see ad content that is related to products they’ve clicked, purchased, or added to their cart. Wonderful, right?

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Criteria to choose a Magento theme

A Magento theme is indeed very suitable for e-commerce businesses. However, before choosing any themes for your website, you might want to look at some criteria, so that you can have an optimal choice for your e-commerce business. Because choosing the wrong theme will cost you not only money but time and effort.

Now CO- WELL Asia will help you figure out the most important factors to consider.

  • Overall design

Do you ever want to look at an ugly and messy website? No, right? The truth is we all want to look at a beautiful and neatly-designed website instead of lousy ones. So when choosing a Magento theme for your website, make sure that it has a good overall design.

In more detail, an eCommerce website design should have a clean and polish look. There should be big blocks for you to add images and banners. Also, remember to look for grid and column layouts that are well-organized.

  • SEO – friendly

As an e-commerce business owner, you might have known that SEO is vital to your sales number. So make sure that the theme you are about to choose has clean HTML and CSS code. If the coding is messy and heavy, then loading time for your website will be longer. Unfortunately, Google penalizes websites that take a lot of time to load.

  • User experience

If an user is not happy using your e-commerce website, it is highly likely that he or she will abandon it. So your theme must help create a nice experience for users when they are shopping on your site. It should be effortless for them to navigate among categories and carry basic actions like choosing a product or adding products to the cart.

  • Responsiveness

Nowadays, users are online on many devices (laptop, desktop, phone, tablets, etc,…) So you need to make sure that your theme is responsive across all devices. Otherwise, you will lose your customers to your rival’s e-commerce website. Besides, mobile responsiveness is an important factor in improving SEO of your website as well.

Responsive Magento theme sugessted by CO-WELL Asia

15 most amazing Magento themes in March 2020

So we have looked through some criteria to choose a suitable theme for your e-commerce website. Now comes the most important part of this article. CO-WELL Asia will help you discover the 15 most amazing Magento themes in March 2020. We hope that these themes can help drive more revenue and skyrocket your e-commerce business.

  1. Porto 



Porto is a quality theme package that will bring your online store to the next level in all, web design, compatibility, and performance.

You can find twenty predesigned demos in Porto, which are ready for you to utilize and sort out your eCommerce website quickly and reliably, making it become a modern and sophisticated online shop.

With the number of features it delivers, you don’t have to look  elsewhere for any additional extensions

  • Customizable elements, including headers, sliders, category pages, mega menu.
  • 100% responsive and mobile-ready to satisfy all your customers. They can shop wherever they are, using absolutely nothing but their mobile devices.
  • The services are widely accessible in Magento setting panels.
  • It is convenient that Porto has all of the necessary elements, so you can use it without even trying to change any of the coding level.


  1. LoftStyle

Loftstyle Magento theme

Another ultimate example of a high-quality Magento theme has to be LoftStyle, which is considered the best of the best when it comes to popular Magento themes.

  • Its sleek and minimalistic design helps in showing the product which pops up and not into any flashy web texture.
  • LoftStyle brings in outstanding user experience no matter the devices shoppers use. The theme is mobile and browser compatible and smoothly adjusts in an instant.
  • LoftStyle is also SEO – friendly to connect you with the people who want to buy what you have to offer them.
  • The intuitive and customizable theme of Loftstyle makes web design easier and will help you chisel out a web presence that stands the test of time.


  1. Ultimo

Ultimo Magento theme

If you were looking for a theme that works as an all-rounder, Ultimo is definitely the number one option. With a customizable responsive layout and unlimited colors to choose from, this Magento is an eCommerce business owner’s dream-come-true.

Let’s check out some of its features:

  • The theme offers a customizable responsive layout, featuring a mega menu, fluid product grid, and sliders – very attractive options.
  • Ultimo comes with extra SEO support, making your website easily searchable online.
  • Google Fonts are merged into this theme.
  • Ultimo supports all the Magento languages and can be installed for multistore.
  • Ultimo owns an attractive UX/UI design


  1. Barbour


Barbour has proven itself time and time again to be one of the best Magento themes on the market nowadays. This amazing theme can scale your online project to a new level.

With Barbour, you can find some of the best pre-designed layouts for the first pages. Once you download it, you get access to an enormous resource, including 27 demos and fourteen home layouts.

Other advantages of this Magento theme include:

  • Over twenty color skins to choose from.
  • Full and friendly customer support available to ensure that you never get into any kind of trouble while using this theme.


  1. Fastest


One of its superior characteristics is reflected in its name already. To be honest, it would not be fair enough to say this is actually the fastest theme in this whole universe. In fact, fastest is able to take users to their desired products in an instant.

The popular Magento theme is suitable for all types of eCommerce sites. It comprises of more than 20 demos, among which you can pick between fashion, sportswear, handbag, grocery, and jewelry store,…etc. And recently, they also added a baby and kids store demo.

