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Activity Event

As part of cooperative activities between the University of Transports and Communications and CO-WELL Asia, in the early days of September, the two sides held a ceremony to give 15 computers to the practice room of the Faculty of Technology Information.

The University of Transports and Communications (UTC) is one of the leading universities in the field of information technology training in Vietnam. The objective of the UTC is to move towards a multidisciplinary model of engineering, technology, and economics. They also determine to become a leading university which trains highly qualified human resources to meet the sustainable development demands of the transport sector in Vietnam. UTC is also a prestigious center for scientific research in transportation and some other fields, such as information technology.

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In the same direction, CO-WELL Asia always works with the motto “Human resources are nuclear”. CO-WELL constantly strives to create an open – solidarity – positive working environment in order to engage and motivate members with common goals. Besides, CO-WELL has always put social goals first, aiming to develop education and improve the value of Vietnamese human resources, especially young people who are passionate about technology. With continuous effort, CO-WELL is trying to create new values ​​for customers and the community.

Recognizing the prevailing ideology in the development orientation of both sides, CO-WELL Asia and the UTC have conducted cooperation programs aimed at developing professional skills in information technology for students who are studying at UTC. Besides, CO-WELL also opens the door and provides the most favorable conditions for the graduated students of UTC to take part in the training courses and work at CO-WELL.

The event of awarding 15 computers to the University of Transports and Communications was taken place successfully in the joyful atmosphere of the first days of the new school year. Attending the event are representatives of the UTC, including Dr. Nguyen Duy Viet – Vice-Rector of the university, Dr. Nguyen Quoc Tuan – Head of IT department, and the teachers in the faculty of Infomation Technology. On this occasion, representatives of CO-WELL Asia also frankly expressed the expectations of further cooperation and opened to talk about the common interest of both sides.

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With further strides in the bilateral cooperation, CO-WELL Asia hopes that this practical gift can provide the practical lessons to the students of UTC. We always try our best to help the youth to improve their professional skills and become good labor in the future.

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