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The eCommerce world has been witnessing a drastic growth because people don’t have time to go to a physical shop.According to Shopify, global retail eCommerce sales will reach $4.5 trillion by 2021, which is extremely impressive. And eCommerce shopping heavily depends on a website. With all this in mind, we have gathered 10 eCommerce website design ideas which will boost your creativity and help you design an awesome website.

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Fashion and Beauty 


Ecommerce platform: Shopify

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Staud is another example of eCommerce website design idea that uses bright colors. The colors are used in photos, the product, as well as backgrounds. The text is all in white and black. The balance here is very good.

What STAUD do well is that their pop-up offer stays sticky on their webpage on the right-hand side. Most people can and will click off pop-up offers so keeping it in their vision is important.



ecommerce website design templates

Ecommerce platform: BigCommerce

Bliss is a beauty product manufacturing company that has new technology products for both face and body. Their top skincare products are jelly glow ball, makeup melt, pore patrol, and mighty marshmallow. This eCommerce website is conveying their fun energy through their colorful website design. With bright colors, it gives off a very cheerful feeling. Additionally, they’ve done a great job with photography. The big photos on their homepage set the feeling of how the rest of the website design looks like.


Food & Beverage


E-Commerce platform: Big Commerce

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Bon Bon Bon is a chocolate manufacturing company. Its site also has a great custom option called: Build a Box Box Box. This feature allows customers to select their favorite confections, add them to the corrugated cardboard box, and deliver them wherever they want.

With a truly impressive and colorful eCommerce website design using cool gifs of their products, its site reflects fun-loving and funky brand image. It is undoubtful one of the top of mind brand for chocolate aficionados.


4. Graze

Ecommerce platform: Magento

ecommerce website design 6

Graze is one of the leading healthy snack food brands in the world. It was one of the main UK brands to get the Magento 2 pie developed an online shop in beta.

The theme of their site focuses on making a strong presence. They produce networks of similarly invested individuals around the brand. Graze store is much loved for its landing page, consistent navigation, and speed with Magento 2 which is designed to offer faster load times than earlier iterations. With the help of an appetite for digital experiments and learning, Graze worked with Inviqa to customize the Magento 2 checkout process, keeping speed and performance in mind, to achieve a better user experience.


5. Brewshop

Ecommerce platform: Magento

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Nothing grabs your eye like the Brewshop’s landing page: nice fonts, well-done color emphasis, and just a perfect copy-writing. They’ve worked superbly to get visitors coming their brand with a short bio on the homepage. It’s clear that the customers want to understand how the BrewShop came to existence and bought into their brand.

BrewShop worked wonderfully on customizing their content such as a brewing glossary, starting home brewing, or brewing methods. This helps customers, who are new to brewing, in finding their product easily and also keeps customers coming back to the website.


Home Furniture, Decor & More

6. Cox & Cox

Ecommerce platform: Magento

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Cox & Cox is the fast-growing online homeware, furniture, and textiles retailer. To streamline their eCommerce store, Cox & Cox needed a flexible, powerful platform packed full of features. The brand decided to upgrade to Magento Commerce 2 in August of 2016. While upgrading their technologies, Cox & Cox can take advantage of the new web design at the same time. The webstore with visual, structured navigation and simple Magento 2 checkout, is now easier to use and navigate while showing off beautiful imagery. Accordingly, the new site experienced an increase in average session duration and a 36.5 percent increase in pages per session.


7. Father Rabbit

Ecommerce platform: Shopify

ecommerce website design

Father Rabbit specializes in many different areas of products, most of which act as gifts. Kitchen stuff, baby stuff, home decor, bathroom items, educational products, many categories that could make for great gifts in the future. Father Rabbits eCommerce website design ideas for this many products are still heavily dependent on simplicity, with a big navigation menu that can pinpoint all major categories and their sub-categories. The use of versatile typography ties together the elegance of Father Rabbits website, and product pages are rich in visual content, and text content that will thoroughly talk about what you are purchasing, another inspiring signpost for those who run online stores with large quantities of products to sell.


8. Tom Dixon

E-Commerce platform: Magento

Tom Dixon is a furniture designer who once felt the need of developing an eCommerce website that could visually express the brand while at the same time providing great customer experience.

High-quality content and imagery drive the look of the website. They are organized around specific customer experiences – Shop, Spaces, and Stories.

  • It designed ‘Shop’ with an idea that customers should never get too far from product details and their shopping cart.
  • ‘Spaces’ was created with an idea that interior designers and the customers wish to see products in hotels, restaurants, offices, and bars. Using Magento Commerce, the brand made its own version of Pinterest to grandstand the products in real-world spaces.
  • And ‘Stories’ is a modern way to deal with customary brand-focused blogs, motivated by customer demand for rich content that places products into context.

The overall impact allowed Tom Dixon to make a best-in-class shopping experience that enabled his customers to drench themselves in every family of products and material groups.


Electronic Devices

9. Mophie:

E-Commerce platform: Magento

Mophie is the name that comes to mind when you’re looking for the best mobile battery case. It is famous for its innovative mobile solutions as well as its juicy battery pack case, which also happens to be the first-ever battery case certified by Apple Inc. You can take tips from the super simple, clean but appealing design of the website to attract your target audience from this website.


10. Native Union:

Ecommerce platform: BigCommerce

The sliding banner makes the website interactive for the user and easy to navigate to the different pages. The use of images throughout the site is more engaging than text alone and better represents the products. Photos of the products are front and center leaving the user with fewer questions.

When you use the Native Union header menu the sub-products are highlighted without you having to click them. An additional benefit is that icons are used for users to easily identify what they will be clicking on.


All in all, the sites above are for references because they work within their own brand standards. Before finding hundreds of eCommerce website design ideas, you have to define who your target audience is, and the brand image you want to build for your business so that your site can provide a unique experience for visitors.

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