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what my portal address

What’s a postal address (mailing address)?

A postal address (mailing address) is the address at which a person can receive mail, like a post office box. For many people, their postal address is where they live. Some people, however, live at a different address from the one at which they receive mail. The place where someone lives is called a physical address. There are some benefits of postal address such as:

  • You can verify and correct all addresses before mailing
  • Accurate addresses in a list
  • Get rid of duplicated addresses from a list based on the standardized address
  • Qualify for USPS bulk mailing discounts
  • Minimize delivery delays by just using valid addresses


How you get a new postal address is highly dependent upon where you live. On the whole, you’ll be able to get a mailing address for a new construction by applying for an address once you receive your building and zoning permits. Contact your local government to have specific government institution in charge of assigning address where you live and submit the necessary paperwork before the site visit. Besides, you can also get a mailing address by opening a PO box at your local post office or local shipping center. In the event that you move, you’ll have to change your address by submitting an application at the post office, visiting the DMV to get a new license or ID, and also contacting your bank and utility companies.

How to Get a Mailing Address?


Creating an Address for a New Construction:


  • Apply for an address immediately after getting permission to build
  • Compile the documents needed to prove you own a building
  • Fill out an application and mail copies of your documents
  • Comply with the site visit to get your new address confirmed


Setting up a PO Box:


  • Get a PO boxas an alternative to a mailing address.
  • Obtain a PO Box at a local post office or shipping center
  • Fill out an application for a PO box and pay the fee
  • Use your PO box the same way that you would use a mailbox


Getting a Virtual Address Using a Third-Party Service:


  • Opt for a virtual address if you have a business or need a temporary address
  • Select a third-party service based on the location of the address
  • Choose a service and pay the subscription fee for your new address
  • Use the virtual address as if it were your real address


Changing a Mailing Address:


  • Go to your government’s post office or visit them online to apply for an address change
  • Visit the DMV with your lease or mortgage paperwork to update your driver’s license or ID
  • Update your personal information for your credit cards, accounts, and subscriptions