Let’s check out some prominent features of this Magento theme:

  • Customize easily with various extensions and also at incredible speed
  • Display vivid interfaces with more than 20 demos of different industries
  • View products and models by a hovering.


  1. Moza


Are you a minimalist? Yes? Then Moza is just the right choice for you! If no, you can still give it some consideration because minimalism is on the trend right now.

Moza is a minimal, clean and sophisticated Magento theme that follows all the latest web and tech standards. It is highly optimized for enjoyable user experience, and SEO as well. You can drive traffic to your e-commerce website organically, not just from your social media accounts but from Google, Bing, and Yahoo also.

Moza is a Magento theme that is best suit for selling hand-made goods, clothing, accessories, bags, and shoes. If you find Moza suitable for your needs, don’t hesitate to go for it. With Moza, you can make your website stand out and attract a horde of new shoppers.

In short, there are some unique points of Moza for you to examine:

  • Remarkable admin features
  • Quick demo data import
  • Effortless site management


  1. Outstock


Are you looking for a Magento theme that specializes in the furniture industry? Our number one recommendation would be Outstock – an exclusive Magento 2 theme with an array of stunning types of front pages demos.

There are a few tweaks in the kit and with them, you can alter Outstock to other online stores easily. In the Outstock kit, you get six enticing, minimal and professional demos which has all the necessary to create a strong and long-lasting first impression.

Other advantages of Outstock might include

  • Entirely mobile and retina-ready design
  • SEO-friendly
  • Multiple valuable features: blog and daily deals module, custom banner slider and AJAX cart, wishlist and compare.
  • Allow to localize or globalize your web store


  1. SM Market

SM Market

No matter how big is your business and what items you have to sell, SM Smarket is the best choice. It is a fully responsive and stylish popular Magento theme that gets right to the heart of the matter.

With SM Smarket, you can easily launch an eCommerce platform selling electronic gadgets, fashion clothes or a larger marketplace. Because SM Smarket is a multi-purpose theme, so you are free to use it to its full potential.

SM Smarket comes packed with amazing AJAX functions features like:

  • One-click demo data import
  • Different home, header and footer styles


  1. Ketty


When talking about fashion, we would want to look at something fancy and polished. Ketty is a Magento theme just right for that need. It is known to be a responsive form, designed solely for a fashion store.

If you are looking for rich functionality and uncluttered design, Ketty is one of the best matches of all time. It will boost the visual presentation of products and this Magento theme contains multiple product badges, videos and even previews some of the thumbnails for opening products’ gallery pages.

Besides, Ketty comes with a slider that customers can flip through to see the latest deals and offers. The theme also has a very modern look with changeable fonts.

Other several prominent features of Ketty to consider:

  • Color filters
  • Product zoom
  • Checkout improvements
  • SEO friendly
  • Compatible across all browsers


  1. Topzstore

Topzstore recommended by CO-WELL Asia

If you own a jewelry store, a fashion store or a sport-wear store, and you plan to bring them to the Internet, TopzStore is one of the best Magento themes to try. This is an excellent example of an advanced multi-purpose theme that you can use for any sort of an online store.

Let’s discover its innovative, powerful, and highly useful features:

  • Fully responsive: Integrating responsive function that gives your website a stunning interface on any high-resolution devices or mobile and tablet.
  • Google fonts: TopzStore was built with new web technology: Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome 4, LESS, CSS3, HTML5, making the theme more flexible and powerful.
  • Incredible speed optimization: It takes just a few seconds to load all of your products.
  • Import demo data: Just with one-click, users can import any pages with sample content from the demo easily.
  • Ajax cart: Customers can select a product to buy without leaving the current page, instantly add product to basket.
  • Unlimited color: There are various colors for you to choose from the Admin Panel, so you can also create your own color theme easily.
  • Quick view: Product details will open with the necessary information: image product, product price, description, product reviews, product attributes.
  • Easy Customizable: Easy change theme options such as homepage layout, color, menu styles, etc in the admin panel without the need to touch any code lines.
  • Color Watch: Color watches function integrated in configurable products which shows customers how a product looks like in different colors.


  1. Claue

Claue recommended by CO-WELL Asia

Rating average reaches nearly 5 stars based on hundreds of ratings proves its value among customers. Claue provides everything that you might need to build an astonishing webshop. It truly is eye-catching but you will only understand that once you go to Claue’s live preview page.

The tool has quickly become one of the most attractive Magento themes on the internet and it is easy to understand the reasons. Claue comes with all the must-have features that you need to skyrocket your business.

  • Harmonically arranged layouts
  • Eye-catching colors
  • The combination of many unique extensions.
  • The variety of Homepages layouts (Over twenty home pages)
  • 24/24 support system
  • A fully integrated blog feature


  1. SuproSupro recommended by CO-WELL Asia

Another ultimate example of a Magento theme in the fashion industry is Supro. Similar to Loftstyle or Moza, this Magento theme can also give a minimal look to your online store.

