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During 3 days from April 3rd to April 5th, 2019, CO-WELL Asia attended the Content Tokyo Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan and thrived with a product that would promisingly change the way the real estate’s market works.

With years of experience in developing augmented and virtual reality – AR-VR, CO-WELL has launched many products using AR-VR to serve the diverse needs of customers. For the third time coming to Content Tokyo, CO-WELL is pleased to bring many high-tech products such as Mobile AR coloring book, intelligent automatic check-in system that saves reception costs and especially, VR-CMS system (Content Management System). This product was built by CO-WELL and is continuously improved with more attractive features, namely the latest update that helps customers to instantly purchase furniture products during the experience, which was developed in cooperation with Magento – the world’s leading E-commerce building platform. This collaboration promises to make VR-CMS become an effective right-hand man for real estate businessmen.


VR-CMS technology applied in the field of real estate developed by CO-WELL

VR-CMS is able to support a diverse interior portfolio, simulate the space and area of apartments according to the actual size and flexibly adjust according to customers’ wishes. CO-WELL believes that VR-CMS is the most effective cost, time and effort saving solution for real estate traders as well as customers, when the real estate service provider does not need to build model houses and customers do not need to move too far, but can still visit, experience and even shop for their future home thanks to VR virtual reality technology.



Customers experiencing CO-WELL’s AR-VR products


CO-WELL booth in Content Tokyo 2019

Additional information

Content Tokyo is the largest annual multidisciplinary exhibition in Asia, held in Tokyo by the Japanese Reed Exhibition, attracting tens of thousands of participants each year. During the three-day exhibition this year, the number of attendees increased significantly compared to previous years, with 46,000 visitors and 1350 representatives of participating companies. The event also attracted great attention from the press with nearly 400 reporters working on the event.

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