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On 28 – 30 September 2019, the CO-WELL ASIA 5-year Anniversary was successfully held in Ha Long. This is the event to close the chain of 38 days and nights of CO-WELL Green Army with the slogan “Speedy – Daring – Brave”.

Co-well asia
CO-WELL Asia’s 5th Anniversary Ceremony took place in harmony and cozy atmosphere


Opening the chain of 38 days of the Green Army is a tree planting competition with the slogan “Increase Production” – Green living with soldiers. With the goal of greening the workspace, thousands of trees have been nurtured right inside the CO-WELL departments.

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Following the tree planting competition is the Red Friday. This is annual Blood Donation Day co-organized by CO-WELL Asia and the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion. With the slogan “A drop of blood can save a lot of soldiers”, this is not only an internal event of the company but also has a great meaning in supporting the community.

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It has become a familiar contest for every CO-WELLers, this year’s, the Tic and Toe tournament has officially returned and attracted the participation of all employees in the company. With the theme: “Sure X – Firm O”, extremely intense and dramatic Tic and Toe matches took place in Relax Zone and created memorable memories for amateur players.

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The Gym contest took place in Relax Zone in the bustling and full of energy atmosphere. All the athletes of the teams fought with the spirit of the young soldiers – be strong to promote CO-WELL!

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In addition to the activities taking place right at the CO-WELL headquarters, the Green Run competition was held at the open campus of the Hanoi National University Stadium. The CO-WELL Green Army has an energetic race in the early morning, and this was a good chance for the IT fighters to break their limits.

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Above all, it is these activities that bring joy, laughter, and are the glue that connects brotherhood and coworkers in CO-WELL Asia.

Company Tourism is always an opportunity for CO-WELLers to have the chance to relax after long days of dedication for wor. It also spirited them to continue capturing new projects and conquering new customers. This year, on the occasion of CO-WELL’s 5th birthday, a company tour was organized from September 28 to September 30, 2019. The CO-WELLers have been traveling to the scenic spots at Lan Ha & Ha Long Bay.

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On the morning of 30/09, the CO-WELL’s Army Day took place with the most unprecedented scale ever. All employees had the opportunity to challenge their own strength and teamwork with a variety of team-building games, requiring the collective spirit of the whole team to overcome the difficult challenges.71206368 1102926129906739 8509158012487729152 o

Green Army gathered together before joining the challenging teambuilding games, everyone was eager and excited to wait for their competition.

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All ready to fight!
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The IT soldiers together overcome the challenging obstacles to win the prize for their team.
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Teamwork is reflected in each game, which is the secret to helping the teams quickly complete the task.


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Challenges are getting harder and harder, requiring the solidarity and effort of everyone.
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You just need to run fast, the cheering is our mission!
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The drops of sweat had fallen, the laughs and cheers were heard, more than 200 CO-WELLers had a happy Army Day and full of unforgettable memories.


After hours of fun and bonding, the Green Army’s Gala Dinner was held in a joyful and emotional atmosphere.

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The journey of building and developing the company for 5 years has been reflected through performances, videos that record memorable moments along the long way of CO-WELL.

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In addition to the festive moments and congratulations on the collective success, there were also the mini-game to kick off the party.nh 4

The celebration of a 5-year Anniversary with unique banquets, music, and games has become a distinctive mark for the company’s birthday. The party is also the door that closed the chain of 38 days and nights of the CO-WELL Green Army, leaving countless and complete memories for all members of CO-WELL Asia.

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At the new age, CO-WELL Asia will continue to make endless efforts, always uphold the value of each person, and aim to develop the company more and more substantial. The journey of CO-WELL will continue to be written by the enthusiastic, conscientious and ready-to-burn soldiers, as the slogan set out: “Go Green Army!”

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