With eighteen available demos, Supro gives us quite a plethora of options that will serve your business idea with ease. You can employ this magnificent Magento theme to sell anything, from clothing and accessories to furniture, toys, shoes, glasses,…

Moreover, it allows you to perform customization tweaks, styling the default look according to your branding directions precisely.

Let’s check out some of the essential features that come with Supro:

  • Built with the best extensions for a Fashion E-commerce website.
  • Classify different features into columns on MegaMenu
  • Edit CMS page at front-end
  • Allow customizing the theme settings
  • AMP support, page builder, quick view, instant search, and Instagram shop
  • An integrated blog feature


  1. Sirena


If you have something that will shake the market, make it a dream-come-true with Sirena, a popular Magento theme. With its impressive web design, Sirena can easily captivate the eye and keep shoppers engaged. Besides, Sirena has ten homes, twenty color skins, six product pages and all the other internal sections that will complete building a fully active eCommerce page in no time.

What’s worth- mentioning about Sirena is you can do everything without the hassle of coding. It has a ton of options and possibilities available to build an online store that matches your branding. Sometimes, you only need to tweak the out of the box web design slightly and then you are ready to roll.

Bear in mind some of its excellent features:

  • Powerful MegaMenu
  • Various pre-defined layouts and color skins
  • Change the products page background as you want
  • Display products on different layouts
  • Quickview support showing product details


  1. Organie


If you are interested in creating a website for selling organic store, plant, flower or cake, but still can not find the right theme in a sea of thousands of options? Let’s have a look at Organie – an ideal theme to represent a high performing and purely impressive e-commerce website.

Organie was built based on MGS Front-End Builder and tons of extensions, so it can help users easily display their product features. The vivid color displayed on almost demos brings out a fresh feel when shoppers looking through the web page.

Some of Organie’s outstanding features might include:

  • MGS front-end to build a webpage on your own
  • Multiple of home layouts
  • Mobile version available
  • Various header styles for an eye-candy webhead.


  1. Bicomart

Magento theme sugessted by CO-WELL Asia

Are you searching for a template to create your e-commerce site in the blink of an eye? Then Bicomart is all that you need. Install Bicomart in minutes and customize it as you want.

With One Click Installation, Bicomart will support you to save the time in importing data demo to your site. Prominent features that make Ecommerce owners fall in love with Bicomart Magento theme are Responsiveness, SEO friendly, Mobile Optimized, High Conversion Rate, Unlimited Customize, colors and typography options and multilingual. With all the wonderful things that Bicomart is equipped, customers will have an exciting experience on-site.

Let’s look at some highlight features of Bicomart below:

  • Responsive & Mobile friendly
  • Show sellers list in a stunning & eye-catching way
  • Vendor’s product in detail
  • Fast speed with Ajax Search & AutoComplete
  • Touch Product Slider
  • Drag And Drop Magento 2 Mega Menu
  • SEO Optimized
  • Easy to customize
  • Social networks integration

As you can see, there are tons of Magento theme options for you to choose from. Are you feeling dizzy already?

Well, Don’t worry! You just need to bear in mind these questions: “What do you expect from a Magento theme? What is a must? What is a good-to-have?” Remember to look back at our criteria listed above. Are you looking for an impressive design, SEO-friendliness or other things?

In case you need help with building your e-commerce website using a Magento theme, CO-WELL Asia is willing to provide you with the best solution possible.


CO-WELL Asia – Optimal Magento solution to give 

CO-WELL Asia is one of three enterprises with the most significant Japanese investment in Viet Nam. We provide technology products and solutions, particularly in e-commerce field.

CO-WELL Asia’s service Magento development aims at enhancing our clients’ e-Commerce website in terms of visual and content.

Recently, CO-WELL Asia has become a Magento solution partner. With a wealth of experience in building enterprise systems that manage more than 200 stores, over 20 million products, and around 10,000 orders a day, CO-WELL Asia is confident to consult and develop services for all levels of e-Commerce systems.

CO-WELL Asia Magento Solution partner


Choosing a theme for your website is extremely important as it will directly affect your sales number. So if you are running an e-commerce business, make sure to look at suggested Magento themes from CO-WELL Asia:

1. Porto2. Loftstyle3. Ultimo4. Barbour5. Fastest
6. Moza7. Outstock8. SM smarket9. Ketty10. Topzstore
11. Claue12. Supro13. Sirena14. Organie15. Bicomart

Also, don’t forget to examine the criteria for choosing a Magento theme.

  • Overall design
  • SEO – friendly
  • User experience
  • Responsiveness

CO-WELL Asia hopes that this article has given you all of the necessary information for you to build an e-commerce website.

In case you are still confused and need help with creating a stunning e-commerce website, feel free to contact CO-WELL Asia. With remarkable experience and also strong-skilled IT personnel, CO-WELL Asia will definitely provide you with the best solution.

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