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Last week, CO-WELL participated in the Business Seminar held for Japanese-major students at the University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS) and the Awarding Ceremony of the ACM / ICPC – Miss IT contest organized by the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, for which CO-WELL was one of the sponsors.

In the past week, right after the CO-WELL tour with the participation of more than 40 students from FPT Aptech, CO-WELL continued to attend the ULIS-VNU’s Business Seminar as well as PTIT’s Awarding Ceremony of ACM / ICPC – Miss IT Contest.

The Business Seminar was the opportunity for Japanese-major students to learn from lecturers of the school board and the businesses representatives about the problems that almost every student concerns, such as how to find job opportunities with a Bachelor’s degree in Japanese language, CV writing, and interview tips, how to cultivate the working skills, etc. With sincere sharing from Ms. Nguyen Thanh Huyen – Director of Quality Solution at CO-WELL and other guests, CO-WELL believes that the students had learned a lot, especially about the job market in Vietnam.

Besides universities-associated informative events, CO-WELL also pays a great amount of attention to technology competitions as well as extracurricular activities for students, to create a playground for their talents to flourish. ACM / ICPC is an international standard programming competition organized annually by PTIT with the aim of improving students’ skills and love for programming. The champion of this year was THE COCKROACHES team, in which Nguyen Thai Cuong, a CO-WELL PHP programmer, and R&D intern since September 2016 was a team member.

CO-WELL would like to send our congratulations to all the teams participated in this year’s contest. We hope that the experience you gained after this contest would be a solid start for your journey to future achievements.

The seminar at the ULIS – VNU attracted more than 50 Japanese major students
Ms. Nguyen Thanh Huyen – Director of Quality Solution at CO-WELL giving her speech in the seminar

The guests and the students attended the seminar

CO-WELL representatives granted the winner prize

CO-WELL and other sponsors granted the top 5 Miss IT PTIT 2017

The trophy was given to THE COCKROACHES

The organizers, sponsors and the teams participated in the contest