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magento 2.0

Magento is the leading platform for open commerce innovation that has seen prodigious growth in the eCommerce industry in recent years. If you have used Magento 2.0, you could see that its setup doesn’t offer any extensions for online stores. Hence, if you want to boost your online store, you need to integrate additional components that expand the functionality of this platform. You can possibly improve your online store with a combination of all the best Magento 2.0 extensions.

1. Why should you invest into these extensions?

What is the Magento 2.0 extension?

A Magento 2.0 extension is a block of PHP code – a unification of functions, added into Magento to extend its functionality. Magento 2.0 extensions enable you to add custom characteristics and functionality to every area of your online store, including the front and back end, combinations with other web services, marketing tools, themes, and more. Extensions are developed through a broad network of Magento partners to give you the flexibility and power to develop your store the way you want.

Why these extensions are necessary?

Magento 2.0 has its own features to make it a better platform overall than its previous version. Magento 2.0 plugins are essential factors that help your eCommerce business can reach its full potential. Currently, more than 70.000 customers worldwide are using Magento 2.0 extensions, and they have good reasons to keep growing with this platform.

Some outstanding benefits of using Magento 2.0 Extensions for your eCommerce store:

  1. Improved Performance and Scalability
  2. Enhanced Security
  3. More Mobile-friendly and User-friendly Checkout
  4. Better Frontend Capabilities
  5. Better Admin Functionality
  6. Better Development Capabilities
  7. Future Improvements and Releases

2. Top Magento 2.0 Extensions that help boost your store

  • Top Magento Extensions for Payment and Security: If your website has the extension that helps your clients pay easier and provide transparent information about their purchase, it will create the feeling of reliable for the buyers. Some outstanding extensions are Stripe Extension, Magento OneStepCheckout Extension, Fraud Prevention, Astra Security Suite.


  • Top Magento Extensions for Store Improvement & Optimization:This type of extensions can significantly improve customer experience, boost revenue, and increase overall sales. Top extensions are Magento 2.0 AMP Extension By Plumrocket, Slider Revolution Responsive Magento Extension, Magento City, and Region Manager…


  • Top Magento Extensions for Accounting & Finance: All the data related to your business is no longer a mess, and it is no longer a big deal for you to manage your finance. Tax Jar, One Saas, embedded ERP are the top list that you may consult.


  • Top Magento Extensions for Marketing: Magento 2.0 provides the user with an abundant of extensions that can help to expand your brand and increase the linkage with your customers, including email marketing, CRM, SEO/SEM, and Marketing Automation extensions. We highly recommend  Magento 2.0 Instagram Connect, AdRoll, Zoho CRM…


  • Top Magento Extensions for Content & Customization:Magento 2.0 extensions help your online store become transparent and easy to access. Top extensions include Site Search & Navigation Nosto, Advanced Search, Product Videos.


  • Top Magento Extensions for Reporting and Analytics:  Magento 2.0 extensions, you can put your burden aside and straightforwardly manage your data. Magento Google Tag Manager Integration, AheadWorks Advanced Reports, Facebook Pixel are the fantastic extensions for your sites.

These are just some of the great advantages of using Magento 2 and it’s easy to see why it is the most popular eCommerce platform in the world. From small start-up businesses to large enterprise stores with thousands of products and multiple warehouse locations, Magento 2 is the eCommerce platform of choice for business owners, developers and digital marketers alike.

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