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After the first success with the “Top 10 Vietnamese software outsourcing service providers” award at the Sao Khue Awards ceremony 2018, CO-WELL ASIA continued to flourish at Sao Khue Awards ceremony 2019, which was held at Hanoi Youth Theater this morning – April 21st, 2019, as we were awarded two new titles, “Top E-Commerce solutions using Magento platform” and “Top 10 software outsourcing service”.


Mr. Nguyen Vu Hien, Director of Technology Solutions, receiving the “E-Commerce Solutions using Magento platform” award on behalf of CO-WELL ASIA


Mr. Nguyen Vu Hien, Director of Technology Solutions at CO-WELL  ASIA Co., Ltd. commented: “Sao Khue award is clearly the perfect proof for the efforts we made all this time, also a great encouragement and a solid premise for us to continue to contribute to the development of the Information Technology industry, to expand our market and to reach new heights”.


“Top 10 Software Export and Outsourcing service” – CO-WELL’s second award at Sao Khue 2019


These two awards are worthy of the efforts of all CO-WELL ASIA staffs during the past one year, once again affirming the determination to improve CO-WELL ‘s services and to bring customers the most complete technology and services experience.


Representatives of the Ministry of Information and Communication granted the awards to enterprises with outstanding achievements



With more than 10 years of experience in the field of information technology, owning more than 400 high-quality personnel, CO-WELL ASIA is a provider of E-Commerce services, Software Export, IT strategy consulting, System development, AR – VR Technology Services and Testing services for medium and large enterprises in Japan and Vietnam.

CO-WELL ASIA provides services and solutions for companies operating in almost all key sectors of the economy such as business – production, trading, education – training, healthcare, distribution, and telecommunications. We have been working with multiple enterprises in Japan and Vietnam such as Nissan,, WeatherNews, Kokuyo, Allied Architects, Heineken, LeBros, TVAd … In the near future, CO-WELL aims to expand our market to English speaking countries, leverage our reputation in the eyes of customers with the dedication and the can-do attitude of our experienced software engineers and, last but not least, to expand our cooperation with international partners.

About Sao Khue Award:

Sao Khue is a program organized annually by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA), sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Communication that selects and recognizes outstanding quality and effective products and services which are always trusted and selected by customers, creating a competitive advantage in the Vietnamese market of software and Information Technology (IT). The services and products participating in the Sao Khue nomination all underwent many stages of quality evaluation and evaluation from leading experts in the IT industry, before being decided to award this precious title.

Learn more about CO-WELL ASIA: http://CO-WELL .vn/en/about-us/

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